25+ Most Unique Kitchen Tile Floor Ideas to Try in 2019 | Kitchen Redo

New year is coming, and it’s definitely the best time for you to update the overall look of your kitchen with the fresher nuance.

Yeap, updating the decor of your kitchen is surely a fun thing to do and kind of an obligation for you as the a homeowner. Kitchen works as the hub of a house where you can do lots of joyful activities around besides cooking like having a long chat with friends, reading books, browse some news. and so on.

Therefore, it’s so important for you to always keep the look of your kitchen as beautiful as possible and feels as comforting as possible so everyone will love to stay around. Of course, it relates to the decor of your kitchen which can give certain nuance to the room.

Flooring is one of the most important elements which holds a huge role in influencing the overall look of a kitchen. It takes up most space of the room, so you can always consider changing the tile floor when you are about to update the decor of your beloved kitchen. It will surely gives a significant change in renewing the room’s overall look.

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For your inspiration, here we have picked lots of kitchen tile floor ideas which become so popular recently. They can be a very good reference when you have a plan to redo your kitchen this year.

So, let’s just keep scrolling to check out our best picks of kitchen tile floor ideas!

Best Kitchen Tile Floor Ideas

Hexagon on Wood

kitchen tile 1

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A unique kitchen which combines the concrete tile in hexagon pattern with the rustic wood flooring. Such combination creates a gorgeous rustic overall look in a more distinctive way.

Monochrome Moroccan

kitchen tile 2

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Moroccan tile has become one of the most favorite options when it comes to kitchen flooring. It gives a beautiful decorative look that everyone will surely love.

For a more modern vibe, you can pick the Moroccan tile in black and white color. You can still have the Moroccan nuance in your kitchen which more fits the latest trend.

Concrete Flooring

kitchen tile 3

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Since the popularity of minimalist decorating style keeps increasing, the tile with neutral finish can become your top option. The rectangular tile with natural concrete finish works very well for a minimalist decor, the flooring gives a nice texture but still keeps its simple character.

White Chevron Tile

kitchen tile 4

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This kind of tile can be the good option for you who want to make your minimalist kitchen look more decorative. It’s a white tile with chevron pattern which will give a stylish decorative touch which fits best for modern decorating style.

Washed Wood

kitchen tile 5

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For you who still love to pick wood for your kitchen flooring, you can go with the one in light washed finish to create a more updated look. The finish gives a chic earthy nuance to the decor without making it look too warm.

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Black Decorative Tile

kitchen tile 6

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An elegant kitchen tile which will enhance the beauty of a kitchen without making it look overwhelming. It has a gorgeous pattern which will never fail to style up your very own kitchen.

White Marble

kitchen tile 7

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A beautifully timeless kitchen tile which always glamorizes a decor of a kitchen. White marble tile still works very well to decorate even a modern kitchen. It give a neutral touch but in a more decorative way which makes it fit a minimalist decorating style for sure.

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Natural Stone Tile

kitchen tile 8

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Stone or slate tile is another great option when you want to add an earthy touch to your kitchen decor. It gives a stunning rustic look and will surely make your kitchen flooring an attention grabber.

Striped Flooring

kitchen tile 9

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A very stylish kitchen tile floor idea which will make the decor look decoratively chic. The tiles are arranged in certain formation to create a striped look. You can choose the color combination of the flooring which harmonizes the overall look of the room.

White Beadboard Flooring

kitchen tile 10

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You can choose this kind of flooring to make your kitchen look a little bit traditional. It doesn’t mean that your kitchen will look so out of date, with a right combination of furniture, appliances, and decor items, the white beadboard flooring will make your kitchen look so admirable.

Monochrome Patchwork Tile

kitchen tile 11

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Patchwork tile is always a good option to enhance the attractiveness of your kitchen decor. Instead of choosing the one which looks colorful, you can pick the monochrome patchwork tile. It still gives a nice decorative look but with a more modern vibe.

White Hexagon Tile

kitchen tile 12

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Yeap, hexagon tile is surely an everyone’s favorite when it comes to modern kitchen decor. It adds a catchy modern touch instantly to the room’s overall look. You can choose the white in white finish since it will make your kitchen look brightly decorative and easy to blend with other colors.

Big Square Tile

kitchen tile 13

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The big square kitchen tiles which form a gorgeous diamond pattern look strikingly beautiful here. It surely makes the flooring become the central attention but still keeps the decor’s simplicity very well.

Monochrome Floral Tile

kitchen tile 14

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Floral tile still definitely works to decorate a modern kitchen and the one in monochrome look is the best one to consider. You will still have an attractive nuance but with a more modern characteristic.

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Chevron Wood

kitchen tile 15

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To make a wood flooring look more contemporary, you can choose the one in chevron pattern. It has a natural wood finish which gives a nice earthy color and warm atmosphere inside your kitchen with a very updated nuance.

