Kitchen Countertops: 25+ Most Popular Ideas of 2019 for Trendy Decor

Kitchen countertop is one of the most essential parts of the room which makes it a must-have element. Its basic function is to provide a convenient area for you to prepare everything during the cooking time.

There are tons of options when it comes to kitchen countertop which mainly relates to the material which is used to build it. Some popular options are granite, acrylic, marble, laminate, and tile in which each one of them has plus and minus points.

The considerations which will come to your mind when you are choosing a kitchen countertop are mostly about the durability, design, and budget. Of course, it may confuse you to find the right one which really suits your needs and taste.

A kitchen countertop has to be able to face lots of wear and tear since it will be used in a heavy-duty way on regularly. Besides its basic function, a kitchen countertop also becomes one of the focal points of the room which grabs most of the attention.

In other words, you have to choose a kitchen countertop which is durable, reliable, and adorable at the same time in which it has to suit the available budget that you have. Your job is to find the one with good quality both from function and decorative perspective.

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To help you out in finding the right kitchen countertop, check out some inspiring ideas that we have picked just for you below.

Best Kitchen Countertops Ideas

Kitchen Countertop Ideas: Black Laminate Countertop

kitchen countertops 1

Since the laminate countertop is available in various colors, you can easily find tons of options. This one is a black laminate countertop which looks so elegant to decorate your kitchen. It fits well for a kitchen with minimalist modern decorating style.

Kitchen Countertop Ideas: White Granite Countertop

kitchen countertops 2

Granite always becomes a favorite material for a kitchen countertop which gives an exclusive overall look. The one with white finish is a good one which can add a decorative touch to a kitchen with both modern and traditional kitchen in a very beautiful way.

Kitchen Countertop Ideas: Chic Butcherblock Countertop

kitchen countertops 3

For you who want to give a gorgeous earthy touch to your kitchen decor, a butcherblock countertop is a good option to consider. It’s basically a wood countertop which is made of bonded wood strips which is more durable for kitchen activity.

Kitchen Countertop Ideas: White Laminate Countertop

kitchen countertops 4

Since the basic neutral shades are popular for modern home decor, the white laminate countertop can be a good alternative to the black one. It’s a good element to complement an all-white kitchen decor or to brighten up the nuance of the room.

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Kitchen Countertop Ideas: Rustic Wood Countertop

kitchen countertops 5

The authentic look of a wood countertop still makes it chosen by many homeowners up until today. Its gorgeous earthy rustic look will give another style to a modern kitchen and beautify the classic one.

Kitchen Countertop Ideas: Rustic Concrete Countertop

kitchen countertops 6

Besides wood, a concrete countertop is also a good option to give your kitchen decor a stylish rustic touch. Its greyish finish makes it ft to decorate a minimalist kitchen which adds a neutral tone in a more distinctive way.

Kitchen Countertops Ideas: White Ceramic Countertop

kitchen countertops 7

White ceramic tiles can be a good option to style up a modern kitchen decor. Its vintage look can give another style to the room’s overall look. Moreover, it’s also easy to combines with the cabinet in various finishes.

Kitchen Countertops Ideas: White Marble Countertop

kitchen countertops 8

Since an all-white kitchen decor is so popular today, the countertop made of various materials in white finish is so famous, so is the marble one. White marble countertop gives a stunning decorative touch to a kitchen with such decor in a very natural way.

Kitchen Countertops Ideas: White Acrylic Countertop

kitchen countertops 9

A stylish acrylic kitchen countertop in a white finish which will never fail to style up your kitchen decor. It looks brightly inviting which will make it a very catchy focal point inside the room.

Kitchen Countertops Ideas: Stunning Stainless Countertop

kitchen countertops 10

The look of a stainless countertop is always mesmerizing. It’s a good option to decorate a kitchen with a contemporary decorating style which dazzles up the nuance of the room. It will stylishly complement the kitchen appliances with a similar finish.

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Just keep scrolling to find more kitchen countertop ideas to complete your ultimate inspiration list!

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kitchen countertops 12


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Well, that is the list of the best kitchen countertop ideas which become so popular recently. Other choices like marble, quartz, and soapstone are also very considerable. They are chosen by many homeowners due to their durability and beauty which make them so tempting to have.

It can be so confusing to choose one particular kitchen countertop since each option has its own characteristic. You have to choose the one with good quality that you can purchase without spending extra budget. Of course, our list of best kitchen countertop ideas can become a good reference when you are about to remodel your existing kitchen or build a new one.

Below we have some simple tips that will help you to consider which countertop material is the right one for you:

Laminate Countertop

Up until today, laminate is still considered as the most popular option for the kitchen countertop. The main reasons are about its versatility and price tag.

Laminate countertop is available in various patterns and colors to suit your kitchen design. You have to pay only around $15 up to $40 per linear foot for this kind of countertop. However, it’s not really suitable for heavy-duty use and required high maintenance.

Ceramic Tile Countertop

Similar to laminate, you can also find ceramic tile countertop in various colors and patterns. Moreover, it’s also available in various textures and finishes.

The common price for ceramic tile countertop is varied, starting from around $10 to $50 per square foot. Ceramic tile countertop is also massively chosen due to its easy installation that you can do all by yourself which saves the labor cost. Though some ceramic is prone to break, it can be replaced easily.

Solid Surface Countertop

Polyester or acrylic is the main material which is used for the synthetic countertop. It’s available on tons of looks which can also resemble stone, wood, and glass.

The solid surface countertop is known for its durability which suits for heavy duty kitchen. However, the color may fade if it’s exposed by the heat too much. The price is ranged from $50 up to $200.

Wood Countertop

Most homeowners choose wood countertop due to the aesthetic perspective since it can give an authentic earthy touch to your kitchen decor. Some popular kinds of wood are maple, birch, cherry, and mahogany. As a natural material, wood can experience some natural happenings like staining, wrapping, denting, burnt, etc.

Therefore, you have to be willing enough to maintain the look of a wood surface to make it able to use for years. Commonly, the wood countertop is offered at around $50 up to $100 for a linear foot.

Stone Countertop

This the most expensive option for kitchen countertop which is commonly offered at $100 up to $250 per square foot. As you may have known, granite is always everyone’s favorite of stone kitchen countertop.

That expensive price tag is actually so reasonable since stone countertop is the most durable one which can cope with the heavy-duty use of a kitchen. It can handle the heat, liquid, scratch, and other wear and tear. Furthermore, you won’t be bothered by any tricky maintenance.

Stainless Steel Countertop

Commercial kitchen mostly uses stainless countertop due to its durability which can resist heat very well. Then, it’s also easy to maintain, just with the simple wipe. The polymer is often added to the concrete mixture to create a more durable countertop.

The look of a stainless steel countertop is so attractive to complement a kitchen with modern decorating style. The minus point is it’s loud and noisy when it clangs with the kitchen appliances like pans and pots. It’s also offered at quote expensive price range which can cost from $65 up to $125 for a square foot.

Concrete Countertop

This kind of countertop becomes famous recently, it’s a new kind of kitchen countertops which gives a unique combination of rustic touch with a modern twist to the room’s decor.

So now, your job is just to pick the best kitchen countertop idea which suits your needs and taste, then build your dream kitchen now!

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