Bathroom 101: How to Choose Bathroom Wallpaper for Unique Decor

It’s never a bad idea to complete the décor of your bathroom with wallpaper. In fact, once you have one installed, the room will look way more distinctive in a very attractive way.

How to Choose Bathroom Wallpaper

However, a bathroom is, of course, different from the other parts of your house, especially when it comes to its environment. There will be some areas that will be wet all the time and might make you hesitant to decorate the room with wallpaper.

That being said, it’s so important for you to consider some thoughts before purchasing wallpaper for your bathroom instead of just buying one randomly. You might get a beautiful wallpaper which doesn’t actually durable enough to withstand the bathroom environment.

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To ease you to find the best bathroom wallpaper that both looks beautiful and durable at the same time, we have compiled some steps that you can keep in mind. Just keep scrolling to check out our guide on how to choose bathroom wallpaper below.

How to Choose Bathroom Wallpaper

How to Choose Bathroom Wallpaper 1

Choose the Style

Though wallpapers can make the bathroom look more attractive, they may also turn the room into a mess if you don’t choose the right style. Actually, it relates to the size of your bathroom.

If you have a small bathroom, consider choosing a bathroom wallpaper that looks calmer like the ones with small-scale patterns or even plain with soft color. You may also want to decorate just one side of the wall or just the tops of the walls instead of fully covering everything.

Choose Peel and Stick

If you prefer to install the wallpaper all by yourself, you can go with the peel and stick wallpapers. They are very easy to install, as the name suggests, you just need to stick the papers to the walls. But remember, always choose the one that is water-resistant and follow the instructions on the package so it can be installed properly and stay durable overtimes.

In addition, peel and stick wallpapers are available in a wide variety of price ranges and styles which make it easy to find the best one that suits you best.

Choose Washable Wallpapers

The best wallpapers for bathrooms are the ones that come with a waterproof film that works to coat them. With this feature, you can easily clean the wallpapers from stains and fungus that may easily appear due to the way a bathroom is used on daily basis and the high humidity level around.

To clean them, you just need to use a damp cloth or sponge. These kinds of wallpapers are fairly inexpensive and easy to maintain.

Choose the Best Material

When it comes to bathroom wallpaper, vinyl is the most popular option due to its durability and affordability. They can withstand moisture, steam, and temperature for years with regular maintenance.

No worries, they are so easy to maintain on regular basis, so you can have a bathroom wallpaper that looks striking all the time with less effort.

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