20+ Stylish DIY Boho Decor Ideas on a Budget to Steal Now

Boho or Bohemian decor is one of the most popular styles that you must find in home magazines these days. That being said, bringing the style to your very own living room is never a bad idea.

You may think that you need to prepare a big budget to style up your house with a Boho decorating style. Well, if you are into DIY stuff, you can actually create some decor items all y by yourself that will surely save your budget a lot.

The DIY Boho Decor Ideas created by some clever DIYers below are great references that you will totally love.

DIY Boho Decor Ideas

Chic Scalloped Pillow

DIY Boho Decor 1
Source: mottesblog.blogspot.com

It’s safe to say that a throw pillow is one of the essential items that a Boho decor should have. You can create this chic throw pillow which is designed in a scalloped style made of multicolor felt cuts. The result is a colorful throw pillow with a nice texture which is perfect to complete your Boho living room.

Rustic Macrame Rack

DIY Boho Decor 2
Source: myfrenchtwist.com

A chic storage station that consists of a beautiful macrame and wooden tray stand. You will need some macrame skills that you can actually learn quickly. Of course, this type of storage station doesn’t only provide a nice spot to store your favorite books or magazines. There’s no need to spend a lot to create this inspiring rustic macrame rack.

Floating Macrame Planter

DIY Boho Decor 3
Source: whydontyoumakeme.com/

As you may have known, you can turn mason jars into several DIY decor items and this idea shows how to properly add it to your Bohemian decor. The mason jar is wrapped with gorgeous macrame and you can use a dowel to hang it. Add some faux greeneries or dried plants to the mason jar so you will have a touch of natural texture to the overall look of the room.

Unique Beaded Chandelier

DIY Boho Decor 4
Source: thehousethatlarsbuilt.com

This beaded chandelier will give a uniquely stunning statement to your Bohemian living room in an instant. The design gives such a beautiful texture to the decor in a very distinctive way. You can either leave the beaded chandelier as it is or add a hanging lightbulb so it can also work as an additional lighting source.

Pink Ombre Vase

DIY Boho Decor 5
Source: thecraftedlife.com

It’s always a good idea to add a splash of a feminine touch to a room with a Boho decorating style and you can get that done easily by referring to this idea. You just have to prepare some cheap materials with easy steps involved.

Here’s what you need to prepare:

  1. Clear glass bottle or vase
  2. Pink spray paint
  3. Faux greeneries or dry plants

Those materials are so cheap and easily available in hardware or decor store. You only need no more than 10 minutes to finish the project!

Earthy Rustic Garland

DIY Boho Decor 6
Source: goldminejournal.com

This gorgeous DIY Boho decor item is made of things that you can find around you like a wood stick, feathers shells, and sea kelp. It’s a nice decor item that you can use to decorate your window which will give an earthy and rustic touch around the room. There’s no need to spend a lot to create one, for sure!

Elegant Basket Decoration

DIY Boho Decor 7
Source: caradise.co.uk

This idea shows an easy way to enhance the beauty of your baskets to look more Boho. Some tassels made of black wool give a nice decorative touch to the overall look of the basket. Of course, you can choose any colors that perfectly suit your taste and the existing decorating style of the room.

Earthy Round Mirror

DIY Boho Decor 8
Source: dossierblog.com

You may ever find this kind of mirror in a decor store which is offered at quite expensive price tags. This idea shows how to create one by using super cheap materials that you can find everywhere. The main materials involve natural raffia and a round mirror to get the job done in no time.

Chic Decorative Dresser

DIY Boho Decor 9
Source: thepaintedhive.net

Do you have an ugly old dresser that doesn’t look that attractive anymore? Well, refer to this idea to make it beautiful enough to complete your Boho decor. The dresser looks so admirable with its rustic and decorative front side. The steps may involve some woodworking skills, so make sure you are kind of familiar with them.

Stylish Arrow Decor

DIY Boho Decor 10
Source: craftsbycourtney.com

A chic decor item in the shape of an arrow that will give a nice decorative touch to your Boho living room or bedroom. The arrow is made of a thick foam sheet and painted with craft paints. Besides the arrow-shaped decor item, you will also get a signboard with an arrow-shaped hole by following the complete tutorial!

