Reasons to Use a Room Air Purifier in Your Bathroom

There is no doubt that a bathroom is a crucial place for natural calls and making the best decision of our life, right? Besides, a bathroom that has an attached shower allows us to have a soothing bath at the beginning or end of the day.

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Unfortunately, bathrooms can hold lots of humidity and condensation from the sink faucet and shower, and due to lack of proper ventilation that is the reason for the mold, bacteria, and germs as well.

To get rid of the problems, the better solution is to have a good air purifier which is essential for every house. A quality air purifier draws the odor up, clarifies the filthy air, and leaves a copacetic smell in your bathroom.

However, here in the article, we are going to talk about several things including, how an air purifier works, the reasons behind using a room air purifier in your bathroom, and what things you should consider while choosing the best air purifier.

Can You Put an Air Purifier in a Bathroom?

As we know, a bathroom is a comparatively small place. Thus, many homeowners think that an air purifier can’t be fit in such a small and congested space which is a completely wrong perception.

An air cleaner can easily be fit in the bathroom to extract the bad smells and malodorous air inside and it stops growing mold and mildew. Nowadays, you’ll find different sizes of air purifiers from large to portable that simply fit into any bathroom.

Choosing the right air purifier for your bathroom is a must that will be fit properly. If there is a larger bathroom in your home, you can contemplate a large air purifier and install them with the cleft and shafts for a permanent solution.

In contrast, you can consider choosing a small one, if you have a small bathroom in your home. In that case, portable or medium-sized air purifiers can be used as well that will be suitable for you.

If you go for a small or portable air purifier, you can easily hide them beside the basin or behind your bathtub. On the other hand, if your air purifier is comparatively large, you can place it at a corner where it can operate tacitly without catching anyone’s attention.

In recent times, there have been some air purifiers in the market that come with rechargeable and replaceable batteries. In consequence, you don’t even need to think about the electric outlet of your bathroom.

Why Do You Need an Air Purifier for a Bathroom?

We have already mentioned why it is necessary to have an air purifier in your bathroom. Air purifiers need to be placed in a bathroom to keep the bathroom air healthy and safe.

Nowadays, air purifiers come in different sizes, shapes, colors, and above all with advanced technology to accelerate different applications.

A quality air purifier comes with a HEPA filter with an  H13 rating that provides high-efficiency performance. Research shows that an air cleaner can reduce up to 99%  dust, mold, and bacteria from its covered area.

Anyway, in the below section, we have demonstrated 5 reasons behind using a room air purifier in your bathroom. Let’s check it out to be clarified.

Reasons to Use a Room Air Purifier in Your Bathroom

Here we have described the top 5 reasons to use a room air purifier in your bathroom.

1.  Proper Ventilation

Most bathrooms lack proper ventilation. Consequently, the air gets grabbed inside the bathroom and users get an odor. Besides, due to the inappropriate ventilation, a suffocating interior is developed that makes your relaxing moments and shower awful in the bathroom. For that reason, you should bring a high-quality air purifier that contains a fan to control the ventilation and salutariness in the bathroom.

2.  Alleviate Bacteria & Germ

It has been researched that one square inch area of a bathroom holds 295 bacteria. Could you imagine it? To take the bacteria out from your bathroom, you can use a quality air purifier that can eliminate bacteria and germs to a great extent from your bathroom and floor efficiently. You should have an air purifier with HEPA or Ultraviolet light to get rid of the germs and bacteria from your bathroom that ensure a safe and healthy bathroom inside.

3.  Extract Odor & Smell

Bathrooms are the driving force of musty and loathsome smells. It is true that most people use air fresheners or aerosols to remove the bad odor from the bathroom, but the fact is, these sprays can’t eliminate the odor permanently. They only cover it for a certain period and after that, you’ll feel it. On the other hand, an air purifier can eliminate the bad odor with its HEPA filter and improve the air quality. For that reason, you enjoy a pleasant environment inside of the bathroom.

4.  Stop Mold & Mildew Growth

Bathrooms are filled with excess humidity and moisture that develops mold and mildew growth. It is harmful to your health and damages the bathroom walls and floor.  Besides, mold and mildew can also ruin the look of your bathroom, bring danger to your immune system, and harm to the person with allergic problems. A high-end air purifier can get you relief from all the issues that we have mentioned and keep the bathroom in better condition.

5.  It Brings Freshness To Your Bathroom

Excessive moisture and a lack of ventilation turn your bathroom into a dirty one. The bad smell coming from the bathroom can ruin your both mood and pleasant feel. To get yourself relief from these situations, you can get an excellent air purifier. An air purifier can bring freshness to your bathroom for an entire day and give you a pleasant feeling inside the bathroom.

How an Air Purifier Can Improve the Air Quality in Your Bathroom

A question may come to your mind, how an air purifier can improve the air quality in your bathroom. Well. Let us explain properly.

An air purifier comes with a filter, or a number of filters, and a fan that fixes in and circulates air. When air goes through the filter,  particles and pollutants are locked up and the pristine air is pushed back into the bathroom space.

The filters that are used in air purifiers are made of paper, fiver, or mesh and they need to be replaced on a regular basis to maintain the efficiency of the air purifier.

What Should I Look For In An Air Purifier?

Do you know what things you should consider while choosing the best air purifier? If not, then this segment is for you. Here, we have shown the things that should be taken into your contemplation to purchase a quality air purifier.

  1. Consider the filtering ability first as the fundamental purpose of the air purifier is to filter the air to make it clean from the pollens, dust, and mites.
  2. Make sure that the air purifier you are going to buy has a true HEPA filter that can eliminate about 99% of allergens from the air.
  3. Check out the odor removal facility of the air purifier that helps remove odor and stinky feel from the bathroom.
  4. Purchase an air purifier with either an activated carbon filter or charcoal filter.
  5. Look for the UV-C Sanitizer feature during the purchase of an air purifier.
  6. Consider the size and the convergence of the air purifier that you are supposed to buy. If you have a larger bathroom then purchase a large air purifier and get a small one for a small bathroom.
  7. Filtering speed should be considered as well and make sure the air purifier can filter 40-50 cubic feet of space per hour.
  8. Take an air purifier that doesn’t generate much noise.

What Are Other Ways That Can Improve The Air Quality In Your Bathroom?

We have given a number of suggestions below that you can apply to improve the air quality besides an air purifier.

  1. Bring a HEPA-certified vacuum to clean the floor of the bathroom that can catch dust.
  2. Use an exhaust fan in the bathroom and leave it running when using your bathroom
  3. Stop smoking inside the bathroom as it produces excessive odor.
  4. After using your bathroom, keep the door open for a certain period.

Final Verdict

Air purifiers are essential devices for the bathroom that can help remove allergens, pollen, germs, and bacteria from the bathroom. Besides, an air purifier removes the musty odor to ensure a healthy and pleasant environment inside your bathroom. So, you can’t ignore the importance of having an air purifier.

However, in the entire article, we have shown some of the prominent reasons to use a room air purifier in the bathroom describing what things you should consider while choosing an air purifier. Hopefully, you have perceived what we have demonstrated here. So, get the best air purifier now and place it in your bathroom to keep the inside condition of your bathroom good.

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