How to Choose the Right Flowers for You 

When you’re thinking about decorating your home with flowers, you need to take a lot of things into consideration, like the interior design in your space, and what you personally like as well. 

The language of flowers originated almost a century ago and is still very popular today, with a lot of people loving the idea of saying something meaningful or communicating a heartfelt message through something beautiful, whether it’s at a funeral or at a birthday party. 

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The same rules apply to you though – flowers can be meaningful affirmations if you know the meaning behind them and take the time to pick the right ones, or they can simply be something that brings you joy. In this article, we’re going to talk about how you can choose flowers for home decor, and to grow in your garden.

Stick till the end for some great advice on how to keep your flowers from wilting too quickly! 

For Home Decor 

You can’t go wrong when it comes to decorating your home with farm-fresh flowers & plants, but there are some exceptions. Not all flowers will look amazing in your home, and some will suit the current theme better than others. Here are some of our floral decor suggestions for your home: 

Bright Hues in a Tropical Themed Bedroom 

Tropical and beach inspired themes are more common than you think, and bright flowers that take color inspiration from sunsets and sandy beaches are pretty great options for home decor in such places. 

Red, orange, yellow, and bright pink flowers are all great options to go in an arrangement complete with bright green leaves and fronds. You can also put them in colorful vases to complete the look, and you’ll have just the think to place in your nautical themed living room. 

Striking Contrast with Red and White Flowers 

This world great with rooms that are bare, and then decorated with lots of texture and personality in the decorations. Think about a room with white walls and grey or beige couches with wooden furniture – and how much that space will benefit from bright flowers, be it dark maroon roses, or some white ones, or both. 

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Dried Flowers for an Old-School Effect 

Who says flowers always need to be fresh? You can get a very rustic and old school feel by using dried flowers when you’re working, and it might even look better for certain interiors than fresh flowers would. 

If you live in an old family home, or have gothic features in your decor or building, try your hand at floral arrangements that make use of dried flowers and twigs. You can also get them made by a professional online if it seems hard to do at first. 

For the Garden 

Not everyone wants flowers just to display them for a week and then replace them – some want to put in the work and grown their own plants. If this sounds like you and you’re confused about what kinds of flowers you want, here are some tips on how to choose. 

  • How easy are they to grow? When you talk about growing your own flowers, you don’t think about how long it can take for them to actually grow. For some flowering plants, it can take a few months, but for others it can even be a few years until it’s time to enjoy the fruits of your labor. This is why an important question to ask  yourself when making the final decision is this – how long am I willing to wait for my plants to grow? 
  • Do you have the space? People tend to underestimate how much space even small potted plants can take up, and it might not be the best option for anyone living in a small apartment. 
  • Consider creative planting options if you don’t: What you can do in the absence of space – open or otherwise – is to get flowers that can grow in hanging pots or a wall planter. You can even set up a small stand in one corner, but taking up any table or floor space isn’t going to be a good idea and will only make your home look smaller than it is. 

Here are some flowers that you can grow indoors: 


These days, miniature roses offer quite a bit of the charm and elegance regular roses do, all in a cute little flower pot you can place wherever you have space. Of course, most flowering plants need a lot of care and this one will too, but it’s worth it for anyone willing to put in the work. 

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Peace Lily 

The peace lily is a hardy, drought resistant plant that you maybe need to water only once a week, and it looks very tall and elegant. The white flowers tsand upright and look amazing with the light green stalks, and can add something very special to a soft and minimalist interior. 


Anthurium plants are red, green, and beautiful. If you want something bright and outstanding for your home, this should be your pick. 

Taking Care of Floral Arrangements

If you want to take care of your floral arrangements and make sure the fresh flowers last long, you might need to put in some extra work. Here are some things you can do: 

  • Make sure the stalks are cut diagonally. This provides the flowers with extra surface area for water absorption, which keeps them fresh for longer. 
  • If you want, you can also add flower preservatives to the mix. They’re specially designed to provide flowers with just the right nutrients to keep flourishing in their vases. 
  • Cut all leaves and extra bits off the flowers you’re arranging – extra foliage will only mean parts that won’t be visible but will take the water away from the flowers that need it more. 
  • Wash all your flower pots and vases with soap every time you change flowers and put in new ones. This is to keep bacteria from the older dried out flowers from harming the new ones, which will help preserve the flowers for longer. 
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