Gold Bathroom Light Fixtures | Minka Lavery 3 Light Review

Are you planning to upgrade your bathroom’s decor? Do you want to enhance the lights of your bathroom? Having a bright and dazzling bathroom is absolutely your dream, right?

One of the most bath accessories that you must install in your bathroom is the light fixture. It is definitely a beneficial accessory that you will always need to support your daily activities. That is really famous as the functional accessory and also a decor to make your bathroom looks stunning.

minka lavery 3 light
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Nowadays, dozens of bathroom light products are available in the market in a wide variety of design and price. But, you have to choose the best one that totally suits your bathroom. You should know whether or not a product is worth to buy, then doing some research is a must for you.

Here, we share you a review of Mika Lavery 3 Light, a recommended light fixture for the bathroom that you can consider.

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Minka Lavery 3 Light Review

minka lavery 3 light
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This bathroom light comes with the cylinder shaped etched opal glass shade design that looks beautifully classic. The goldtone finish of the base and frame will surely add the glamorous touch to your bathroom. The design of this light is quite gracious thus fashionable enough to complement your bathroom decor.

Furthermore, the Minka Lavery 3 Light from Harbor Point Collection has the simple design which delivers a feeling of warmth to your lovely bathroom.  It totally creates a luxurious look to beautify your bathroom decor. With 7.25″ H x 19″ W x 6″ D dimensions, it allows you to install the light easily without wasting much wall space.

The design with its finish actually can be such an obstacle since it only matches well with the traditional or classic bathroom style. Then, it’s way better to place side by side with other luxurious features.

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This point tells us about the construction of this Minka Lavery 3 Light. This product is fabricated of the glass material for the light shade. The construction feels great and sturdy enough to give you long lasting performance.

This bathroom light is so pretty with gold tone finish that delivers a stunning bright golden light to your bathroom.

With dimmable light mode, it totally will save your electrical power energy that can also boost your mood with a new visual appearance.


This product comes with hardwired switch type that totally makes you easy to assemble this bath light. The light absolutely can be mounted in up or down position as you like.

This kind of bath light is exactly perfect for a damp bathroom area. The lighting certainly produces the high-quality appearance with a new look.


Maintaining and cleaning this gorgeous is really not kind of tricky way to do. In fact, the glass just needs an easy cleaning with wiping the dirt out. However, the glass is quite well-known as the material that definitely easy to crack whenever.

Talking about the durability of this product, the glass totally withstands to the harsh condition, mold or any termite damage.

Keeping it to stay safe and secure is totally a must do for you. Therefore, you should wipe the lamp and holder using a dry cloth to drive the dust away.


This Minka Lavery 3 Light offers the price at $198.30 that is available at Overstock. You can say that this is such expensive price for this kind of sconce. You can still find other products with beautiful designs. But it’s totally worth it, if you put the quality first rather than the price.

As a conclusion, this bathroom light fixture is the best choice for you to make your bathroom brighter. The sturdy construction, plush material, and attractive design are the criteria that you will get from purchasing this light sconce.

The price tag that may be sound a little bit more expensive than the others is not a big problem for you who are willing to spend lots of bucks to enhance your bathroom decor.

We suppose that the design of this Minka Lavery 3 Light from Harbor Point Collection only matches well with the traditional bathroom layout. Moreover, its particularly pair well with other luxurious bathroom decors.

Overall, this product surely deserves to consider if you are on a hunt to look for a vintage sconce with 3 lights to decorate your vanity area. This glamorous look surely adds another style to your bathroom space. Buy this for your next premium bathroom decor plan.

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