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When you have a patio attached to your home, you have enhanced the value and function of your backyard. But that’s not enough, patio needs to be decorated with some furniture to make it useable to hold a joyful outdoor party. You can’t just let it set without some chairs and tables complement your outdoor space.

Summerfield 4 Piece Seating Set 3
Credit: Sears

Well then, looking up for the one which looks beautiful and also durable is necessary. You can browse some reliable outdoor furniture online, then read the features and reviews of the products. It will help you a lot to find some good quality chairs and tables to put on your patio.

Here, we have a product that deserves your attention, it’s called the Summerfield 4 Piece Seating Set. Manufactured by the reputable patio furniture trademark, Grand Resort, you should consider choosing this recommended seating set. Let’s see why this set is totally worth to buy.

Summerfield 4 Piece Seating Set

Summerfield 4 Piece Seating Set 5
Credit: Sears

By spending $801.89, you can bring home one sofa, two club chairs, and one coffee table in very beautiful wicker style. The seating set looks and feels so inviting that will totally provide a great space to have some relaxing time with your family and friends. It’s a good quality outdoor furniture you can’t miss about. 

The Chairs

Summerfield 4 Piece Seating Set 7
Credit: Sears

Relaxing and calming, that’s what you’ll think in mind when you see the design of the chairs and sofas. The combination of rich brown resin wicker and dazzling tan cushions are perfect for creating an inviting atmosphere in your patio.

Summerfield 4 Piece Seating Set 6
Credit: Sears

As the seating set, the chairs of this set have to be as comfortable as possible, and this set is not disappointing at all. With the thick foam in center core construction cushions, you will not feel unpleasant spending some hours sitting on those chairs and sofas. The curvy arms and seat’s depth also support the coziness that you will enjoy well.

The steel frame underneath the resin wicker is both sturdy and durable. The cushions also covered by the UV resistant and quick-drying fabric.

The Table

Summerfield 4 Piece Seating Set 4
Credit: Sears

The simple rectangular coffee table with tempered glass table top complement the set’s look gorgeously. The 22 x 38 inches table is adequate enough to put some coffee cups and snacks. For extra storage, the wicker rack under the tabletop is so useful to put some books or newspaper.

Summerfield 4 Piece Seating Set 2
Credit: Sears

From the negative sides, some customers complained about its poor cushion which is not really resistant to stain. The other one said that you will need to assemble a lot of things to get this product all set. However, these criticisms are nothing to compare with so many good reviews about the Summerfield 4 Piece Seating Set.

  • Comfortable and adorable design
  • Durability issue

With such price, you must expect that this outdoor furniture set is satisfying, well indeed it is. You will get a gorgeous and super comfortable product at the same time. But then, when the durability issue comes up, it can also become an unpleasant thing about this product. Compare to other seating sets like Thomas 4 Piece Casual Seating Set (949.99) or Bedford 3 Piece Bistro Set ($486.84) perhaps can be some other options to think about.

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