Scandinavian-Style Bathroom Ideas Every Minimalist Will Love

Scandinavian bathrooms have a minimal design yet offer high function. On top of that, they are convenient and simple. Many people across the globe adore the beauty and simplicity of this decor. The Scandinavian-style bathroom usually comes with brighter colors and luminescent materials suitable for darker and cold climates because they can provide better brightness. 

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This uncluttered style is clean and versatile, which creates a spa-like calm atmosphere. For this reason, it is no surprise that it has significantly grown in popularity, and it is among the top choices for bathroom decor worldwide. 

If you are searching for a bathroom style that is minimalist, trendy, and classic, then you are in the right place. Our article will enlist ten Scandinavian-style bathroom ideas every minimalist will love. This style of decor offers two characteristics, functionality and simplicity. The Scandinavian design has taken the world by storm and has been the most popular choice for a bathroom across Iceland, Denmark, Norway, Finland, and Sweden since the early 2000s. 

10 Scandinavian-Style Bathroom Ideas Every Minimalist Will Love 

If you like to transform your bathroom into a safe space and a serene oasis where you can unwind after a stressful day, we are here to help. Our article is perfect for you if you find visually calm areas appealing to you and like your bathroom to be clutter-free. The Scandinavian-inspired decor is just what your home needs. 

The Scandinavian style usually uses white as a base color to prevent your toilet from looking like a hospital. The white color gives your space more personality and charm while removing all the different pops and subdued colors. On top of that, you can create a sharp contrast with black fixtures to add some darker elements to the design. If you use a darker color, your space will have a more dramatic effect. 

After much research, we selected ten Scandinavian-style bathroom ideas every minimalist will love. For similar topics and more elaborated content on bathroom trends, cleaning tips, and bathroom reviews, you can visit JustBidet

Scandinavian-Style Bathroom Ideas 

This bathroom decor style has taken the world by storm in recent years. Everyone likes to feel safe in their restroom, and during the pandemic, it was probably the safest zone for anyone to unwind and rinse every germ and every bit of negative energy. Many people adore the Scandinavian bathroom design, and we can easily see why. It is simple and versatile, making it a perfect option for any large or small space. Plus, this decor combines the best of the design world, light and bright touches that can be calming, and hand-crafted materials and textures. 

With that said, if your bathroom lacks some clutter and you are thinking about oozing your style, let’s dive into ten Scandinavian-style bathroom ideas every minimalist will love. 

Warm Tones 

You can create a Scandinavian feel in your washroom by implementing warm tones. We recommend adding timber, using rattan baskets to add some storage, and implementing dried flowers in the decor. On top of that, if you like to pick things up a notch, you can use candles. 


timber scandinavian bathroom

After thorough research on the Scavi bathroom designs, we concluded; that the more timber, the better. Think about implementing it on the wall, in the vanity, or in the decor. You can start simply by adding a wooden stool to the corner of your restroom. 

Timber Shelves

In any washroom, storage plays an enormous role. That said, just because you like an extra item in there doesn’t mean it needs to look old-fashioned. The whole Scandinavian style can be inspiring and a sight for sore eyes. In addition to just timber, you can implement some timber shelves that can look fabulous. You can even implement a branch or a small timber tree. 

Neutral Tones 

You can achieve a modern-style Scandi restroom by using multiple textures in various neutral tones. For example, you can add a timber vanity, champagne tapware, a concrete sink, and many white tiles. 

Light Timber Vanity 

If implementing a timber vanity light does not scream a classic Scandinavian style, then we are not sure what does. While selecting a vanity, you can go beyond a timber light. Despite being easy on the eyes, the light is versatile and beautiful. In addition, it can be many different colors and textures. 

Exposed Brick

brick scandinavian bathroom 

You can incorporate edgy details in your modern Scandi restroom and go to the industrial side. If you have a brick wall, leave it open and exposed. This way, you can add some rawness to your washroom. The exposed wall can be beautiful in an otherwise very neutral and simple restroom. 

Subway Tiles 

Subway tiles are a part of many bathroom styles, and they have been a go-to choice for every designer. However, what we are suggesting here is an alternative. To achieve a more Scandinavian style, we recommend skipping the traditional horizontal pattern and laying them vertically. The vertical subway tiles can be a great addition to your bathroom. Regarding the color, we leave that up to you; you can go white or gray. 


Just because you are interested in decorating your washroom in a more Scandinavian style does not mean that you should only choose one type and use only plain tiles. Decorating your bathroom should be a fun experience from the beginning. Add some colors and shapes, and combine different textures. Consider adding one layer of tiles around the tub that is different from your floor or walls. 

Natural Marble 

If you like to make your Scandi restroom look more luxurious, installing some marble elements is the way to do that. A marble vanity countertop can make your guests jealous because it is luxe, stunning, and sleek. 


Adding small details like handy hooks in the bathroom can make a significant difference. The hooks are a simple addition that only requires a small space and can be very efficient. You can hang scrubbing brushes on them and even an entire bag of toilet paper. 

The Final Verdict 

There you have it, ten Scandinavian-style bathroom ideas every minimalist will love. The ideas we enlisted in our article can be easily purchased and installed without the help of a professional. You may need some assistance on the tiles, or you may also do that yourself. You can let us know which suggestion is your favorite in the comment section below. 

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