20+ Chic DIY Flower Decorating Ideas | Easy & Cheap Project

Decorating your home with flowers is super fun! They can give beautiful colors to the overall look of the decor and create a more refreshing vibe around the rooms.

For your ultimate reference, check out some clever DIY flower decorating ideas that you will totally adore!

DIY Flower Decorating Ideas

Fresh Floating Flowers

DIY Flowers Decorating 1
Source: christinedebeer.ca

To create this beautiful DIY flower decorating, you just simply need a clear fishbowl and fill it with water and colorful flowers. However, you can’t just fill the flowers inside the bowl, you need to stick some bubble raft to keep them floating. This idea is good to become a centerpiece of your coffee or dining table.

Simple Floral Candle

DIY Flowers Decorating 2
Source: sofashomedecor.blogspot.com

Using a plain glass candle holder can be quite boring and this idea shows you how to make it look more attractive effortlessly. Some flowers wrap the candle holder which is secured by some twines. It’s a very quick project that you can get done in no time without spending a lot.

Gorgeous Floral Birdcages

DIY Flowers Decorating 3
Source: mamy4mamy.blogspot.com

Decorative birdcages are great to complete the decor of your home. You can find them in the nearby decor stores which are offered at very low prices. Here, the birdcages are filled with colorful flowers. You can either hang the floral birdcages or simply put them on the tables.

Enchanting Floral Chandelier

DIY Flowers Decorating 4
Source: honestlywtf.com

This clever DIY floral decorating will instantly become a centerpiece once you hang it in your bedroom or living room. The project requires easily-available materials and a low budget to get done.

Here’s what you need to prepare:

  • Various kinds of flowers
  • Embroidery hoop
  • Lace trim
  • Ribbons
  • Floral shears

Besides decorating your living room or bedroom, this floral chandelier is also good to complete some occasions like a wedding or baby shower.

Rustic Floral Decor

DIY Flowers Decorating 5
Source: artsychicksrule.com

Are you looking for a DIY flower decorating to complete your farmhouse dining room? Well, this idea is a good option that you have to add to your top list. The decor item is made of a wood caddy, glass mason jars, and flower bouquets. It’s such a good decor item to add colors to your farmhouse decorating style in a very rustic way.

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Flower Basket Chandelier

DIY Flowers Decorating 6
Source: sugarandcloth.com

Another inspiring project to create a floral chandelier that you can’t miss for sure. In this idea, a medium-sized rattan basket works as the main part of the structure and some flowers with greeneries are attached to the inside of the basket. There’s no need to spend a lot of money to create this simple flower chandelier.

Beaded Flower Curtains

DIY Flowers Decorating 7
Source: marryme.cz

Some strings of flowers and beads are great to become a decorative curtain. You may often find this type of decor item in the wedding ceremony but you can also use it to decorate your window. This is a nice decor item to add a more feminine touch to the overall look of the room.

Chic Floral Monogram

DIY Flowers Decorating 8
Source: daisymaebelle.com

If you are planning to add some monograms to your porch, this idea is a good reference for you. The monogram is made of faux flowers and flower foam that you can find cheaply in local decor stores. The steps to get the project done are so simple that you can finish in no time.

Vintage Floral Bucket

DIY Flowers Decorating 9
Source: yourcozyhome.blogspot.com

Another easy project to give a beautiful farmhouse touch to your exterior or interior area. You will simply prepare a vintage galvanized bucket, fill it with clear water, and float various kinds of flowers. You can see that a candle is also added to the decor so you will have an additional lighting source.

Stylish Minimalist Flowergram

DIY Flowers Decorating 10
Source: tumblr.com

A stylish flowergram to decorate your minimalist decorating style that is really inspiring to copy. The decor item consists of a sleek long wood block and colorful dried flowers. This minimalist flowergram is good to decorate your bedroom dresser or living room mantle.

Floral Glass Centerpiece

DIY Flowers Decorating 11
Source: @cuzimandrea

If you are looking for a last-minute dining table centerpiece, you can refer to this idea. The materials that you need to prepare are a large wine glass, artificial sand, and dried flowers. You can arrange the dried flowers as you wish inside the glass which has been filled with sand.

