Prepping Your Bedroom for a Chilly Winter

If you hail from a colder part of the country, the winter months can be a truly trying time. Even people who typically don’t mind cold weather consistently have their wintertime endurance levels tested in certain parts of the U.S. Frosty weather can prove particularly inconvenient during the overnight hours. After all, getting a peaceful night’s slumber can be a tall order when you’re freezing your tail off. So, if winter weather has turned your nightly respite into an ordeal, there’s no time like the present to bolster your bedroom’s defenses.

Invest in Cold Weather Bedding and Sleepwear

While using the same bedding year-round may strike you as cost-effective, it’s practically guaranteed to compromise your quality of slumber. Just as using heavy thermal bedding during the summer months stands to leave you overheated, using lightweight breathable bedding throughout the winter months will leave you feeling chilly all night long. To get on top of this, make a point of investing in high-quality winter bedding. When shopping around for sheets and comforters that are appropriate for cold weather, keep an eye out for flannel, fleece and cotton sateen options. These materials can effectively seal in heat, thereby facilitating consistent warmth.

You can provide yourself with additional comfort by investing in cold weather sleepwear to complement your wintertime bedding. Pajamas made from such materials as silk, fleece and flannel can help set the stage for a season of overnight comfort.

Upgrade Your Mattress

Although high-quality mattresses can have fairly long lifespans, many of us hang onto our mattresses for far too long. While this may strike you as an effective money-saving measure, sleeping on a mattress that’s well past its prime can result in back pain, lack of support and other forms of nighttime discomfort. As such, if your current mattress is on its way out, there’s no time like the present to invest in a comfortable upgrade.

Considering how long you’ll be using your new mattress, it’s in your best interest to put genuine thought into your choice. Although the temptation to go with the cheapest possible option can be strong, a mattress is one item to which extreme frugality should not be applied. Sure, higher-quality mattresses are liable to come with higher price-tags, but since many of them have longer lifespans than lower-end alternatives, they will ultimately give you more value for your money. Eco-conscious shoppers looking to do their part for the environment while enjoying top-notch overnight comfort should look into purchasing an organic mattress.

Hang Thermal Curtains

In the interest of saving money on heating costs, many homeowners actively seek to prevent warm air from escaping and cold air from entering their homes throughout the winter months. Luckily, there are numerous cost-effective ways to go about this in your bedroom. For starters, take care to seal any drafts in your bedroom windows. This can be accomplished with the aid of foam tape, weatherstripping and various other affordable tools.

For added measure, you should equip all of your bedroom windows with thermal curtains. Since these curtains are made up of thick thermal materials, they’re well-equipped to seal in warm air and keep cold air out. (Conversely, during the summer months, thermal curtains can be used to seal in cool air and prevent warm air from entering.)

Thermal curtains can also help minimize the amount of sunlight that enters your bedroom – hence their other name: blackout curtains. So, if you get your best sleep in total darkness, thermal curtains can help you rest comfortably during the early morning hours. These curtains can also be a boon to people who do most of their sleeping during the day.

Depending on where you’re based, winter weather can be a months-long ordeal. Dealing with large amounts of snow, perilous ice and below-freezing temps for nearly half the year can put even the most ardent cold weather lover through their paces. Compromised sleep quality is among the most inconvenient aspects of residing in a harsh winter climate. In the absence of sufficient warmth, sleeping comfortably through the night may prove to be an uphill battle. Fortunately, putting the previously discussed pointers to good use can ensure that you enter the cold weather season with a winter-ready sleeping space.

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