20+ Most Clever DIY Bathroom Decor Ideas on a Budget

Are you planning to complete the decor of your bathroom? Well, there’s no need to spend a lot since some creative homeowners cleverly crafted some decor items that you will totally admire.

Just keep scrolling to check out some DIY bathroom decor ideas below for your inspiration!

DIY Bathroom Decor Ideas

Modern Wood Tray

DIY bathroom decor 1
Source: decorhint.com

Adding a tray bathroom is always an easy solution to improve storage around. In this idea, a stylish tray in a rectangular shape made of wood is placed on top of the toilet. The tray is enough to keep some toilet essentials when you don’t have remaining space on your countertop.

Wall Trim Shelf

DIY bathroom decor 2
Source: mamabee.com

Installing floating shelves made of a wood plank may sound quite usual, and this idea shows you how to have one with a more distinctive design. The shelf is made of wall trim with a wood plank in a white finish. You can store some items on the shelf’s surface and keep some towels on the hooks.

Over-Counter Floating Shelf

DIY bathroom decor 3
Source: woodshopdiaries.com

Installing a floating shelf over your countertop can provide an easy storage station where you can grab your essentials quickly whenever you need to use them. Here, a thick wood plank is simply installed over the countertop to keep some items that the counter surface itself may not be able to handle. You can easily copy this idea to your very own bedroom for sure.

Rustic Round Tray

DIY bathroom decor 5
Source: @SaritaEllenaMaria

A round tray made of wood decorates the vanity of this bathroom which looks so gorgeous. Though the tray is small, it’s still enough to store a candle, hand towels, scrubbers, pumping soap, and even an indoor plant. It’s a good idea to add a rustic touch to the overall look of your bathroom decor.

Wood Ladder Shelf

DIY bathroom decor 6
Source: cuttingedgestencils.com

Ladder storage is known for providing convenient storage to keep your towels in a more beautiful way just like this idea shows. The ladder is not stored as it is, but a metal basket is hung on it. Of course, this method allows you to tore not only towels but some other items conveniently as well.

Floating Rattan Basket

DIY bathroom decor 7
Source: myweeabode.com

Instead of placing the rattan baskets on the floor or on the cabinet, this idea floats the baskets which is so inspiring to copy. Besides working really well to keep some towels, you can also use the side of the basket to store some decor items. It’s definitely a must-try idea for you who have a bathroom with limited space.

Beautiful Jar Storage

DIY bathroom decor 8
Source: vk.com

Using a mason jar to keep some of your bathroom essentials so common and this idea shows how to do so but with a more simple touch. The jar is filled with colorful faux pebbles which work well to keep the toothbrushes and give a more decorative touch at the same time. You will not need to spend a lot to have similar storage in your own bathroom, for sure.

Under Sink Storage

DIY bathroom decor 9
Source: pinterest.com

The space under the sink is often one of the most neglected areas when you are planning to improve the storage in your bathroom. Here, some rattan baskets are placed vertically right under the pedestal sink to keep some stocks of toilet paper rolls and clean towels. It’s definitely an easy way to add more storage stations when you have limited space.

Branch Rope Storage

DIY bathroom decor 10
Source: amazon.ca

This towel holder is made of branches and ropes that you can create all by yourself without costing a lot of budgets. You simply need a nail to hang the towel holder on the wall. The combination of those materials is great to give a rustic touch to the decor of the room.

Macrame Tissue Holder

DIY bathroom decor 11
Source: c@abigail4004

For those who are into macrame badly, this idea should be added to your top list. Macrame, wood sticks, and wood rings are the main materials to create these gorgeous toilet roll holders. It’s definitely a clever way to bring macrame to the decor of your beloved bathroom.

Floating Branch Shelf

DIY bathroom decor 12
Source: @dekkerw1

A clever idea that simply uses a neglected tree branch that you surely can’t miss. The branch mainly works to hold a toilet paper roll but you can also place some cute decor items on top of it. Of course, there’s no need to spend any money since all you need to do is to find some branches around your house!