Framed Hanging Bouquet

DIY Flowers Decorating 12
Source: @cuzimandrea

In this idea, some small flowers are arranged in a metal coffee cup. The bouquet is then hung to the hooks which are attached to the inside part of a white wood frame. With some cheap and easily-available materials, you can have a gorgeous floral decor item to beautify any room inside your house.

Rustic Twigs Planter

DIY Flowers Decorating 13
Source: ninimakes.typepad.com

To create this enchanting DIY flower decorating, you just need to go out and gather some twigs or branches as its main materials. The twigs then will work to decorate a container or planter which has been decorated with some flowers. To make it look more rustic, you need to complete the planters with burlap and jute twine.

Gorgeous Floral Bulb

DIY Flowers Decorating 14
Source: @daw912

Grab a used clear bulb and fill it with clear water and flower to create this beautiful DIY flower decorating. You can either hang the floral bulbs or place some on the coffee table. There’s no need to even spend a penny if you have some old clear bulbs in your garage and find the flowers around your area.

Fresh Floral Bottles

DIY Flowers Decorating 15
Source: @sumei0920

This idea is almost similar to the one above, but here, you need some clear bottles as the main material. The clear bottles are filled with clear water and various flowers. For sure, you can get this project done in no time which will be great to enhance the attractiveness of your dining table.

Sparkling Floral Bottle

DIY Flowers Decorating 16
Source: Amelya Lévesque Wedding

Adding some extra lighting sources to your living room or bedroom is never a bad idea. Here, large bottles are filled with fake flowers and string lights, creating beautiful lanterns to brighten and warm up the rooms. Of course, the cost that you need to spend to create this DIY flower decorating is so low and the steps are so simple.

Lighten Floral Backdrop

DIY Flowers Decorating 17
Source: @Randomlover93

Some strands of flowers decorate one side of the walls which become mesmerizing backdrop that you can copy right away. To make it look more attractive, some string lights are attached to the flower strands. You can hang the flowers on a metal rail just like this idea shows.

Floating Rustic Flowers

DIY Flowers Decorating 18
Source: @pinkmusicxo

An easy DIY flower decorating that will give a beautiful rustic touch to the decor of the room. The materials are easily available and very cheap.

Here’s what you need to prepare:

  • Colorful flowers
  • Thick twines or ropes
  • Sturdy branch or log
  • Metal hooks
  • Lightweight clear glass jar

You just need to place the flowers inside the jars and hang them on the log with metal hooks. This is a gorgeous decor item to fill an empty wall that you can get done in no time without costing a lot.

Chic Earthy Planters

DIY Flowers Decorating 19
Source: @pinkmusicxo

Another inspiring DIY flower decorating to beautify the wall of your living room. The flowers are placed in bottles that are filled with clean water to keep them fresh. Once done, you have to attach the bottles to sleek wood boards. To hang the decor item, you can use sturdy twines.

Hanging Framed Flowers

DIY Flowers Decorating 20
Source: Silvia Armor

Turn an empty wall in your living room into a wonderful floral gallery by referring to this idea. You just simply need some dried flowers and minimalist wood frames. If you want to be more extra, you can use resin to create a more durable and admirable decor item.

Floating Framed Bouquets

Source: Silvia Armor

Just like the idea above, you will create s stunning gallery that will totally amaze everyone. Instead of using small dried flowers, you will need to gather some dried bouquets. You can see various kinds of dried flowers are attached to a wood or plastic frame in a white and gold finish.

Easy Fresh Centerpiece

DIY Flowers Decorating 22
Source: @pinkpetals2day

This catchy dining table centerpiece is simply made of lemons and colorful flowers. The lemons will work as the planters to keep the flowers and you can place them on the cutting board. There’s no need to take a lot of time to get this project done.

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Flower Glass Dome

Do you want to bring some Disney vibe to the decor of the room? Well, this idea is the one that you should add to your top list. Here, you will be guided to build a flower glass dome made of some easy materials which include:

  • A glass dome (you can find it in the nearby decor store or IKEA)
  • Dried and preserved flowers
  • Floral foam
  • Wire

Those materials are so cheap but you will have a stunning decor item to complete your living room or bedroom decor.

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