Romantic Bedroom Design Ideas for a Married Couple

A happily married couple is always seeking ways to adorn their bedroom to ensure it is a true paradise haven. Fortunately, there is no shortage of romantic bedroom design ideas to add a touch of amorousness to your relationship and enhance the overall atmosphere in your love nest. Here is a list of some amazing bedroom decoration ideas to strengthen your union and help you better enjoy the special moments of togetherness.

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Romantic Colors

All colors speak their own languages. Each hue creates a different mood and can have a significant impact on how you feel and behave in your bedroom. Red is a classic symbol of passion, love, excitement, and temptation. But try not to overuse this strong color because the prevalence of the red tones in a single area can invoke danger-bearing emotions in you or your partner, including jealousy, rage, and aggression. Consider combining this expressive color with some calmer dyes such as creamy white or silver gray.

If you want a more well-balanced ambiance in your romantic bedroom, you can also choose colors like burgundy, gold, or even deep purple. It’s wonderful how a few warm colors can dramatically improve the atmosphere in your room.

Thus, choosing the right color is a very important step in decorating your bedroom and goes a long way to bringing cherished romance and sensuousness to the marriage.


A romantic bedroom of spouses should fit the needs of both. It must not look too feminine or too muscular, but strike the balance between the two worlds. The texture, color palette, and decorative elements of your bedroom should be discussed and agreed on to ensure it appeals to both Mr. and Mrs. and is never a bone of contention.

Mind Walls and Windows

A genuinely romantic ambiance in a couple’s bedroom is achieved with the help of light-colored walls. A light color scheme makes the space visually larger and adds an airy feel to the area.

Windows should be treated with something simple, yet stylish to get the covetable minimalistic aesthetics.

To help your partner feel safe and comfortable, cover openings with curtains. You can opt for heavy, non-transparent curtains so you can sleep tightly through the night. Choose the color of the curtains that goes well with the entire style of the bedroom.

Lighting is Everything

You can leverage the power of light to elevate the beauty and intimacy of the entire bedroom. For a more romantic climate in your lovers’ lane, you can install subdued lighting that will bring a dash of romance to your room. By employing dim yellow light, you can turn your area into an inviting seclusion to enjoy a perfect time together before going to sleep.

Tap the Power of Furniture

If your bedroom offers enough footage, you can leverage that space to add a stylish sofa, some chairs, or a couch. A chair or sofa that can accommodate at least two people will help you lollygag around with each other and have a pleasant conversation in the bedroom before you go to bed at night.

Another great way to add some romantic feel to your bedroom is by incorporating a coffee table where you can relax and chat over a cup of coffee. An organized coffee zone in your bedroom also provides an additional seating area, so that people that enter the room can have a place to sit and talk, instead of jumping straight onto the bed.

Get A True Romantic Feel

It is very important for a married couple to have a room designed to offer you a romantic feel and look. You can get that truly romantic atmosphere with perfumes, scents, light curtains, artworks, or photos of your wedding.

Bringing some fresh flowers to your bedroom is a great way to express your love because all natural blooms have their deep and beautiful meanings. Global flowers delivery services such as My Global Flowers allow you to order the most exquisite and romantic floral arrangements for your loved one to let you speak your heart.

Fresh bouquets help to add freshness, comfort, and color to any interior, lifting the vibe of the room and showcasing what you feel toward the partner. By the way, floral arrangements also could be a good gift for married newbies, if you don’t have the opportunity to be around. With help of the global flower delivery service, it is possible to send flowers to Philadelphia, Boston, Denver, San Diego.

Any place feels better if it smells wonderful. Consider investing in quality essential oils, scented candles, or aromatic diffusers to fill the room with a nice aroma and add that spice to your relationship.

The Bed as the Main Accent

The focal point of any bedroom is surely the bed. The bed is all about intimacy and romance, so try to get creative by choosing an interesting headboard that will make your bed inviting.

Play with soft colors for three walls and incorporate something more whimsical and bolder for the wall behind the bed – this is a great way to create an accented wall and emphasize the purpose of the bed – to bring a special joy to married life.

You may also want to add luxurious linens that provide great comfort and appeal. Paired with a plush duvet, a couple of cute pillows, and a soft throw, your bed can really ignite the senses.

Take Advantage Of Accessories

The decor of the couple’s bedroom will be incomplete and boring without accessories. You can get creative with many different gismos like wall hangings, artworks, and other decorative miscellanies to magnify the appeal of the space.

You can also fill your chest of drawers with perfumes and cosmetics to add some fragrance to the room. In addition, adding a small vase will also help brighten up the room.

Carefully selected bed sheets and pillow covers can create the perfect mood in the room.

Lovely photo frames holding the precious images of your wedding day will help you revive the memories of those exciting moments and put a happy smile on your face every time you cast a glance at them.

As you see, there are lots of simple, yet effective ways to design a romantic bedroom for a couple. Get inspired with these ideas and decorate a truly outstanding area to enjoy the happy times of marriage.

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