Welded Wire Fence: 12 Best Inspiration For Your Home Improvement

The fence is an important part of our home, it is the very first gate to our lovely home. One of the most used ones is welded wire fence. However, sometimes its hard to find inspiration and ideas for a fence, especially the welded wire fence.

There are a lot of references out there, but finding the suitable one for your home can be a little bit difficult because every home is unique. Some fences which look great for one home can look terrible in the other home.

To assist you to findA�the best welded wire fence we will provide you a huge list of inspiration that you can try for your home sweet home.

Welded Wire Fence

Solid Wire Fence


This solid look fence which is a perfect choice for you who have traditional looking home. Then, its design looks so amusing. You can easily feel the strong calming atmosphere if you use this welded wire fence for your home.

Furthermore, you should choose the right material for this lovely fence. It’s so crucial because you must avoid corrosion to make your fence look last-longer. Then, you should choose the strong wood to ensure everything is perfect.

For finishing, you can paint it with natural and simple color. To conclude, this is a great choice for your semi-modern home and make it look it even better.

Elegant Welded Wire Fence


For you who want to boost your home outlook, this fence can be your best choice to improve your lovely home. It is a perfect match for a modern house that wants to have a natural atmosphere on the outside. Then, you should find the best combination of steel wire and solid wood to create this high-quality fence.

The best thing about it the simplicity and can be the perfect combination with a small garden. If you want an elegant looking home, you can choose this lovely fence that can create a calm sensation in your home.

Casual Fence


If you want your house looks so charming and causal this welded wire fence can be your the answer to your needs. If you want to improve your home greatly, this fence can make your home look much better. Then, you should choose the right material (again).

A solid material will increase your fence durability and make it looks more luxurious. Furthermore, you should carefully choose the right color to ensure it can match nicely with your home. Make sure everything looks great and you are good to go. To conclude, this fence is suitable for your backyard and can make it look so casual.

Elegant Welded Wire Fence


The beautiful welded wire fence in an unfinished look for you who love something rustic. This stylish fence can be a great choice for you who want to improve your home significantly. It has a vintage style which is perfect for your modern backyard.

Then, by combining with a nice garden you can have a perfect backyard for your family. Make sure you choose the right material for this fence. It is an important aspect of your home and you should find the best wire; stainless steel is the choice because of its durability but metal is good if you pain it with a high-quality metal paint.

In short, if you want to have a fancy house you can start it with a great fence that makes your home looks so nice.

Charming Backyard Fence


Another wire fence for your lovely home which has an elegant design that makes it looks so charming and relaxing. The combination of the beautiful garden can make your home look even better. Furthermore, by using this fence in your home you can feel a stronger natural feeling that can make your home feels so relaxing.

What we love the most about this fence is its simplicity which can make your backyard looks amazing. Then, you should choose the best material to ensure you get the best fence. In short, if you need a natural looking home this fence is the best choice for you.

Simple Welded Wire Fence

cool welded wire fence

The best thing about wire fence is you can make it on your own. It is so easy and doesn’t spend a lot of your money and time, and this is one of the examples of an easy-looking. This type of fence is great for your backyard yet won’t look pretty at your front gate.

You should consider the material choice wisely and maintain it by giving the finishes to avoid the corrosion. To conclude, a nice fence doesn’t have to be expensive and complicated. With the right material, you can make a nice and simple fence for your backyard.

Nice and Pretty Fence


For you who have a classic-exterior home, this solid and stylish fence can be your choice to improve your home greatly. This lovely face can be the great choice if you want a simplicity in your home.

By combining with a right plantation you can make your home looks so nice from the outside. You should concern about the material carefully because it is the most crucial part of building a great fence.

Stainless steel is the best material for a welded wire fence. It will ensure you have a long-lasting fence that can make your home look better. All in all, you can have a nice-looking fence for your home if you choose the right material.

Elegant Welded Wire Fence


For you who need an engaging backyard, an elegant welded wire fence is a must. It can increase the calmness of your backyard easily. Then with a nice and pretty combination of flowers, you can obtain a pretty backyard for your family.

Furthermore, you should choose the right material to ensure you have a high-quality fence which is solid and grant you long-lasting security. It is crucial to have a fence in your backyard to ensure your kid’s safety while they play in the backyard. In short, you can increase your backyard greatly if you have a nice and stylish fence.

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Friendly Looking Welded Wire Fence


Having a fence can separate you with the neighborhood, but if you have the right fence you can still have a nice conversation with your neighbor. Then, the welded wire fence is the right solution for that.

