20+ Cheap DIY Basket Storage Ideas For Stylish Living Room

Adding baskets to your living room is never a bad idea. It’s a very easy solution to improve the storage of the room.

Instead of buying some baskets, you can consider creating some all by yourself out of cheap materials. Some creative DIYers have actually created some baskets that you love just like the DIY basket storage ideas below.

DIY Basket Storage Ideas

Gorgeous Boho Basket

DIY Basket Storage 1
Source: nadinestay.com

If you are planning to decorate your beloved living room with a Boho decorating style, this idea is the one that you should add to your top list. The basket is made of a metal trash can which is wrapped with natural piping cotton. The textured look with the earthy tone of the basket fits really well with the Boho vibe for sure.

Rainbow Crochet Basket

DIY Basket Storage 2
Source: mypoppet.com.au

Are you into crochet? Well, this DIY basket storage is surely an inspiration that you will totally love. The materials that you need to prepare are some colorful yarns and ropes. With the combination of those materials, the basket may be a bit floppy so they are great to keep some linens, stocks of your yarns, or accessories.

Catchy Decorative Basket

DIY Basket Storage 3
Source: prettylifegirls.com

This idea shows how to enhance the beauty of a plain basket. The half of the basket is dyed turquoise, which makes it look way more attractive. To even give a more decorative touch, some colorful beads decorate the top of the basket. Of course, this decorated basket will add such a lovely statement to your living room decor.

Chic Nautical Basket

DIY Basket Storage 4
Source: scratchandstitch.com

Give your living room some nautical touch with this DIY basket storage which is made of dyed cotton clothesline. The combination of light blue and yellow of the basket will surely bring the vibe of the ocean in an instant. You can store some small toys or accessories conveniently in this gorgeous basket.

Decorative Box Baskets

DIY Basket Storage 5
Source: apieceofrainbow.com

You may think that these stylish baskets are found in the hardware or decor store but you actually can make them all by yourself at home by using cheap materials.

Here’s what you need to prepare:

  • Cardboard boxes
  • Burlap
  • Glue gun
  • Acrylic paints

Of course, those materials are extremely cheap and easily available but the result is so amazing. Those baskets are great to decorate your coffee table or dresser.

Elegant Rope Bowl

DIY Basket Storage 6
Source: decorhint.com

These bowl-shaped baskets are good to complete the storage stations in your living room or kitchen. You just have to prepare some neutral-colored cotton clotheslines and sew them to create the bowl-like structure. The bowls are great to keep some packaged snacks or fruits in a very elegant way.

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Decorative Fabric Basket

DIY Basket Storage 7
Source: flamingotoes.com

The patterned look of this basket will give a more decorative touch to the decor of your living room while working as a convenient storage station. All you need to prepare are some fabric for the inner and outer layer of the basket. You can choose the fabric with any patterns that you love or match well with the overall look of the living room.

Minimalist Flannel Box

DIY Basket Storage 8
Source: lilyardor.com

If you have a minimalist living room with a neutral overall look, this DIY basket storage is an excellent option to complete the decor. This box is simply made of a card box or plastic box with grey flannels covering it. Of course, you don’t have to spend a lot to create this gorgeous box all by yourself at home.

Vintage Metal Basket

DIY Basket Storage 9
Source: aehomestylelife.com

Are you looking for A DIY basket storage with a more vintage design? This one can be a good choice of inspiration that you will love. The basket is not the real locker bin, they are actually dollar-store plastic containers that are spray-painted in nickel finish. To make them look more attractive, some tags are attached to the handles.

Colorful Clothelines Baskets

DIY Basket Storage 10
Source: tanisknits.com

Decorating your living room with beautiful baskets is never a bad idea. These multi-colored baskets made of clotheslines will get the job done very well. The baskets come with handles so you can use them in a very convenient way. Instead of just creating one basket, you can create some to have a set of beautiful baskets around!

Gorgeous Bohemian Boxes

DIY Basket Storage 12
Source: thesavvysparrow.com

Another inspiring DIY basket storage to complete your Bohemian living room and this one is made of super cheap materials. The steps that you need to are very simple and you can finish in no time.

