20+ Easy and Cheap DIY Patio Decor Ideas You Will Love

Just like the indoor areas, your outdoor living space – like the patio – needs to be decorated. You can’t have a patio that looks plainly boring without any decor items or pieces of furniture completing it.

There’s no need to worry about preparing an extra budget to decorate your patio. With some cheap and easily-available materials, you can have a cozy and chic patio that everyone will surely love.

Below, we have compiled some clever DIY Patio Decor Ideas that you can use for ultimate reference.

DIY Patio Decor Ideas

Hanging Vinyl Planters

DIY Patio Decor 1
Source: makeit-loveit.com

If you have an empty wall in your patio, this decor item will make it look way more attractive. This floating planter is made of vinyl gutters and sturdy rope. You can choose the gutters in any colors that you love and match the overall look of your outdoor living space.

Rustic Potting Bench

DIY Patio Decor 2
Source: cherishedbliss.com

This beautiful bench can work to provide an additional sitting area or to keep your small potted plants neatly. The bench is made of thick wood which, of course, makes it really sturdy. The natural finish of the bench will flow beautifully with the outdoor surrounding of your patio.

Chic Crate Table

DIY Patio Decor 3
Source: infarrantlycreative.net

Who knows that you can have a chic and convenient coffee table made out of a wood crate? Well, this clever DIY patio decor inspiration shows you how to turn a wood crate into a nice table which also comes with hidden storage underneath. You can store some decor items or your cups of coffee conveniently.

Simple Pallet Planter

DIY Patio Decor 4
Source: sowanddipity.com

Wood planter is a very friendly material when it comes to DIY projects. In this idea, a big wood pallet is cut into some pieces which then become beautiful long patterns. The design allows you to put the planters in the tight space of your patio. This is an easy project that fits well for beginners.

Floating Chandelier Planters

DIY Patio Decor 5
Source: diyshowoff.com

If you are looking for floating planters with a more distinctive design, this idea is the one that you should add to your top list. It’s a chandelier that consists of some small planters. You can see that the entire structure of the decor item is spray-painted which makes it look so attractive.

Rustic Planter Tray

DIY Patio Decor 6

Adding a tray to the decor of your patio is a good way to enhance the storage around. Here, the tray is made of wood boards that you can find easily and cheaply. To make it more convenient to use, some handles are attached to the tray which is made of sturdy branches. The combination of those materials creates a rustic overall look beautifully.

Pallet Vertical Garden

DIY Patio Decor 7
Source: jennaburger.com

Another inspiring DIY patio decor project that uses wood pallets as the main material. Here, the pallet works as the main structure to create a vertical garden. Some small colorful planters are attached to the wood pallet by using some metal hooks. For sure, this vertical garden will give a stunning statement in your outdoor living space.

Whitewashed Terracotta Planters

DIY Patio Decor 8
Source: tidbits-cami.com

Adding terracotta planters to your patio decor is always a good idea, but making them look more distinctive sounds way more fun, right? In this idea, the terracotta planters are whitewashed which makes them look more admirable. all you need to do is to give it a touch of white acrylic paint until you get a gorgeous whitewashed look.

Fence Vertical Garden

DIY Patio Decor 9
Source: thecraftpatchblog.com

Vertical garden is always a good solution when you’d like to add some plants to your outdoor living space but don’t have enough space. This vertical garden is made of some wood planks that you can get from the wood fence panel. The garden consists of three wood planks with a wood box planter supporting it.

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Sparkling Mason Jars

DIY Patio Decor 10
Source: mydesiredhome.com

Brighten up your beloved patio with this beautiful DIY patio decor. You will simply need to gather some wood boards, clear mason jars, string lights, and black metal hooks. Those materials are easily available and affordable but you will have an additional lighting source that gives a more decorative touch at the same time.

Easy Colorful Garden

DIY Patio Decor 11
Source: smartschoolhouse.com

Concrete block is also another material that you can turn into a lot of outdoor decor items. In this idea, some hollowed concrete blocks and wood planks are painted to create a vertical garden structure. The colors look so attractive that will instantly enhance the beauty of your patio. You can store various sizes and designs of planters conveniently.