Beautiful Faux Fireplace

DIY Boho Decor 11
Source: fallfordiy.com/blog/2019

You don’t really need to install a real fireplace to enhance the beauty of your living room since you can build a fake one just like this idea shows. It’s such a beautiful art piece that will become a focal point of the room in an instant. You can see that the fireplace is designed in an arched style that everyone surely adores.

Rustic Wall Art

DIY Boho Decor 12a
Source: papernstitchblog.com

A gorgeous piece of wall art made of woven rug which is perfect to give your plain boring wall a chic Boho style. The rug is decorated with some yarn cuts and you can create any shapes that you love. To hang the wall art, use a dowel rod which will also make the wall art look way more rustic in a very adorable way.

Easy Macrame Coasters

DIY Boho Decor 13
Source: curlymade.pt

If you would like to give your coffee or dining table a Boho touch, then this DIY Boho decor should be on your top list. It shows how to create macrame coasters that you can get done easily. They don’t only beautify the table but also protect the finish from ugly water rings.

Gorgeous Letter Vase

DIY Boho Decor 14
Source: ohsokel.com

These vases look so adorable with their letter shapes. The letters are decorated with spray paint that even enhances the attractiveness of the vases. You can always choose your favorite word to display in your living room with your favorite flowers.

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Rope Cylinder Planter

DIY Boho Decor 15
Source: @jburling4

Succulents will totally make your Bohp decor look more adorable by adding natural tones and textures. Give your succulents beautiful homes as shown in this idea in which you just have to wrap the planters with ropes. If you want to make the planters look more colorful, you can paint the ropes with paint.

Colorful Wall Decor

DIY Boho Decor 16
Source: @omnia3586

Yarns or strings are the main materials to create these pieces of wall decor. The yarns or strings are dyed to create a more colorful look. The design of the wall decor will give a distinctively decorative touch to the overall look of your Boho bedroom or living room without costing you a lot at all.

Rope Tire Table

DIY Boho Decor 17
Source: @arinavatov

Some of you may not be aware that this gorgeous coffee table is actually made of an old tire and big ropes. You just have to find a used tire and wrap it neatly with the ropes. If you are willing enough, you can add a round glass as the tabletop but even without the glass, the table will still amaze all the coming guests.

Tall Decorative Leaves

DIY Boho Decor 18
Source: @yeraldinmedina7

If you are looking for a DIY Boho decor item to beautify the gloomy corner of your living room, you can’t skip this idea, for sure. The leaves are made of natural fibers like jute, raffia, and satin ribbon. A tall cylinder glass vase with gorgeous paintings keeps the leaves perfectly.

Chic Earthy Vase

DIY Boho Decor 19
Source: pinterest.com

To create this adorable Boho base, the main materials that you need to prepare are a glass bottle, wood skewers, and small ropes. Those materials make a beautiful vase that is perfect to complete your Boho-styled rooms. Some colorful flowers will be great to decorate the vase that will freshen the room at the same time.

Macrame Floating Shelf

DIY Boho Decor 20
Source: @kaylaesnider

Floating shelf is always a smart addition to improve the storage of any room inside your house. This floating shelf is made of sleek wood board and macrame. The design is definitely perfect to add a more decorative touch to your living room or bedroom while also providing an additional storage station to keep your favorite items or display some chic decor items.

Decorative Leaves Garland

DIY Boho Decor 21
Source: @kgmacrame

This idea also shows how to decorate an empty wall with decorative leaves made of raffia. But here, the leaves are designed in a more colorful look and hung on a twig. Those materials make a stunning garland that will become the main focal point of your Boho living room or bedroom.

Colorful Feather Garland

DIY Boho Decor 22
Source: rusticanddreamingco.com

Another idea that is perfect for you who are looking for a unique garland to beautify your Boho decor. Here, the garland consists of gorgeous macrame feathers in various colors. The design will give catchy tones and chic textures at the same time that you can create easily without spending a lot of money.

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So those are some beautiful DIY Boho decor items that you can add to your list of inspiration. You don’t have to spend a lot to add some Boho touches to your living room or bedroom now!

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