20+ Easy and Quick DIY Vertical Garden Ideas on a Budget

A vertical garden is a good solution when you want to freshen up your home, but don’t have enough space around. There’s nothing to worry about making the space look and feel cramped once you have a sleek vertical space.

You may think that you need to spend a lot to add a vertical garden to your home decor, but actually, you can create one all by yourself at home. The materials that you need to prepare are also very cheap and easily available.

Below, we share with you some DIY vertical garden ideas for your ultimate reference.

DIY Vertical Garden Ideas

Cheap Rustic Garden

DIY vertical garden 1
Source: simplestylings.com

Some cans work as the planters of this DIY vertical garden which fits small plants or kitchen herbs. The can is painted in half to make them look more adorable. To hold the cans together, wood planks and twines are used. It’s a lovely inspiration for you who love rustic decorating style.

Wood Handrail Garden

DIY vertical garden 2
Source: sugarandcloth.com

A gorgeous vertical garden that utilizes an oversized wooden handrail as its primary structure. You will need some plant hooks to hang the planters. You can freely use any kind of planter as long as you can drill them. This convenient vertical garden works well both to decorate your exterior or interior area.

Earthy Outdoor Garden

DIY vertical garden 3
Source: loveandrenovations.com

If you have an empty wall on your patio, this idea is a good inspiration that you can’t miss. The materials that you need to gather are simply some cedar boards and terra cotta planters. Of course, the design will complement the outdoor surrounding of your patio in a very mesmerizing way.

Easy Pallet Garden

DIY vertical garden 4
Source: momspark.net

It’s almost impossible to miss wood pallets when we are talking about cheap DIY projects. In this idea, a medium-sized wood pallet is filled with soil and some succulents are planted. With its sleek and compact design, you can fit this vertical garden on your porch or patio even with its limited space. It’s a very inspiring project that will not cost you a lot at all.

Easy Minimalist Garden

DIY vertical garden 5
Source: @annajelitto

Wire grid is always an easy piece of furniture you can keep in mind when you want to store things vertically. Here, a wire grid with rectangular space holds some stylish planters with geometric textures. The overall look of the garden will complement any house with a minimalist decorating style.

Floating Ladder Garden

DIY vertical garden 6
Source: ellecuorea.it

Do you have an unused ladder? Well, turn the ladder into a vertical garden just like this idea shows. A chic ladder holds some white plastic planters with beautiful indoor plants. For sure, it’s a very easy way to add some indoor plants to a living room with very limited space since it doesn’t take any space on the flooring.

Simple Gorgeous Garden

DIY vertical garden 7
Source: sg78

It’s never a bad idea to decorate an empty wall inside your house with tons of plants. In this idea, various kinds of plants are planted in clear acrylic tubes which are attached to some metal strips. Of course, this single vertical garden will instantly bring the style of your living room to a whole new level when you actually don’t spend a lot.

Rustic Boxes Garden

DIY vertical garden 8
Source: Carolyn Karol

Some wood boxes are hung on the wall which then works as a vertical garden in this living room. Besides regular indoor plants, you can also place some herbs and label each box according to the herb that you store. The natural wood finish of the boxes makes them fit well for you who want to give a more rustic touch to the decor of the room.

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Easy Jar Garden

DIY vertical garden 9
Source: diysensei

Some glass jars become homes for herbs that decorate a wall of this kitchen. It’s surely a very easy project that you can get done in no time. One thing that you have to make sure of is that you use the right medium to keep those herbs alive.

Recycled Bottle Garden

DIY vertical garden 10
Source: Lobkerijpma

Having a beautiful vertical garden while saving mother earth is definitely a great idea. Here, you will have to just cut some plastic bottles in two parts and paint half of them white. It’s a very cost-friendly project which is great to hold some small plants.

Vintage Teapot Garden

DIY vertical garden 11
Source: limerickjay

For you who have some old teapots that have been sitting in the back of your kitchen cupboard, you can actually turn them into a vertical garden just like this idea shows. Some vintage metal teapots are placed on the floating wood shelf which then works to keep some beautiful flowers. It’s another inspiration to give a rustic farmhouse touch to the decor of your home.