Floating Colorful Pallets

DIY Patio Decor 12
Source: @julesseale

This patio with neutral nuance is decorated with some floating wood pallets. The pallets are painted yellow which then become floating shelves to keep some beautiful potted flowers. This project doesn’t require a lot of money or complicated steps since you just simply need to paint the pallets and hang them on an empty wall.

Hanging Colorful Planters

DIY Patio Decor 13
Source: @bankiesbrillbb

Do you have an old bicycle wheel that has been sitting for a long time in your grade? Well, turn it into a clever DIY patio decor just like this idea shows. The wheel holds some painted cans which become admirable planters. You can paint the cans with any color or pattern that you like!

Floating Bottle Planters

DIY Patio Decor 14
Source: @bearangle

Recycling is always fun! Here, some plastic bottles of a similar color are cut into vertical planters. The planters are hung with the help of sturdy jute ropes so you can hang them conveniently on your patio’s wall. You can get those materials for cheap and even free!

Branch Ladder Garden

DIY Patio Decor 15
Source: @eliskopje83

A ladder that is made of some branches becomes the main structure of a vertical garden. You just simply need some ropes to secure the branches altogether. If you have some branches scattered around your garden, then you are lucky enough. Some colorful plastic planters decorate the ladder with some beautiful flowers planted on them.

Gorgeous Painted Cans

DIY Patio Decor 16
Source: @debcifran

Planting succulents on some planters sounds so boring and this idea shows an alternative way that you can try easily. Some cans are painted all-white with simple black floral-themed drawings on them. With such simple steps, you can have unique planters to keep your beloved succulents. It’s definitely an inspiring way to recycle some unused cans that you may plan to throw away.

Floating Window Planters

DIY Patio Decor 17
Source: sandandsisal.com

This idea shows how to turn unused window panels into the material of a beautiful patio decor item. Each window panel holds a rectangular planter which is a home for beautiful flowers. You can hang the window planters on your outdoor fence or wall which will make the area look distinctively adorable.

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Crate Side Table

DIY Patio Decor 18
Source: pinterest.com

There’s no complicated step involved in this project, in fact, it’s a very effortless one. You just have to find a crate that you can get for free if you are lucky enough. Then, place the crate in such position so it can become a nice side table. The crate side table can have two storage stations which are the surface and the shelf underneath.

Metal Grid Garden

DIY Patio Decor 19
Source: shihyus

Metal grid can always be a quick solution when you are planning to add a vertical garden to your beloved patio. Here, a metal grid with large columns holds some planters which simply look admirable. It’s a good space-saving way to add plants to your small outdoor living space.

Unique Brick Books

DIY Patio Decor 20
Source: kualumni.org

Give your patio a unique touch with these clever books made of bricks. As you can see, you can paint and draw each brick so you can make them look like close books. They are great to decorate your stairs on an empty shelf that you have in your exterior area.

Barrel Side Table

DIY Patio Decor 21
Source: centsationalgirl.com

Another inspiring idea that you can refer to if you’d like to add a side table to your patio. A used wine barrel is turned into a side table which is enough to handle some decor items and cups of your coffee. The look of the barrel will also give a unique rustic touch to the overall look of your patio decor.

Roped Tire Ottoman

DIY Patio Decor 22
Source: stylemepretty.com

Do you want to add some sitting space to your patio? This idea is totally a great reference for you. This ottoman is made of old tires that you can find in the nearby junkyard. Then, wrap the tires with sisal rope with the help of some glue guns. It’s a very cheap and easy way to complete the set of furniture on your patio.

Milk Jug Table

DIY Patio Decor 23
Source: diyshowoff.com

Who knows that you can make a table out of an industrial milk jug? With some simple painting steps and cheap additional material, you will have a unique side table that you can conveniently use. Of course, the design of this milk jug side table will give a distinctive statement to your outdoor living space.

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