25+ Best Vinyl Fencing Ideas of 2018 for Ultimate Inspiration

A fence is surely one of the obligatory things which every homeowner have to build to complete their exterior. You cana��t say that you already have a proper house without any fences securing your outdoor living space.

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There are various materials which are common to build a fence. Vinyl, wood, aluminum, and wrought iron always become the popular choices when it comes to fencing.

Each of the material will give you different plus and minus point, and knowing their character deeply will help you to find the one that you need. Ita��s so important to examine their characteristics before you decide to go with the particular material.

Up until today, vinyl is still one of the most admired fence materials. Ita��s so understandable since vinyl is durable, reliable and adorable at the same time.

Yes, this fabricated material is more durable when ita��s compared to wood. You will not experience any rot or shrink when you choose vinyl over the wood.

Furthermore, vinyl fence is available in numerous design and style that will perfectly enhance the beauty of your exterior. Some say that vinyl fence keeps the beauty of a wood fence in with a more durable capability to look well for years.

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Here, we have picked some inspiring best vinyl fencing ideas of 2018 for your reference when you are about to build such fence for your property. They dona��t only provide great security and privacy but give another style to your home as well.

Leta��s just keep scrolling to see what we have collected just for you!

Best Vinyl Fencing Ideas of 2018

Keep the Grain

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As has been discussed before that a vinyl fence is a great solution for you who want to add the beauty of a wood fence to your backyard but in a more durable way. Here, the finish of the vinyl fence resembles the look of the wood very well due to its grain touch.

The color blends naturally with the outdoor surroundings and also gives your home a nice earthy look.

Gothic Picket

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This best vinyl fencing is perfect for a security purpose with its spiky picket. The design also provides good privacy while still let the air flows through.

Its pillar-styled posts make the overall look of the fence become way more beautiful.

Ornamental Vinyl Fence

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At the first glance, you may think that this fence is the aluminum one, but ita��s actually made of vinyl. Its ornamental design looks so stunning to give your property another style.

As the name implies, this kind of fence is designed mostly for the decorative purpose to enhance the attractiveness of your outdoor living space.

Two-Tone Finish

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A unique vinyl fence which is finished in two shades for your ultimate best vinyl fencing inspiration. The combination of matte white and brown of the fence creates a naturally minimalist look which is so admirable.

With such finish and design, this fence will match well both for the traditional or modern house.

Play with the Top

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Decorating the top of the fence is surely a great idea to make it look way more attractive. In this best vinyl fencing, the top is designed in curvy style with the lattice top.

This idea surely inspires us how to make a common vinyl fence to look so adorable to style up our property.

Add the Glass

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This is absolutely a clever vinyl fence design that will bring the style of your beloved home to a whole new level. The fence is actually designed in a simple way but its frosted glass top makes it so gorgeous.

The design of this best vinyl fencing provides great safety and security for the homeowner in a very awesome way. Also, its beige finish makes it look distinctively stunning.

Finish with Black

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If you think a white vinyl fence looks too boring, well this one can be your great inspiration. Yeap, the design of this fence may look so common, but when ita��s finished with black, it looks way more stylish.

This best vinyl fencing will such an elegant touch to your outdoor living space luxuriously.

Blend with Nature

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Choosing a naturally-designed fence is always a great idea to create a harmonious look of your exterior and outdoor surrounding. This best vinyl fencing shows you how to have such fence in a more distinctive way.

Here, the vinyl actually just works as a topper of a rocky wall which acts as the primary border of the backyard. Then, the greeneries in front of the wall colorize the overall look of the fence naturally.

Vintage with Brick

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The best vinyl fencing which combines the vinyl and brick in one design for you who love to give a vintage touch to your exterior. The fence is placed on top of the brick base which creates such a gorgeous combination.

The brick is left unfinished which males the entire fence look beautifully vintage and blends with the natural surrounding very well.

Weave the Panel

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A unique backyard fence which is totally worth to include in your best vinyl fencing ideas. Its woven design look so attractive that will surely become the major focal point of your house.

Instead of the dazzling white shade, this fence is finished in an off-white one to make it look more elegant.

Grey Classic Fence

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Going with a classic fence is never a bad idea since it always looks beautifully timeless, and this one can be your ultimate inspiration. Ita��s the best vinyl fencing in picket style and gray finish which looks so mesmerizing to copy.

By this kind of fence, you will get a stunning vintage layout which makes your house look so stylish.

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Stylish Vinyl Fencing

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A very beautiful vinyl fence with 3 finishes combination which is grey, white and green to perfectly style up your outdoor space. It has the catchy lattice accent which makes the overall look of fence look more admirable.

The gat is designed with curvy to add another style to this fence design. Ita��s surely an inspiring best vinyl fencing ideas for you who are looking a fashionable fence which provides great privacy.

