20+ Most Inspiring Smart Bed Ideas for a Small Bedroom Solution

The hardest problem to solve when you have a small narrow bedroom is of course about the space. This is surely kind of serious issue that needs to be solved, and one thing to do is by carefully choosing the furniture that you will place.

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You have to choose a space-saving, convenient, and ergonomic bedroom furniture which have to suit your basic needs. In short, you have to find the most effective bedroom additions in order to have the cozy room with its small space.

As we all know that the bed is surely the main focal point of every bedroom, so starting to find a bed which can make your small bedroom feels cozy enough is a great idea. There are lots of creative contemporarists which have produced so-called a�?smart beda�� to fulfill such dream.

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Here, we have picked some inspiring smart bed ideas for a small bedroom solution which will surprise you. They can be such an ultimate reference for you to have a narrow bedroom which is so cozy to enjoy.

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Smart Bed Ideas For Small Room Solution

Bed with Full Closet

smart bed ideas 7-min

A surprising combination of bed and closet in one design which will be a great addition to every small bedroom. This smart bed ideas is designed with built-in closet underneath the bed and shelves on its sides.

You can literally walk through its full closet to pick your clothes conveniently when the bed is raised up. Ita��s such an ultimate smart bed idea which is so tempting to have

Folded Bunk Bed

smart bed ideas 2-min

This one is a bunk bed which can be folded up when ita��s not in use. You can a�?roll it upa��, whenever you need the bed then fold it into the wall when you get done.

Ita��s a simple yet useful smart bed ideas to keep your small bedroom look neatly inviting since it doesna��t take lots of space.

Bunk Bed to Cabinet

smart bed ideas 8

Another inspiring smart bed ideas in the bunk design which can be turned into a cabinet in an instant. When not in use, this bed can save the space of your tiny bedroom by turning into a slim cabinet.

Bunk Bed to Sofa

smart bed ideas 9a

smart bed ideas 9b-min

A two-in-one bedroom furniture solution which is totally worth to include in your small bedroom remodel inspiration list. Again, ita��s a bunk bed which can be turned into a sofa to ease you to have a convenient furniture for a tiny bedroom.

A Bed in an Office

smart bed ideas 3-min

Here, the bed is combined with a long desk which can be used as the cozy working spot. The bed is hidden behind the desk back wall, and the desk will slide down when you open the bed.

Ita��s surely a smart bed ideas which will suit everyA�needA�of a hard worker.

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Study Bed

smart bed ideas 4

Almost similar to the previous smart bed ideas, this one is also a clever collaboration of a study or work desk with a cozy bed. The back of the desk hides the bed effectively and you just need to open by the time you finish your study time.

The desk will turn into an open shelf underneath the bed when you flip it down, so you dona��t have to clean up your stuff when youa��re about to enjoy the mattress.

Decorative Bed with Desk

smart bed ideas 10a-min

Another smart bed ideas with bed and desk design for you who want to have a more decorative and minimalist one. You just need to flip down the cabinet behind its simple desk to reveal the mattress.

smart bed ideas 10b-min

The two compartments cabinet with sliding door completes the bed to provide extra storage.

Effective-Storage Bed

smart bed ideas 11-min

A mesmerizing smart bed ideas with lots of various storages to neatly arrange your bedroom stuff. It has a long cabinet, floating shelves, and space to mount a flat TV.

The bed is put inside the wall-mounted box which can be open easily every time you need to.

Bed in Cupboard

smart bed ideas 3a-min

This one is a simple yet smart solution for you who have a small bedroom. The mattress is placed on top of the support which also works as the cupboard door.

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Hidden Deep Storage

smart bed ideas 12-min

A simple smart bed ideas with a hidden storage underneath which you can easily build at home. The storage is quite deep and ita��s divided into two compartments so you can put lots of stuff inside.

Queen Bed with Storages

smart bed ideas 13-min

A queen-sized bed with the functional frame which works as spacious storages to store your bedroom stuff neatly. The storage is built underneath the bed which so wide, and the shelves in its sides.

Bed with Drawers

smart bed ideas 14-min

In this smart bed ideas, lots of drawers are built on the side of the bed to provide convenient storages in one place. Your bedroom stuff will be hidden neatly with this kind of bed.

Bunk Bed with Drawers

smart bed ideas 15-min

Still similar to the preceding smart bedroom ideas, this one is also designed with some drawers around. They are built in the lower part and the staircase of the bed beautifully.

Bed with Dressing Desk

smart bed ideas 16-min

An awesome smart bed ideas in which its support can be turned into a desk whenever you fold it. Then, it has a hidden mirror underneath so you can use it as a spot to get yourself ready in your bedroom.

Folding Up Bed

smart bed ideas 17-min

This smart bed ideas combine the bed, sofa and open shelf in one design. Once you raise the bed, the hidden sofa will be revealed, a great two-in-one bedroom furniture solution which is definitely inspiring to try.

You can store the bed into the space behind the sofa conveniently. Then, the shelf will become a floating-style one which can be a good spot to display some dA�cor items.

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Sofa to Bunk Bed

smart bed ideas 20-min

The stylish sofa which can be transformed into a bunk bed in no time to include in your inspiring smart bed ideas list. Its beautifully stylish design will create such an attractive touch to your bedroom dA�cor while also saves the rooma��s space a lot.

Roll-Out Bed Frame

smart bed ideas 18-min

An amazing smart bed ideas to save the space of your bedroom space, this one is a bed frame which can be easily rolled when you dona��t need to use it. The frame will be seamlessly hidden inside a cabinet.

Stackable Bed

smart bed ideas 19-min

If you are looking for a unique smart bed ideas, this one can be one of the great inspirations. Ita��s a set of two sleek beds which are stackable.

You can use one of them when you dona��t have any guest to sleep in your bedroom.

3-in-One Smart Bed

smart bed ideas 1-min

This is surely a superbly clever smart bedroom ideas which can be adjusted to three different types of furniture. You can turn it into a sofa with the built-in desk, so you dona��t need any additional basic furniture once you have this multifunctional bed.

Wooden Sofa and Bed

smart bed ideas 20-min

The gorgeous wooden sofa which can be turned into a bed easily in an instant. You can build the similar smart bed ideas at home for sure.

Sophisticated Smart Bed

smart bed ideas 6-min

An amazingly sophisticated smart bed ideas which will be an ultimate furniture to complete your small bedroom. It can be adjusted to three types of furniture which are a single bed and a long table.

The table is wide enough to occupy more than 6 seats, so you can use it as a work desk in-group. It also has a convenient rack to store your bedroom stuff.

Futuristic Smart Bed

smart bed ideas 21-min

The awesome smart bed ideas in stunning futuristic design for the excellent solution of a small tiny bedroom. Here, the bed, closet, and some storage are built in one sleek rectangular cabinet which will not take a lot of space of a bedroom.

Sleek Smart Bed

smart bed ideas 22a-min

A mesmerizing smart bed ideas which will effectively save the space of your bedroom with its clever design. The bed is completed with some shelves, folding table, and light to make your resting time feel so joyful.

smart bed ideas 22b-min

It also has the caster wheels so you can move the bed anywhere as you want. Such an inspiring portable smart bed which you can try to build.

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So those are some smart bedroom ideas which are so inspiring to try to make your bedroom as sophisticated as possible. There is no more tricky thing to deal with when you have one of them in your tiny private room.

You can use them as a reference when you want to add an ultimate addition to your bedroom. If you are a hardcore DIYErs, you can even build one of them on your own!

Well then, happy remodeling your tiny little bedroom now!

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