Classic and Sturdy Mendocino’s Redwood Fence Pickets Review

Whether you choose wood, vinyl, iron, or aluminum, fencing is always a mandatory addition to every property. Without installing the fence your home is not secured and protected properly. It’s not a good home when there is not any fence installed.

Besides providing peace of mind for the homeowners, fence also creates a boundary between neighbors to maintain a good relationship with the people around. The beauty of the fence’s style will also beautify the value of your property. You can choose various fence designs which suits your needs.

redwood fence pickets
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For a long time, the wood fence has been the most favorite option due to its beauty, affordability, and durability. The most common woods which are used for backyard’s fencing material are cedar, redwood, for, and pine. Each of the wood has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Redwood fence can be a good idea, this wood is comprised of the biggest trees on earth. Comparing to other wood types, redwood lasts much longer, it less likely to experience structural damage like crack and split. The natural appearance of the redwood fence will also remain beautiful for years.

If you are looking for a good quality product to install a redwood fence in your outdoor living space, here we have a recommended redwood fence picket from Mendocino.


Redwood Fence Picket


redwood fence pickets review
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This fence picket comes in the everlasting classic Dog Ear style which looks so lovely to decorate your backyard. The design makes the fence gorgeously matches with the backyard surrounding. The redwood picket is offered in an unfinished condition, so you can stain it as you wish or you can also just let it naturally flow with the Mother Nature.


The fencing products from Mendocino is well-known for its great durability, and this one is not disappointing too. Redwood has its natural oil to support its durability. The picket’s construction is sturdy and safe to use in all weather’s conditions.


As a natural material, the redwood fence will always need some maintenance. The sun may experience fading, or the redwood look can turn brown hue a gray color. Though some homeowners may like this natural color, but if you don’t, you may have to stain the fence regularly. These redwood pickets absorb the stain very well.


The Mendocino Redwood Construction Common Dog Ear Fence Picket is offered at $94.99 for 8 pieces per pack. It is such a good deal to get some good quality redwood fence pickets.

Redwood fence pickets from Mendocino is a good option for you when you shop some wood pickets to decorate your outdoor living space. This is a solid redwood fence which looks beautifully classic. Choosing natural material is also beneficial for the environment, and this redwood fence is FSC certified too.

Wood fence is always a good solution if you want to install an inexpensive fence on your property. The picket fence is also common to use for a front yard, and Mendocino’s redwood picket fence will make your house looks more inviting.

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