25+ Most Stylish Tumblr Bedroom For Teens Decorating Ideas

A stylish decor is the first thing that a teen bedroom should have. It has to look as attractive as possible and adored by everyone.

To create an admirable bedroom decoration, you have to make each element of the room has such a surprising factor. It includes the bedding, furniture, decor items, and accessories which should be arranged as beautiful as possible.

Decorating a bedroom can surely become a very fun thing to do in which you can use lots of unique stuff inside. It’s very okay to explore with almost everything to style up a teen bedroom. You can either buy some catchy stuff or even make it all by yourself by using easily-available materials.

But still, you also have to think about the comfort of the room. The bedroom decoration is not only about the look, but how it can make your rest time feels good on a daily basis. Therefor you still have to mix and match all the elements of the room properly, or you may end up having an uninviting bedroom.

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Here, we share you dozens of catchy tumbler bedroom ideas that will surely inspire you to have one!

Best Tumblr Bedroom for Teens

Sparkling Shelves

tumblr bedroom for teens 1

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The corner floating shelves in this tumblr bedroom for teens don’t only work as the space saving storage, but also one of the most attractive focal points of the decor. It comes with the recessed light and will make your beloved decor items look striking day and night.

Chic Corner

tumblr bedroom for teens 2

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This idea shows a simple way to make your bedroom decor looks more attractive. You just need to draw a triangle on one corner of the rooms.

Swing Chair

tumblr bedroom for teens 3

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A swing chair is surely a great addition which will enhance the look and comfort of a bedroom. Here, a white rattan swing chair is hung from the wood construction on the ceiling which makes the room look distinctively admirable. (Read also Cheap Bedroom Sets Under $500).

Tumblr Light with Photos

tumblr bedroom for teens 4

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One side of the walls of this tumblr bedroom for teens is decorated by lots of string light which makes it as an attention grabber of the room. Then, some photos complete the light which makes it even more adorable.

Lighten Canopy

tumblr bedroom for teens 5

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You just need to prepare a sheer curtain and string light to make this mesmerizing canopy. It doesn’t only bring the style of your bedroom decor to a whole new level but also provides a little bit more privacy.

Geometric Wall

tumblr bedroom for teens 6

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In this tumblr bedroom for teens, one side of the walls is painted with geometric patterns in various colors. It surely makes the room look so fabulous that you can try easily at home. This idea works best for a bedroom with neutral overall look.

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Striped Wall

tumblr bedroom for teens 7

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If you want to make your bedroom look so stylish in an instant, a striped wall is one of the best options that you can try. You can either paint the wall or apply a wallpaper with such look.

Pallet Headboard

tumblr bedroom for teens 9

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Wood pallet has become so popular recently as the material of so many surprising DIY projects. You can use the pallet to make a headboard just like this idea shows. Then, decorate it with a string light easily.

Starry Wall

tumblr bedroom for teens 10

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A cheap idea for you who want to create a tumblr bedroom for teens which is so tempting to copy. You just need to decorate the wall with fluorescent wall decal which is available in the market.

 Monochrome Decor

tumblr bedroom for teens 13

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A chic tumblr bedroom for teens with black and white as its main color. The combination of those two shades always create an stylish overall look. Then, the wood flooring adds a warm look and gives a more comforting vibe.

Chic Attic Bedroom

tumblr bedroom for teens 12

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If you are about to decorate your narrow attic bedroom, you can use this idea for your inspiration. Here, the walls are painted in grey which creates a modern minimalist look with the soothing neutral nuance. Then, the string light decorates the wall behind the bed which is made to be the focal point of the room.

Scandinavian Touch

tumblr bedroom for teens 14

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A simple huge fabric with Scandinavian print adds another style to this tumblr bedroom for teens in a very simple way. It matches the color combination of the bedding attractively. Some string lights are also installed around the fabric to make it look much catchier.

Light Up the Ceiling

tumblr bedroom for teens 15

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Decorating the ceiling is one of the easiest ways to enhance the attractiveness of a tumbler bedroom for teens. In this idea, the string lights decorate the edge of the ceiling and corners of the walls which make its decor look so enchanting.

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Pallet Bedding

tumblr bedroom for teens 16

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A bedding with the pallet platform becomes a unique focal point in this beautifully bright bedroom. The color combination of the pallet finish and the bed cover makes it even look gorgeous. Some indoor plants simply add catchy color touch to the room’s decor.

Monochrome Chic

tumblr bedroom for teens 17

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A black and white striped duvet looks so attractive in this all-white tumblr bedroom for teens. Then, a huge wall art, gold contemporary chandelier, and gold polka-dot wallpaper adds a more stylish touch which is so tempting to copy.

Shades of Grey

tumblr bedroom for teens 18

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Soft grey colorizes all sides of the wall in this tumblr bedroom for teens which create a gorgeous neutral overall look. The bedding in similar color gives a nicely harmonious touch and those pillows adds more colors and patters in a very stylish way.

Modern Scandinavian

tumblr bedroom for teens 19

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The earthy and ethnic elements create an admirable Bohemian vibe here. White is chose as the main color which makes the room look so bright with a very warm atmosphere. A big window lets the outdoor light to come to the room and even brighten it up perfectly.

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Messy in Style

tumblr bedroom for teens feature

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This tumblr bedroom for teens fit for you who love decluttered kind of decor. Lots of various chic stuff fill the room and create a stylish overall look though with its messy arrangement. Thanks to its neutral overall look which keeps the room look soothing.

Two-Tones Decorative Wall

tumblr bedroom for teens 20

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The combination of black and white in this tumbr bedroom for teens with its decorative accent totally makes it look more attractive. It has a nice color, texture, and pattern which is totally inspiring to copy.

Rustic in White

tumblr bedroom for teens 21

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A wallpaper with white bare briick print adds a rustic touch in a more modern style to this tumblr bedroom for teens. The bedding, furniture, accessories, and decor items also come in white to make it harmoniously gorgeous. The huge black wall art ten gives a bolder touch elegantly.

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Well, those are some inspiring tumblr bedroom for teens ideas that you can use as the ultimate inspiration. They look so attractive with their catchy decoration that will surely catch everyone’s attention. The decor also creates a captivating atmosphere that will make you love to stay inside for a long time.

Most of those ideas use the DIY decor items which become the main factor in making its attractive overall look which you can try at home all by yourself. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to have stylish and chic teen bedroom decor since you can use some cheap or even repurposed stuff for its decoration.

You just have to make each decor item blends beautifully by paying attention to the room,s color, style, texture, and pattern. The main key to creating a fabulous bedroom decor is always about the harmonious look or you may end up having a bedroom which looks and feels so uninviting.

A tumblr bedroom mostly look so festive with its decoration which can make it look quite overwhelming. Below, we have some simple tips to avoid such case:

  • Use neutral shade – The first thing that you can consider to make a festive decor look admirable is using the neutral shades as the main color of the room. White or light grey will give a soft overall look and balance the nuance of the decor.
  • Install a glass window – At least, the room should have one window to let the outdor light brighten it up and make sure that the air circulate properly. It will make the room feel airy.
  • Place some mirrors – They are great to create a wider impression in the room. Therefore,they work really well to decorate a small bedroom

Just pick the best idea that suits your need, taste, and the existing layout of your bedroom now!

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