Flexible Wall Mounted Patio Umbrella That Can You Choose For Patio

Nowadays, many developers innovate for all things in every subject such as technology, household, property even its equipment. As well as for the house equipment, there are many new innovations that might be desired for many people. The wall mounted patio umbrella is good equipment that has influenced the world trading currently. In fact, many people want to get the something simple in their life without hard-working. As well as for the patio furniture, it comes with bringing the simplicity for people. For example, the wall mounted patio umbrella can help people in protecting them from the sunlight when they are enjoying an activity. The umbrella can protect the people easily based on the sun comes without moving the umbrella. For you who are looking for the wall mount patio umbrella, perhaps some idea below can help you in choosing the patio umbrella.


Wall Mount Patio Umbrella Ideas


1.Red Wall Mounted Patio Umbrella

wall mounted patio umbrella

credit: Hammacher

The first model comes from Belgium that is usually found in the seaside villas or courtyard in Europe. It is also providing the large shade in an area than the traditional umbrella normally. It is great for a kind of patio umbrella because it can be adjusted up to 30o for any direction and also can be mounted to a side-mounted or wall to a pole. The umbrella has about 9′ diameter hexagonal canopy that is made of 100% acrylic fabric with a durable and long-lasting material. The material also can banish the UV fading and the bad weathering. You can set it easily, just connecting the umbrella to a wall using about 3 section aluminum arm that can let you organize the height of umbrella around a seating area. This wall mounted patio umbrella offers several colors of a canopy, they are beige, moss green and brick canopy. Moreover, you can get it with a $799.95 price in some available store. For the warranty, this wall mounted patio umbrella provides with The Hammacher Schlemmer Lifetime Guarantee. It is so amazing offer, right? In fact, the product will not disappoint you because if there’s something bad, actually, you can return it for exchange, refund or credit.


2. The Versatile SU3 Wall Umbrella

wall mounted patio umbrella

credit: Amazon

The second type is absolutely suitable for your patio, balconies, courtyard and decks. The umbrella has been designed to advance off a pillar, beam, post and also wall. It is so perfectly solutions for your area where you have a small space ground without the protection. This is ideal for limited space to resists the sunlight directly to your place. The Su3 wall umbrella also has some benefit that you can feel when you’re using it. Moreover, it can extremely fold away and removable when it’s not required. The Su3 wall umbrella has hexagon size with 8’10’ diameter. There are great features that complete the SU3 wall umbrella, they are:

  1. 10° Tilt option on the umbrella
  2. Simple and patented opening system
  3. Horizontal rotation
  4. Easy remove when is not used
  5. Collapses tidily down against the wall when not required
  6. Produced from premium and non-corrosive materials such as marine stainless steel and aluminum
  7. Telescopic sleeve and extend from 4’7” to 5’11”
  8. Maximum space underneath with no pole


3. Paraflex Wall Mounted Umbrella

wall mounted patio umbrella

credit: Amazon

The third umbrella comes with the great offer such as the flexible umbrella that can be moved based on the sunlight comes. The umbrella is from Paraflex Parasol with a 2.7m diameter hexagonal shape. Because it is so impossible when the sun moves, you’ll move the umbrella too, right? We think that it’s a hard job for you. Normally, the umbrella just protects you from the sunlight but not with this, the wall umbrella gives the solutions for you with the flexible arm. It uses the Paraflex system that has a super modern design with high-quality aluminum. In addition, this wall mounted umbrella is easy in managing and handling the sunlight during the day with awning system provided. The uniqueness of this umbrella is provided from the system where it can full for 180o movement. So, it can give an amazing flexibility for the shading from the sun.


4. Wall Flex Umbrella

wall mounted patio umbrella

Credit: Amazon

The last patio umbrella is from Wall Flex Umbrella where it gives some special offer for feature, performance, and material. It has higher sun and wind resistance than the traditional wall umbrella. The umbrella is good for your patio, balcony, cafe, restaurant, entertaining spot and others area. The special feature offers wind rating 40km/hr, UV resistance Polyamide parts and aluminum frame. There is some shape with different size, for the square 190cm x 190 cm, for hexagonal 220 cm and 270 cm diameter. For the umbrella holder size, the standard (2parts) 185cm, long (2 parts) 235 cm and king (3 parts) 235 cm.

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