Go Bold with Vibrant

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Yeap, this year is the bold vibrant color is one of the most popular themes for home dA�cor, and opting such style for your fence is surely a good idea. Here, a superbly attractive vinyl fence with the combination of bright blue and white is totally inspiring to copy.

You can see how the fence attractively gives another touch to this backyard and brighten up its layout.

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Stunning Red

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Another great inspiration for you who want to give a bold statement to your exterior layout. This vinyl fence is finished in red which resembles the look of the redwood fence a little bit.

With such finish, you also bring a touch of Asian dA�cor to your property.

Combine with Nature

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The best vinyl fencing which uniquely combines the fence with trees to decorate your outdoor living space. The two-tone fence panel in shades of brown is separated by the mini spruce which looks distinctively natural.

It can your great inspiration when you are looking for a unique fence to give a natural accent to the exterior of your house.

Blue Picket Fence

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An easy way to make a classic fence looks more attractive is by giving such a distinctive finish, and this one is surely a nice inspiration to try. The picket fence is finished in matte blue which looks so admirable.

It makes a classic fence which seems out of date to become stunningly catchy.

Multifunction Vinyl fence

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This one combines two different styles of fence design which also provides different purposes. Its picket fence on the other side is not only built to secure the yard, but also decorate it, while the screen provides great privacy.

The fence is finished in gray which flows beautifully with brushes and trees around.

Gorgeously Rustic

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Another nice combination of brick and vinyl in one fence design which so inspiring to copy.A� It uses the white vinyl panels with beautiful lattice top which are attached to the brick base and posts.

The bricks are finished in an earthy look to add such a rustic touch to this housea��s exterior.

Lattice Vinyl Fence

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A simply admirable fence which is totally worth to be of your best vinyl fencing ideas list. This is a lattice style fence in white to fit your needs of a gorgeous decorative fence while still provides a good privacy.

Yeap, the trees which are placed just right behind the fence cover the hoe of the fence to create a more private surrounding.

Trellis Topper

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The inspiring best vinyl fencing which is surely tempting to have especially for you who love minimalist dA�cor for your backyard. Its white and grey finish will create a modern touch in your outdoor living space beautifully.

Then, to make it more attractive, the trellis top is attached to the fence which also shades some area of this yard.

Grey Washed Vinyl Fence

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If you are looking for a rustic best vinyl fencing yet look more modern, this one can be one of the best inspirations to copy. The fence is finished is in grey with the wood grain touch which makes it look gorgeously washed.

Its white posts and frame complete the fence to brighten up your backyard attractively.

DIY Best Vinyl Fencing

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This one should be definitely included in your ideas list when you have a plan to build your own fence by yourself. The main materials that youa��ll need to build this fence are wood and vinyl sheet in lattice style.

As you may have noticed, the fence works as a secondary border, so it can be a good reference for a DIY decorative fence.

Brick Wall with Vinyl Topper

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Ita��s definitely one of the best vinyl fencing ideas to provide the great security and privacy in your backyard. Again, it adopts the combination of brick and vinyl look to create another style to this outdoora��s space overall look.

The vinyl part only works as the accent to beautify and create a better privacy this rustic brick wall.

Unique Brick and Vinyl Fence

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For sure, the combination of brick and vinyl seem like the most popular option when you are looking for the best vinyl fencing ideas of 2018. Ita��s so understandable since brick beautifully gives a natural-rustic touch to the vinyl fence which always suits the outdoor space surroundings.

Here, the vinyl fence with louver top is combined with the big unfinished bricks which actually works as the fencea��s panel.

Floral Vinyl Fence

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Ita��s actually a classic vinyl fence yet the flowers which are placed on the fence totally brings it to a whole new level of style. They colorize the fence in a naturally stunning way which is so tempting to try.

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So those are some mesmerizing best vinyl fencing ideas that will surely inspire your exterior remodeling project plan. Choose the one that matches well with the overall look of your house to get an inviting layout.

Ita��s never a bad idea to go with vinyl over the other fencing materials since ita��s more durable and reliable. Vinyl fence is also more affordable comparing to wrought iron with almost similar lifespan.

One quick tips, determine the goal that you want to get before deciding to pick a particular design. Whether you want your fence to provide great security and privacy or just for decorative purpose.

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Moreover, vinyl fence is much easier to maintain regularly without any tricky steps. You just need to wash it on regular basis to keep it look dazzling, therea��s no need to re-stain or repaint.

Vinyl is always one of the best options when you are choosing the material for your outdoor fence. Its great ability to deal with harsh outdoor environment becomes everyonea��s favorite.

Well then, happy building your vinyl fence for your outdoor living space.

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