Here’s what you need to prepare:

  • Cardboard boxes
  • Sturdy fabric
  • Burlap ribbon
  • Tassle trim
  • Spray adhesive
  • Glue gun

You just have to wrap the cardboard boxes with fabrics and burlap ribbons then decorate them with the tassel trim. The combination of those materials creates basket storage with beautiful textures and earthy tones.

Rustic Jute Basket

DIY Basket Storage 13
Source: theshabbytree.com

Giving an earthy element to a minimalist living room with a neutral overall look is a very popular option. This basket is made of a card box which is covered with thick jute. The basket looks so beautiful with its natural rustic style which will not fail to beautify your minimalist living room and improve the storage of the room at the same time.

Striped Crochet Basket

DIY Basket Storage 14
Source: easycrochet.com

Though the basket is made of neutral-colored yarns, its striped pattern and chunky texture make it look so admirable. The design fits really well for you who want to enhance the beauty of your living room without adding striking colors around. You can store some stocks of yarns, socks, and other accessories in this crochet basket.

Rope Denim Basket

DIY Basket Storage 15
Source: thatblackchic.com

If those baskets made of ropes don’t suit your taste, this one with a more unique look will totally inspire you. Recycled denim is used to decorate the basket which creates a more distinctive style to decorate your living room. You can create the basket in any size to suit the items that you’d like to store.

Fabric Rope Basket

DIY Basket Storage 16
Source: glitteronadime.com

This idea shows how to turn a boring plastic basket into a more decorative storage station. You will simply need some fabric with catchy patterns and twines to get the project done. The fabric will work to decorate the inner part of the basket and you can wrap the outer part with twines.

Rustic Whitewashed Box

DIY Basket Storage 17
Source: prodigalpieces.com

For those who decorate their living rooms with farmhouse decorating style, this idea is a perfect inspiration for you. This one is not a real wooden box, but actually, a plastic basket that is painted with a whitewashed look. Of course, the design of the basket will give a nice rustic touch to your farmhouse living room in an instant.

Cute Fabric Basket

DIY Basket Storage 18
Source: applegreencottage.com

These cute baskets will give such a stylish statement to your living room decor. The materials that you need to prepare are simply some plain fabrics for the lining, patterned fabrics for the outer part, and fusible fleece for the structure. You can create some baskets in various sizes to have a set of cute storage stations.

Gorgeous Toy Box

DIY Basket Storage 19
Source: iheartorganizing.com

Could you guess the materials that build this gorgeous DIY basket storage? Well, it requires chicken wire, white ropes, a round wood base, and leather straps as the main materials. The design looks really adorable and everyone will not think that you just need to spend a low budget to have it!

String Bowl Basket

DIY Basket Storage 20
Source: crafts.tutsplus.com

A unique bowl basket that is good to decorate your coffee table. This one is made of as simple as string that you can find in the nearby decor store. To get the shape of the bowl, some molding steps are involved in the project which is not difficult at all.

Portable Wood Box

DIY Basket Storage 21
Source: theproperblog.com

If you are looking for a large storage station, this DIY basket storage is the one that you can’t miss. The materials that you need to prepare are easily available which include thick plywood, wood glue, and castor wheels. You can paint the surface of the wood box as you wish to suit the overall look of your living room decor.

Stunning Ombre Basket

DIY Basket Storage 22
Source: allspraypainted.com

Cane baskets are adorable, for sure, but why don’t you make them look way more beautiful by spray-painting them? This idea shows how to improve the look of cane baskets by giving a nice ombre touch. Of course, you can always use any colors that you love!

Painted Wire Basket

DIY Basket Storage 23
Source: abeautifulmess.com

For sure, you can always buy wire baskets in any hardware or decor store, but creating some all by yourself sounds more fun.

Here’s what you need to prepare:

  • Galvanized mesh wire
  • Leather or vinyl straps
  • Spray paint

Just be careful n executing the steps since the project involves some sharp tools.

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Clever Newspaper Basket


This clever project uses recycled newspapers as the main materials which is so inspiring to copy. The structure of the basket is made of rolled newspapers and painted beautifully. It’s a very cheap DIY basket storage that you can do with your kids!

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