20+ Most Beautiful Louvered Fence Ideas to Decorate Your Home

When it comes to backyard decoration, a fence is one of the essential things that you have to keep in mind. It has lots of benefits that will make your home look and feel more inviting at the same time.

As you may have known, the main function of a fence is to provide security and privacy so you can do lots of joyful things in your outdoor living space comfortably. It creates a border between your place an the neighborhood properly.

Then, the backyard fence is designed in several styles which make it become a focal point to enhance the attractiveness of your home decor. Moreover, you can find thousands of beautiful fence designs to decorate your backyard.

A louvered fence is a gorgeous option that you can keep in mind when you are looking for the good fence design. It’s basically a fence with horizontal slats which are stacked in an angled style.

The design of a louver fence doesn’t only look admirable but also allows you to have a more comfortable atmosphere around your backyard. Its angled slats let the air to circulate properly which makes the area feel much airier even it’s surrounded by the tall fence.

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For your ultimate inspiration, below we have picked dozens of tempting louver fence ideas that you will totally adore.

Best Louvered Fence Ideas

Louvered Fence Ideas: Rustic Vintage Design

louvered fence 1


A gorgeous fence in a natural finish which fits for you who love rustic stuff. The fence comes with the built-in outdoor lights in vintage style which complement its rustic look perfectly.

Louvered Fence Ideas: Airy Rustic Fence

louvered fence 2


This fence will let the air to circulate better with the wider gaps of its design. Some planks are arranged in a different style which allows the ample air to come in and allow the convenient sight-seeing.

Louvered Fence Ideas: Fence and Shade

louvered fence 3


For you who want to have a more sophisticated fence, this idea can be a good reference to try. The fence comes with the built-in shade which can filter the sun exposure very well. For sure, your backyard will look and feel way more inviting.

Louvered Fence Ideas: Chic Accent Fence

20+ Most Beautiful Louvered Fence Ideas to Decorate Your Home


A simple fence which works for a decorative purpose. It’s installed on the concrete fence which enhances its attractiveness and provides better privacy for the outdoor living space area.

Louvered Fence Ideas: Gorgeous Wood Fence

louvered fence 5


Here, the louver panels and horizontal panel are combined, creating an admirable design. The height of the fence is not really tall which makes it work well for a narrow backyard.

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Louvered Fence Ideas: Wood and Concrete Fence

louvered fence 6


In this idea, the louver panel is used to beautify a concrete fence. It’s installed on the top of the concrete structure which gives a more natural touch to its overall look. Moreover, greeneries even planted behind the fence to give a fresher vibe.

Louvered Fence Ideas: Beautiful White Fence

louvered fence 7


If those fences in natural finishes don’t suit your taste, this idea should be on your top list then. The fence is finished in white which makes it look more attractive and fit the home with modern decorating style beautifully.

Louvered Fence Ideas: Rustic White Fence

louvered fence 8


Another inspiring idea in which the louvered panel is only used an additional to a concrete fence and this one looks more rustic with its exposed brick look. The white louvered panel is installed on top of a concrete fence with a rustic brick surface which makes it look way more attractive.

Louvered Fence Ideas: Minimalist Vinyl Fence

louvered fence 9


This fence is used wood for the frame and vinyl for the louvered planks. It’s finished in grey and black which will complement your modern minimalist exterior area. Moreover, the fence can be adjusted as you wish to control the air and light level.

Louvered Fence Ideas: Modern Earthy Fence

louvered fence 10


The black vinyl louver panels are installed on the concrete fence in a beige finish which looks so stylish. Such combination creates a modern look which blends harmoniously with the natural surrounding of the backyard.

Louvered Fence Ideas: Simple Earthy Fence

louvered fence 11


A gorgeous fence in espresso finish decorates this backyard which flows beautifully with its natural surrounding. Moreover, some greeneries are planted in front of the fence which gives a catchier tone.

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Just keep scrolling to find more louvered fence ideas to complete your ultimate inspiration list!

louvered fence 12



louvered fence 13



louvered fence 14



louvered fence 15


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louvered fence 16



louvered fence 17



louvered fence 18



louvered fence 19


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Well, those are the best louver fence ideas that we have picked just for you. They are so worth to add to your reference when you are about to decorate your outdoor living space.

The louvered fence is always a good option to consider since it doesn’t only look attractive but also makes your backyard feel more enjoyable. Of course, the list will help you to find the best louver fence which really suits your needs and taste.

You can have the louver fence which looks more natural by choosing the one with a natural finish and without any additional materials. The louvered panel which is made of vinyl or steel instead of wood and work as an addition to a concrete fence can be a good alternative for you who want a more modern and durable fence.

Just pick the best idea and build your own louvered fence now!

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