Cans Pallet Garden

DIY vertical garden 12
Source: @mgxlemaire

In this idea, a used wood pallet holds some colorful can planters with various kinds of plants. Some flowers also decorate the top of the pallet which even makes it look more adorable. With such a design, you can fit this vertical garden in a limited space and move it around conveniently.

Decorative Tree Garden

DIY vertical garden 13
Source: @rakishk367

An old ladder is laid against the tree in this backyard which is decorated with some colorful planters, lanterns, and other decor items. Right below the vertical garden, some vintage stuff also gives a more decorative touch. This vertical garden is a very effortless way to make your boring look way more attractive.

Stacked Pallet Garden

DIY vertical garden 14
Source: gaepanz

We can’t stop talking about wood pallets to build a nice vertical garden, can we? This one shows a very simple way to build a vertical garden out of wood pallets that you can try at home easily.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Grab some medium-sized wood pallets.
  • Smoothen the surfaces of the pallet.
  • Give them some finish or paint to make the pallets look catchier.
  • Stack the pallets in a vertical position and place some potted plants.
  • Complete the decor by adding some decor items.

You can use as many wood pallets as you need.

Simple Chic Garden

DIY vertical garden 15
Source: @RyTriPi

A beautiful DIY vertical garden that is great for decorating a minimalist home. Metal wire holders on the sleek wood board secure some gorgeous ceramic planters in white. You can plant some cute succulents on the planters easily.

Clever Bamboo Garden

DIY vertical garden 16
Source: @valentinadiaryofficial

Are you looking for a unique DIY vertical garden? This one is made of some pieces of bamboo which are filled with white rocks and succulents. To hang the bamboo planters, you can use sturdy ropes.

Gorgeous Natural Garden

DIY vertical garden 17
Source: dropbox.com

A wood log is planted onto a terracotta planter which then works to keep smaller planters with herbs. To make it easier to move here and there, a wood pallet board with caster wheels completes the garden. The combination of those natural materials will flow beautifully with the outdoor surrounding.

Stylish Natural Garden

DIY vertical garden 18
Source: @louannmpereira

This DIY vertical garden combines rows of small plants which is nice to beautify your farmhouse decorating style. Each row is made of rustic wood planks with some white plastic planters attached by wires. You can use as many rows of panters as you need to decorate an empty wall inside or outside of the house.

Gorgeous Farmhouse Garden

DIY vertical garden 19
Source: brooklynlimestone.com

Just like the previous idea, this vertical garden also consists of some wood planks with attached planters. To make it look more farmhouse, small metal planters in a shiny finish are chosen. Once you have attached those planters to the wood planks, you can hang them to the hooks by using some sturdy ropes.

Chic Minimalist Garden

DIY vertical garden 20
Source: grayhousestudio.com

Five pieces of vertical wood planks in grey are used to store some sleek taupe planters. Each shelf comes with a clean-lined tray that fits the size of the planter very well. The design of the vertical garden is nice to complete a living room with a minimalist decorating style.

Hanging Corner Garden

DIY vertical garden 21

Decorate a gloomy corner of your living or dining room with this gorgeous vertical garden. Some jars become the homes of the plants which are attached to the square wood board. The strings hold the wood trays which makes it for every corner of any room even with limited space.

Sleek Window Garden

DIY vertical garden 22
Source: simplicityinthesouth.com

It’s, indeed, highly recommended to place your indoor plants close to the window so they can get ample sunlight. In this idea, a sleek shelf with a metal frame and glass trays is installed right behind the shelf. The store then becomes an ample storage station to store several plants with medium-sized terracotta planters.

Modern Rustic Garden

DIY vertical garden 23
Source: th_eiff

Rectangular wood planters are attached to the tall wood structure which looks so enchanting. You can use this type of vertical garden as a room divider.

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So those are some mesmerizing DIY vertical garden ideas that you can totally create all by yourself at home. You can choose one particular design which suits your taste or the existing decorating style of your home.

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