15+ Easy DIY Desk Storage Organizer Ideas on a Budget

Proper organization is essential for every home office and you can’t achieve that without having some desk organizers around. They help to keep your desk as neat as possible so you can work comfortably on a day-to-day basis.

If you are into DIY stuff, of course, creating your very own desk organizer sounds really fun! You can use cheap materials and turn them into unique storage stations to complete your desk.

The list of DIY Desk Storage Organizer Ideas below can be a good reference for you!

DIY Desk Storage Organizer Ideas

Rustic Mountain Organizer

DIY Desk Storage Organizer 1
Source: ohohdeco.com

Bring the vibe of the mountain to your home office with this gorgeous DIY desk storage organizer. The main material that you need to prepare is some plywood which is so affordable to get. It’s a very nice organizer to complete your Bohemian office decoration.

Catchy Striped Cans

DIY Desk Storage Organizer 2
Source: erinspain.com

Of course, we cannot skip cans when it comes to DIY desk storage organizer. This idea shows how to use old metal tins to become utensils organizer which is worth trying. The cans are painted in black and white with a striped pattern which looks so catchy.

Vertical Pegboard Storage

DIY Desk Storage Organizer 3
Source: fabricpaperglue.com

Pegboard is always a handy solution when you are dealing with limited space but need to improve the storage of the room. Here, a white pegboard is installed right in front of the desk which provides a convenient storage station. Some white floating shelves and black baskets are attached to the pegboard to enhance beauty and comfort.

Striking Eclectic Storage

DIY Desk Storage Organizer 4
Source: akailochiclife.com

If you are into something eclectic, this DIY desk storage is the one that you’ll totally love. This is a paper holder which combines several woodcuts in various shapes which include circles and triangles with various patterns and colors. The result is a striking storage station that will bring the style of your desk to a whole new level.

Chic Corner Shelf

DIY Desk Storage Organizer 5
Source: thelovelydrawer.com

The corner of the desk is a nice spot to improve the storage of your home office and this idea will do a great job. The main materials that you need to prepare are a wire dish rack and wood sheets. It’s a very nice storage station that will keep your items without taking a lot of space on the desk.

Cute Floating Desk

DIY Desk Storage Organizer 6
Source: anikasdiylife.com

A floating shelf that consists of some wood planks is so boring, so why don’t you build a more attractive one by referring to this idea? The shelf works really well for a documents holder and some hooks can handle some buckets or containers to store some utensils. It’s also a good inspiration to improve the storage of your kids’ desks.

Muffin Tin Organizer

DIY Desk Storage Organizer 7
Source: livelaughrowe.com

For you who are tired of losing tiny items around your desk like paper clips or small tape, a muffin tin can actually help to solve the problem. Here, a muffin tin works to keep some tiny items that you can place on your desk. Of course, it’s a very low-budget inspiration that you can try.

Fabric Canister Container

DIY Desk Storage Organizer 8
Source: kleinworthco.com

This idea shows an easy and cheap way to repurpose a canister from a coffee creamer. The canister is wrapped with burlap fabric and twines, making it look more admirable. You can choose any kinds of fabric with various patterns that you love the most.

Toilet Phone Holder

DIY Desk Storage Organizer 9
Source: theseamanmom.com

Your mobile phone can be one of the items that should be close to you when you are working from home. In this idea, a phone holder made of recycled toilet paper rolls completes the storage of the desk. It’s a very nice way to keep your phone close in a very creative way that you can get done easily on a budget.

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All-in-one Simple Organizer

DIY Desk Storage Organizer 10
Source: sugarandcloth.com

Though this DIY desk storage organizer may look simple, it has everything that you need in one place. The storage consists of a bulletin board and container which are so convenient to use. The main materials for this clever project include MDF wood sheets, wooden boxes, white spray paint, and cork sheet.

Decorative Storage Set

DIY Desk Storage Organizer 11
Source: yesterdayontuesday.com

This storage set allows you to store pens, pencils, and paper clips in one centered storage station. It consists of some containers made of tin cans and a round tray. All of those materials are painted and decorated with decorative papers which look so catchy.

Chicken Wire Organizer

DIY Desk Storage Organizer 12
Source: mylove2create.com

If you need a large storage station for your desk that you can create all by yourself, this one will totally inspire you. The storage combines chicken wire which then becomes the bulletin board and wood container works to hold your favorite items. The design of the organizer will give a unique rustic touch to the decor of your home office.

Stylish Floating Clipboards

DIY Desk Storage Organizer 13
Source: makesbakesanddecor.com

In this idea, some clipboards are hung on the wall which works to keep some important notes in your desk area. To make them look more attractive, paper napkins cover each clipboard. You can also add other kinds of storage stations with a uniform look.

Simple Cord Organizer

DIY Desk Storage Organizer 14
Source: ahousefullofsunshine.com

Cords can be a big headache when you don’t organize them properly. This idea shows how to get the job done by simply using containers, cardboard, toilet paper rolls, and washi tapes. You will instantly have super neat drawers in an instant without costing you a lot.

Cute Mesh Organizer

DIY Desk Storage Organizer 15
Source: thecraftedlife.com

A simple project that you can refer to when you want to make a mesh organizer look more admirable. Here, the mesh organizer is spray-painted in light blue and decorated with cute embroidery. Of course, there’s no complicated step involved and the budget is so low.

Cereal Box Organizer

DIY Desk Storage Organizer 16
Source: creativejewishmom.com

Got some unused cereal packaging? Grab them now and turn them into file organizers just like this idea shows. All you need to prepare are some cereal boxes patterned wrapping paper and mod podge!

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How to Create a Cozy Home Office

In addition to creating your very own DIY Desk Storage Organizer, you may also wonder how to actually set up a home office that actually makes your daily job feel as comfortable as possible. The tips below show some worth-trying considerations that you can keep in mind.

Let the light in

Light is essential to create a nice home office so you can perform a productive job every single day. That being said, the most recommended spot to place your home office desk is right in front of the window if you have one in your bedroom or office space. If you happen to have a home office without windows, you can do the trick by adding ample lighting sources with a comfortable color temperature that suits you well.

Ergonomic chair, always

Some of you may not really take the ergonomic tagline of a home office chair seriously when, actually, you should. Ergonomic chairs provide some features that really help you to have a cozy shift like a contoured back structure, adjustable height, and customizable arms. Those features will set a proper position while you are dealing with your daily shift.

Stable internet access

Some corners of your house may not really have stable and strong internet access, you don’t want to place your desk there, for sure. Set up your home office in a spot where internet access is stable throughout the day so you won’t be interrupted during your virtual meeting.

Learn the computer height

It’s also important to ensure that you are looking at a monitor that is placed at the proper eye level.

  • If you are using a laptop and the desk doesn’t provide proper eye-level placement, you can consider buying a  laptop stand. This home office addition often allows you to adjust the position of your laptop to suit your personal eye level.
  • For PC users, make sure that you place the monitor arms’ further from you. The top of the monitor should be in line with your eye level.

The proper computer placement will prevent any uncomfortable strains on your shoulder and neck.

Make it accessible

You may not only use your computer as your home office companion since the job may require other stuff like a printer, notebook, and small utensils. Therefore, you have to create your desk with ease of access so you don’t have to walk or even get up when you need to use the printer or find some pens. If you have a small desk, you can consider installing a vertical storage station like a floating shelf.

Tidy up the background

You don’t want to show your teammates messy dirty piles of clothes when you are in a virtual meeting. Avoid this awkward situation by tidying up the background of your home office. If you can, a plain wall is the most recommended background for a virtual meeting.

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