These Mudroom Storage Hacks Will Blow Your Mind

Providing enough storage in a mudroom can be quite challenging, especially if you are dealing with limited space. You can’t really place everything you want or need around the room.

Rest assured, in this article, we share with you some mudroom storage hacks that you really need to try.

Mudroom Storage Hacks

Mud Room Storage Hacks
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Turn them into decor items

You can’t really decorate your mudroom with tons of artwork, can you? That being said, instead of stuffing the room with wall art, consider choosing storage stations that can enhance the beauty of the room at the same time.

You can either choose the matching set if you want to have a harmonious overall look or the colorful one to create an eclectic vibe. Put some rattan baskets to warm up your all-white mudroom or attach some colorful hooks all around.

Use multiple storage station

To solve the limited space challenge in your mudroom, you can choose to use some storage stations at once. For instance, you can find some shelves which come with hooks or pegs in which the shelves are good to handle some baskets and the hooks are good to handle some hats and jackets.

Choose mesh lockers

Lockers are known for being one of the most popular storage stations in a mudroom, However, one thing about lockers is that it’s not really that convenient since you mostly forget which door is yours.

Therefore, choose the mesh locker which provides see-through visibility so you can check your items inside without opening the door. This type of locker also gives a more distinctive touch to the overall look of your mudroom.

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Maximize the walls

For a narrow mudroom, the walls are sometimes the only space that you can rely on to store your stuff. No worries, there are a lot of storage stations that you can hang on the walls which are enough to deal with the challenges like shelves with hanging pegs. It’s sleek enough to provide plenty of space to keep your coats, scarves, and bags.

Add a bench

Of course, bench will provide a nice sitting area in your mudroom. Instead of choosing a usual bench, consider buying which also comes with built-in storage. You can find the ones which come with open shelves or hidden cabinet underneath the seating. It’s really a good way to improve comfort and organize your items at once.

Tuck some drawers

Drawers can be a good alternative if you’d like to hide your items instead of choosing baskets. It’s another favorite way to complete the space underneath the seating of your bench so you can have hidden storage to store your items.

Install tall shelving

For those who have an extra budget, consider installing a floor-to-ceiling shelving system. It’s a good option if you prefer to have one spacious single in your mudroom instead of adding storage stations here and there. With one tall shelf, you just need to go to one place inside the room.

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