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Having a great fence, of course, becomes an own pride for everyone. As you know that fence has a myriad of benefits for our daily life in keeping a house. Without a fence, indeed, people will feel worry in keeping their home because there’s no barrier between the house area and outside. People suppose that building the fence, certainly need much costs for any expense such as installing, maintaining and also treating the fence to get lasting color. Because of that reason, people at last do not build the fence around their house. How about you? Are you worried about it too?

If you also worry about it, do not hope that you will get the peace in living at your house. Building the fence must not spend lots of money. There are some alternative that you can take in getting the fence, for example installing the vinyl fence.


Do you know what vinyl fence is?

That is a kind of fence with a white picket that does not require about treating and staining the fence or also color fading. Many houses in the suburbs have used this type of fence to protect their house from any kinds of damage. So, if you have a little cost in building the fence, we suggest you to try this fence. Actually, before you decide to build it, you are better to choose the best one based on your capability. Here are some fence from vinyl fence company price that is recommended for you.


Vinyl Fence Company with Price

1. WamBam Traditional Vinyl Fence

vinyl fence company
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The first one company,  beginning with Wambam manufacturer from USA. The vinyl fence comes with classic white picket fence that you must not to maintain this fence. Because this fence is completed by premium grade vinyl fence with weather-resistant so that it’s getting freshly looks. With vinyl material produce strong fence and good looking with UV inhibitors that means the fence not to get warp, splinter, yellow or rot. Furthermore, the fence system design premium vinyl picket gate that enable the fence to get good appearance.


For installing this fence, you can take the easy way, just insert the horizontal rails to the post groove, then, using the 3.5″ white screws and fasten together. Moreover, you can digging about 2 feet holes to stuck the bottom of the fence. Enjoying to spend your much time with your family at your house with Wambam traditional fence without thinking about maintaining and staining the fence. The fence has about 84 x 4.5 x 48″ dimensions with 34 pounds weight. Certainly, you can purchase it about $95.94 price including one 4.5″ x 4.5″ x 6ft, one 4ft x 7 ft panel, 1 post cap and stainless steel hardware if necessary. It is cheap fence, isn’t it?


2. Zippity Outdoor Vinyl fence

vinyl fence company
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The second company comes from Zippity manufacturer completed by the great material. Making your garden or backyard to get the beautiful landscape with easy installing is certainly excellent idea. The fence is made from premium vinyl materials that enables not obtain the rot, rust and worsen from the fence’s substance. Certainly, you do not have to clean the dirt up because it is completed with easy install, so, you just stuck the stakes into the ground. The fence is perfect in keeping the children and pets not to go out.

You can buy this one about $61.99 price containing 2 sections garden fence for a number of 116″ of fence. With styles pickets, it provides a decorative and aesthetics look that appeal for any house and garden.

The Dimensions

  1. 30″ overall height from top to bottom
  2. 58″ overall width from side to side
  3. 10 lbs. overall product weight
  4. 1.5″ overall depth from front to back
  5. 7″ distance from bottom rail to ground
  6. 29″ length between stakes
  7. Including 4 stakes with 0.875″ x 1.5″ x 36.5″ size


3. Cape Cod Vinyl Fence

vinyl fence company
credit: discountfence

This fence comes from Bufftech company that is completed by durable and elegant fence design. Actually, it is made from vinyl that does not require maintenance because it is free from fade, crack, rot, chip and others causes. Furthermore, the Cape Cod fence is easy to install without screws and glue to insert. Coming with white picket, actually you will do the hard work in maintaining and installing this fence. With a $24.45 price, of course, you are going to get this.

Need to know that Bufftech is one of vinyl fence that offers superb color to get the last longer and protects from the sunlight. The Cape Cod provides a lifetime limited warranty coverage and replacement costs for 5 years warranty after assembly. Furthermore, you are getting the maintaining free including no staining, sanding, painting and corrosion resistant. The height of this fence is about 3ft, 4ft and 5ft so that it prevents to safe the children and pets to go out. It is completed by durable, strong and safe substance with splinter free surface that means friendly for environment.


4. Lexington Vinyl Privacy Fence

vinyl fence company
credit: avinylfence

Based on the name of the fence, privacy fence means a barrier to block relation between you and your neighbor not to get closer. With installing this fence, you will not arbitrarily to run or walk through your neighbor yard. If you are planning to build the vinyl fence, this Lexington Privacy fence may be your choice. Besides keeping the private activity, this vinyl fence also protect the animals and children to go outside or strangers to come into your house.

Actually, it is made from vinyl with weather resistant so that it withstand from rot, rust and dirt caused by change of seasons. Completed by composite material, automatically, it protects from UV rays. Therefore, the Lexington offers the lifetime warranty for this fence. You can spend your money about $16.43 for getting this one. The Lexington offers the economical price with dependable performance so that it is included the cheap cost for a kind of vinyl fence. It has 4′, 5′ and 6′ fence height with white and almond color.

5. Traditional Yorkshire Vinyl Picket

vinyl fence company
credit: avinylfence

This model of vinyl fence company comes with concave and straight styles that make it adorable looks. It has 3′ and 4′ height with white color including caps, rails, posts, picket caps, all picket and stainless steel fastener. No doubt that vinyl is well-known as durable and long lasting material that stand for any weather. So, it enables you not to painting, maintaining and staining the fence for a short time. Coming with white color and great style create the fence getting the stunning and interesting looks.

Do you want it?

Just spending about $26.62, absolutely, you can have this adorable vinyl fence. For the dimensions, rails: 1-3/4″ x 3-1/2″ x 72″, picket spacing: 2-7/16″ and picket size: 7/8″ x 3″. It comes with gothic post cap style so that adding the fence more beautiful.


6. Millbrook Semi Private Vinyl Fence

vinyl fence company
credit: avinylfence

For the last model, it comes from Millbrook semi-private fence. Called semi-private, actually, the fence has a hole between the picket. So, it sustains the neighbor to look at your activity inside the fence. The vinyl fence also has long lasting and durable material that soaks away the rot, rust and crack. For buying this one, you should spend about $32.25 price. Coming with white and almond color add elegance and luxury of this fence.

For the dimensions, it consist of several sizes. They are 5′ & 6′ for fence height, 2″ x 6″ x 94″ for top and bottom rails, 1 2/4″ x 3 1/2″ x 94″ for mid-rail, 1 3/16″ for picket spacing, and 7/8″ x 6″ for picket size.

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