Fortunately, you can make it by yourself, it is easy and doesn’t require a specific skill. If you have the right equipment and have the right material, you are good to go. We can stress this enough, finding the right wire material is so essential for this kind of fence.

Stainless steel wire can grant you a long-lasting fence for you and your family. All in all, having a friendly-looking fence is not hard, you can do it by yourself and have a nice fence that will make your home looks much better.

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Artistic Welded Wire Fence

image source

Another great fence for you who always let your dog running around your backyard. It can be nice if you place it in your backyard to ensure your dog has its own space. You should contact a contractor to build this artistic fence because it is quite hard to create its wooden border.

You can choose a metal wire as the alternative of a stainless wire. Then, by combining with a solid wood, without a doubt you can have a fancy backyard for your family to spend a quality time together. In addition. you can place nice and pretty flowers in your backyard.

In short, to have a pretty backyard doesn’t have to be hard and complicated with a nice mix and match you can create a solid backyard for your home.

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Cozy Welded Wire Fence


If you have a spacious backyard, then a wire fence is the great solution to make your backyard looks much wider. Then, you can add plants to make your backyard looks engaging. Solid pine wood can be the great choice for the border.

By combining the wood with solid wire, you can have a nice and lovely backyard in no time. Furthermore, you can ensure your family’s safety if you have a solid fence in your home. However, if you plan to create a fence like this, you should use aA�contractor to build this fence for you.

Unlike the other fence above, this welded wire fence is quite hard to create by yourself. To conclude, this fence is perfect for you who have a large backyard.

Welded Wire Fence with Lattice


The last but not the least is a calm and sweet fence for your backyard. It has an artistic lattice top that can make your home looks more friendly. Made of metal wire will make the fence solid, but it can easily break because of the corrosion, you should maintain it by finishing it with a high-quality metal paint.

Furthermore, the wood material choice can be a huge factor of a this welded wire fence. Make sure you choose a strong wood that can ensure you a solid fence for your lovely home. In short, it is not hard to improve your backyard, by using a simple fence you can have a nice and welcoming-looks home.

DIY Welded Wire Fence

Welded wire fence or so-called mesh fence is one of the famous options for the homeownersA�who need a more economical and practical fence to secure their backyard. This kind of fence is mainly used to secure dogs when you don’t want to chain them and let them run around your backyard freely.

Compared to other types of fencing like vinyl, wood, or iron, the welded wire fence is much more affordable to install. Yes, it doesn’t provide great security for you, but it’s enough to protect your backyard from some unwanted events.

Moreover, the welded wire fence is much easier to install, you can even need to hire professional contractors to set this fence in your backyard. Then, this circumstance also leads you to save more budget in its practical side.

From beautifying aspect, the welded wire fence can be friendly combined with some greeneries or flowers. Besides enhancing the look of its casual style, placing the plantations in front or the behind the welded wire fence also provides you better privacy.

The welded wire fence is also known for its durability, it’s made of the solid material which is safe to use for years. With those advantages, there is no reason to consider welded wire fence to secure your backyard.

Here, we have a brief tutorial for you to install a DIY welded wire fence in your backyard.

Welded Wire Fence Tutorial

welded wire fence-0-min

Things that you’ll need to prepare:

  1. Rolls of Welded Wire Fence
  2. T-Posts
  3. Wire Ties
  4. Spray Paint

Tools that you’ll need to prepare:

  1. Sledgehammer or post driver

Steps that you’ll need to prepare:

  1. Determine the location where you want to install the fence, place the first stake to determine the corner of the fence, use spray paint o mark the distance from one post to another. The common distance is usually from 5 to 8 feet apart.
  2. Lay the T-Post on the spots that you have marked, then pound each post by using sledgehammer or fence driver into the ground. Make sure the post is secured well.
  3. Unroll the welded wire roll, you will need a help to do this step to hold the roll tightly and attach the wire to the post with the wore ties.
  4. Remember to tie the wire very tightly to make it secured well. TieA�it at the top, middle and bottom part of the post.
  5. There you have your DIY welded wire fence ready!

If you need the gate, you can either buy the fabricated one or made by yourself by using wood and mesh fence. You can also pour some gravels around the fence to make it look more adorable to match your backyard’s surrounding

You don’t need any particular skill to build the welded wire fence at your home. With a little bit of a help from your friend, you get the fence done in no time.

The cost of this project is fairly affordable, and if you maintain the fence well, it can stand sturdy and look good for years.

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