Sofia Vergara Bedroom Collection | Paris Silver 5 Pc Queen Bedroom Review

Named after renowned Colombian model and actress, Sofia Vergara Bedroom Collection becomes the insignia of the luxurious product of bedding.

As one of its line product, Sofia Vergara Paris Silver 5 Pc Queen Bedroom is a lavish, opulent, and beautiful addition to your bedroom.

Its affordable price and luxurious style, you will be very sorry if you pass it. Here, we review its beauty and modesty just for you. Enjoy!

Paris Silver 5 Pc Queen Bedroom Review

Sofia Vergara Paris Silver 5 Pc Queen Bedroom
  • 19.1K

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Similarly like another Sofia Vergara Bedroom Collection, Sofia Vergara Paris Silver 5 Pc Queen Bedroom is very elegant and opulent. The silver finish is chosen both in accent and finishing on exotic timbers such pine solids and birch veneers.

In addition, UltraHyde fabric tufted and upholstered headboard creates a glamourous and sensual focal point in your bedroom. All of those were combined beautifully to create a sweet and luxurious bedroom set that will drop your jaw. Furthermore, a quite affordable price for this high-quality bedroom set will make you feel sorry if you miss it.

Differently, with another bedroom furniture set that counted the bed set become an inseparable unit, Sofia Vergara counts its bed set into 3 Piece. The bed itself, headboard, and footboard. Why? Because the element of Sofia Vergara bed set has its own characteristic in each part. Then, it unites magnificently creating a charming bed set that is not only glamorous but also becomes a focal point you can boast on.


Sofia Vergara Paris Silver 5 Pc Queen Bedroom consists of a 3-piece gorgeous bed set, a luxurious nightstand, and an opulent mirror. This 3-piece bed set is a luxurious unity that will be a flagrant focal point to your bedroom.

Stylish touch in mirrored accents and molding details impressing that this is one option that you can’t miss. The bed itself is highlighted with a headboard covered in champagne UltraHyde fabric that is beautifully tufted with padded inset.

Chrome finish in the turned legs complete the overall looks of this stylish product. This product includes 3 pieces of Queen Bed, Mirror, and Dresser

With seven spacious drawers, each boasting strengthening English and French dovetail construction, this dresser also features felt lining in the top drawers and includes a jewelry organizer for additional storage capabilities. Turned legs add the finishing touch to this fabulous bedroom essential.

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The Bed

Sofia Vergara Paris Silver 5 Pc Queen Bedroom
  • 19.1K

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Counts as three separated pieces, the Sofia Vergara Paris Silver Bed set has its own unique design that unites become one. Creating a magnificent bed set that is not the only glamor but also precious to be proud of.

The headboard that always becomes a statement maker in your bedroom, is tufted and half upholstered with UltraHyde fabric. It creates a padded and embossed inset that will easily pull attention with its comforts and glam feeling. The bed its self is fully covered with silvery finish creates a dim shine that is serene and elegant.

Finally, the footboard with silver embellishment with artful molding details and mirrored accents brings an opulent touch to your bedroom. Ups, I almost forgot to mention its stylish turned legs that become a sweet finishing touch to this deluxe bedroom set.

Overall, this is such a romantic bed set that will bring the romance feel of Paris in your sweet bedroom.

The Dresser

Sofia Vergara Paris Silver 5 Pc Queen Bedroom
  • 19.1K

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A dresser is generally a ‘station’ to store your essential bedding and any other accessories. Sometimes you can attach a vanity mirror upon it, then it’ll become a mini makeup room once you put a chair in front of it.

But, it is not same anymore with Sofia Vergara Paris Silver 5 Pc Queen Bedroom, it ain’t a regular storage option, it’s a masterpiece of art that is not only functional but also artistic. With its silvery finish on pine solids and birch veneers, this furniture will create a dim, elegant shine that will lift up your bedroom look.

In addition, elegantly crafted chrome finish drawer pulls and decorative mirrored panels make it easily steal the show. Thus, with chrome finished turned legs is not only becoming a sturdy support but also a beautiful finishing touch to this glam collection.

Expertly crafted of pine solids and birch veneers, this chic dresser stands out thanks to a stunning silver finish, beautifully accented by elegant chrome finished drawer pulls and decorative mirrored panels. Go glam with the stylish design of the Paris dresser.

The Mirror

Sofia Vergara Paris Silver 5 Pc Queen Bedroom
  • 19.1K

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Gorgeous in champagne! I don’t want to say that it will make you look better, but the mirror itself already had a stunning appearance. With its beautiful beveled crystal clear glass surface, the mirror is framed with sturdy pine solids and birch veneers.

In addition, beautiful molding details in the frame become a perfect addition to the gorgeous dresser.


Elegantly carved of pine wood solids and birch veneers with the touch of luxury in the silver finish, this bedroom set is not only luxurious but also durable and everlasting. In this case, like most of another natural wood, pine wood solids is antibacterial. It means in a certain condition, you don’t need to worry about bacteria and mold that will harm your health.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to see its decorative fiber Pine wood pattern as it has a matte silver finish that covering the solids perfectly.

Basic rectangular shape with crown molding accent still become the favorite construction in this opulent collection. The conditional mixes between English and France dovetail construction in the drawers create strong joints and dependable product you can rely on.

Thus, you don’t need to worry about spending quite lots of bucks for this beauty.

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As mentioned above, the Sofia Vergara Paris Silver 5 Pc Queen Bedroom is made with pine solids and birch veneers. Pine wood is a medium-weight and relatively soft timber. It has a good strength and elasticity. Somehow, it has high natural moisture that leads to a blue staining fungal infection of the wood.

On the other hand, birch wood is quite a hardwood with fine-grained and long durability. It will create a sturdy and durable furniture that is very soft touch and easy to paint.

Indeed, in Sofia Vergara Paris Silver 5 Pc Queen Bedroom, the mix of that two wood creates a soft, beautiful, and durable furniture you can depend on. It will last longer than you can expect in dryer area. But,  beware if you live in the humid area as the pine solids are easily got fungus infection.


The price of $1199 is quite cheap considering the glam this collection brings to your bedroom. High-quality materials, complete feature, and excellent sales service will make you satisfied and not feel sorry for spending that amount of money.

For your consideration, you can save up to $198 as you have to spend $1397 if you buy it separately. Sounds like a nice deal, isn’t it?


Bed Set89″L x 64″W x 64″H
Dresser68″W x 19″D x 38″H
Mirror 44″W x 40″H
MaterialsPine Solids, Birch Veneers
FinishingSilver Finish
Drawer PullChrome Finish Metal
StyleParis, Chic, Contemporary, Luxurious

Thus, the Sofia Vergara Paris Silver 5 Pc Queen Bedroom is a worth-to-buy collection for you who want a glamorous bedroom set with affordable price. Its high-quality materials in an opulent finishing and stylish accent will embellish your bedroom with glam.

Meanwhile, you have to mind about your bedroom humidity level, don’t make it damp at all. A damp bedroom will discomfort your sleep and harmful for your health. Besides, it will make this bedroom set easily got infected by fungus.

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