Wooden Bench For Kitchen Table | Magellan Wood Kitchen Bench Review

This is very lucky for you who are looking for a bench for your kitchen, an admirable furniture to enhance the kitchen’s decor. This is a very fit bench and can blend with the theme of your kitchen.

It doesn’t matter whether you have an existing modern kitchen theme or the classic or traditional one because this kitchen bench is very suitable to be placed in any kitchen themes as a good decor.

Here we give a review of a beautiful wooden kitchen bench that you must have to add perfection to your kitchen. It is the Magellan Wood Kitchen Bench by Beachrest Home, a good quality furniture with a very mesmerizing design.

Magellan Wood Kitchen Bench Review

Magellan Wood Kitchen Bench
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At the first time, you see this attractive wooden bench in your kitchen, you will fall in love to the two tone color on it. You can see the beautiful burnished brown and Cottage white color nuance of this Magellan Wood Kitchen Bench. The design and beautiful color style of this wooden bench are really suitable to match your kitchen table.

The measures of this  Magellan wood kitchen bench is 17.88” H x 42” W x 14” D, and the overall weight of this product is 21 lbs. Two tone finish of this Magellan Wood Kitchen Bench is a different and like something refreshing that can wake up your kitchen atmosphere.

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Now, we go to the construction of this gorgeous Magellan Wood Kitchen Bench. The construction is made of wood, man-made wood and veneers materials. Veneer is thin slices of the wood that typically clung to the core of a panel. veneer offers the stability and reduces the crack and many else.

It’s really easy to put together with all the hardware included. You will find the bench set up in no time.

However, the bench was slightly bending when it holds above 100 lbs person. Therefore you have to be careful in using this bench daily. Then, the uneven finish is found underneath the bench top.


Though the construction of this wooden bench is quite strong and sturdy, yet, as we told before, that is not really that good to use for a large person. This product may be able to last for years if you carefully use it.

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Cleaning and caring this lovely Magellan Wood Kitchen Bench also is not kind of hard way to do. You can make it still glossy and looks dazzling only by sweeping it with the damp cloth. Just a regular maintenance job.


The good features of this Magellan Wood Kitchen Bench the nice look of its design will make you love it. The price of this wooden bench is not too expensive. You can buy it, and bring this home by spending $84.99.

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Dimension 17.88” H x 42” W x 14” D
Weight 21 lbs
Colors  Burnished brown and cottage white
Materials  Veneer, wood, man wood

Overall, considering its quality and design, the bench is a good product to buy. But it’s more like a decorative furniture to add another beauty to the kitchen than the useful one since the construction is that great.

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