Black Slate

kitchen tile 16

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An elegant kitchen flooring with black slate tile which is so tempting to copy. The pattern gives a decorative touch which is perfect for an all-white kitchen with a modern decoration.

Soft Moroccan

kitchen tile 17

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Moroccan tile always works really great to make a kitchen look attractively stylish. This one can be an alternative color to the monochrome Moroccan kitchen tile. It looks softer so it fits for you who don’t want your kitchen look too bold.

Terracotta Hexagon Tile

kitchen tile 18

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To bring a rustic yet modern touch, this terracotta hexagon kitchen tile will give the best result. The finish gives a gorgeous Tuscan vibe while the pattern makes it look more contemporary. It also adds a nice bright color with a very warming atmosphere.

Bright Rustic Wood

kitchen tile 19

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The look of this flooring is perfect to complement an all-white kitchen. It gives a nice texture and pattern while still keeps the brightness of an all-white decor very well. The rustic finish of the flooring also gives another style to a modern decor which obviously makes it look way more attractive.

Plain White Flooring

kitchen tile 20

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Of course, a plain white flooring fits perfectly for a modern kitchen since it gives a minimalist touch stunningly. The color of the clooring also makes it easy to combine with other shades. You can use it to harmonize a monochrome decor or to balance the one with colorful overall look.

White and Patchwork Tile

kitchen tile 21

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If you still love the decoratively colorful patchwork tile, you still can choose it to create a modern decor. This idea shows you how to make such tile fits better for a modern kitchen by combining it with white plain tile, The patchwork tile is installed in the center of the heavy-traffic area of the room and becomes the gorgeous attention-grabber.

Contemporary Geometric Tile

kitchen tile 22

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For you who want to add a superbly modern touch to your kitchen decor, this idea is the one that you can’t miss. The tile comes with a geometric pattern in neutral finish. Its 3D illusion totally makes it look distinctively attractive.

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So those are some inspiring kitchen tile ideas that you can use as the ultimate reference when you are about to remodel your very own kitchen. They will totally make your kitchen look so up-to-date which follow the rend of latest home decor.

Just pick the one which really suits your needs, taste, and the existing layout of your kitchen. You can copy how this ideas blend the flooring with all the elements of the room and bring the style to your beloved kitchen right away.

Replacing the kitchen tile is absolutely a great idea when you want to redo the decor. It takes most space of the room which makes it become one of the main focal points.

Therefore, you have to make sure that the tile decorate your kitchen properly or you may end up having a kitchen which looks and feels so inviting. Below, we have some easy and simple tips to choose the best kitchen tile.

Tips to Choose the Best Kitchen Tile

Determine the Style of Your Kitchen

The common rule is that you can harmonize the flooring with the particular decorating style of your kitchen. It’s a good way to create a harmonious overall look inside the room. For instance, you can pick beadboard flooring for the farmhouse decorating style and concrete flooring for rustic decor.

However, there is also a trend which makes the flooring seems juxtaposing with the decoration of the kitchen. The goal of this decorating option is too add a uniquely striking touch to the room. You can easily find that the patchwork tile is used for a minimalist decor for instance.

Choose the Right Color

For the color, you can also either go with the ones which create a harmonious nuance of not. But still, the best rule is to pick the color which goes well with at least one focal point of the room.

Instead using the same color as the walls, it’s so common to choose the flooring with the similar color to the cabinet or backsplash. It will create a nice harmonious decoration which doesn’t look too explicit.

Know the Materials

Each material has its own plus and minus points. To know what kind of material which is best for you, you have to know the environment of your house, cost, and maintenance.

For instance, ceramic tile offers a lot of various color, pattern, and texture that you can choose as you wish. It’s kinda easy to maintain on a regular basis and considered affordable. It also has great durability which can be used in a heavy traffic kitchen.

Then, the vinyl tile is also a budget kind of flooring which comes in many style options and is also very reliable to use for years. It’s usually offered in tile or sheet type.

The point is, beside for decorating purpose, the flooring should has great durability and reliability. It should be able to handle the daily activities which often happen around the kitchen like cooking, baking, and dining. Spills, heat, heavy traffic are some circumstances that the kitchen flooring will space.

Calculate the Cost

If you have a plan to do some improvements for your kitchen, the flooring may take up most of the budget that you have, especially if you choose the expensive material and have a large kitchen. Therefore, you have to determine other things before calculating the cost for the flooring.

Think about how much money that you need to update the furniture, appliances, lighting fixtures, accessories, decor items. After that, you determine the cost for the flooring.

Comfort is Important

Of course, it’s such a waste of money if you decide to purchase an expensive kitchen flooring but it doesn’t provide a great comfort for you. You have to feel comfortable when you step or stand on it.

The flooring can’t be slippery or makes you feel tired when you stand on for a long time. But, you can still rely on the kitchen rug to handle this circumstance.

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