Wood Block Storage

DIY bathroom decor 13
Source: @bordenstaurts

A wood block surprisingly becomes a toothbrush holder which is so inspiring to copy. Some holes are drilled into the wood block so you can store the toothbrushes conveniently. The natural look of the wood block will give a warm tone to the overall look of the decor.

Rope Towel Holders

DIY bathroom decor 14
Source: @Bella81416

Do you decorate your bathroom with a nautical theme? Well, this DIY bathroom decor shouldn’t be the one that you skip. Here, some thick ropes are attached to the walls with the help of sturdy metal hooks. You can hang your wet towels on the rope quickly. It’s a very simple way to enhance the nautical vibe inside your bathroom that is so worth trying.

Cutting Board Storage

DIY bathroom decor 15
Source: decorfacil.com

What’s the combination of an old cutting board and some forks can do? A towel holder! This smart project shows you how to use a cutting board as the base of a towel holder with forks to hold the towels. You can paint the cutting board as you wish and this one is painted turquoise which is great to complete the decor of your nautical bathroom.

Beer Glass Storage

DIY bathroom decor 16
Source: @fuzzweaver

All you have to prepare to create this DIY bathroom decor is only a single beer glass. You just have to stick the beer glass onto the wall and you can have unique storage to keep a towel, toothbrush, and toothpaste. It’s another project that doesn’t require a single penny since you can use a beer glass or a large mug in your kitchen.

Wood Posts Storage

DIY bathroom decor 17
Source: @gigiclean

Vertical storage station is always a nice solution to make a small bathroom as convenient as possible. In this idea, some wood posts become the main structures to keep some bathroom essentials. The posts are completed with some hooks so they can work well as the storage station that everyone will surely love.

Simple Nautical Decor

DIY bathroom decor 18
Samiullah Karamat

Another inspiring DIY bathroom decor to beautify a bathroom with nautical decor. The decor is made of wood frames, blue paintings, and seashells. You can hang those framed seashells on your walls which will be enough to tell everyone that you indeed bring the ocean vibe to the bathroom.

Vertical Jar Shelf

DIY bathroom decor 19
Source: camelotartcreations.blogspot.com

A wood plank is hung vertically over the countertop of this bathroom with some glass jars attached to it. The combination of those materials creates a beautiful vertical shelf to keep some toothbrushes and tubes of toothpaste. You definitely need to copy this idea when you have a limited budget ye planning to improve the storage of your bathroom.

Caps Tootbrush Holder

DIY bathroom decor 20
Source: ohohdeco.com

This idea shows a very clever way to recycle bottle caps that you should totally try. The caps become toothbrush holders which are so practical to use. To make the caps look more attractive you can paint them with any colors as you wish. It’s a very cheap project to complete the decor of your bathroom.

Floating Square Shelf

DIY bathroom decor 21
Source: Sherie Galang

You can turn your stocks of toilet paper into a unique decor item by using this floating square shelf. The shelf is enough to keep dozens of toilet paper rolls without taking the space on the floor. It’s a nice way to make a group of toilet paper walls become unique wall art that everyone will be amazed by.

Floating Crates Storage

DIY bathroom decor 22
Source: diyeverywhere.com

Just like wood pallets, wood crates are also good materials that you can turn into a lot of useful furniture. In this idea, some wood crates are hung on the wall to keep some towels, a candle, and other items. It’s a very cheap and easy project to add a unique floating shelf that will improve the storage in your bathroom in an instant.

Jar Tissue Holders

DIY bathroom decor 23
Source: diyncrafts.com

Some glass mason jars are painted in this DIY bathroom decor idea which already looks so adorable. The lids of the jars are cut so they can work as convenient tissue holders. These mason jar tissue holders will look so gorgeous to decorate the countertop of your bathroom.

Earthy Bathroom Set

You may think that this beautiful bathroom set is sold in home improvement stores. Well, they are actually DIY bathroom decor which is made of plastic bottles, white cement, and multi-surface colors. The budget that you need to prepare is so low but you will have a nice bathroom set to complete your bathroom.

So those are some DIY bathroom decor ideas that are so inspiring to copy. Have a good time decorating your very own bathroom now!

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