What is Fencing? | The Benefits, DIY, Pros and Cons

The fence is an important thing that supports your beautifulness of your house. With building the fence, you can provide the safe environment for your family, especially your children. Nowadays, almost everyone builds the fence when they build the house. It is caused people have known about the benefits of fence for their life.

If you are planning to build the fence, certainly, you have to know about the fence at all including the definition, benefits, advantages, disadvantages and how to build. Now, we are going to explain about those one by one. Let’s check it out!


What is Fencing?


What is Fencing? | The Benefits, DIY, Pros and Cons
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Fencing is a structure to protect an area that is constructed by wire, boards, netting or concrete. The fence is just created a half not having whole length like a wall. Furthermore, fence means vertical structure designed to restrict or prevent movement across those borders. Fences are generally distinguished by the robustness of the walls according to their construction: a wall is generally defined as a barrier made from brick or concrete, which not only restrict movement, but also the views from outside eyesight.


The Benefits of Fencing

There are so many the functions of the fence based on the utility, they are;

  1. Farm fencing to protect livestock from predators
  2. Perimeter fencing to keep children from wandering away
  3. Privacy fence to provide our privacy from neighbor eyesight
  4. Safety Fencing to provide the security and avoid a stealing
  5. Decorative fencing to make beautiful a home, park and garden  
  6. Acoustic fencing to reduce noisy voice


The Advantages of Fencing

If you’ve used the fence as the barrier of your home, actually, you’ve chosen the right opt. For that reason, fence has several advantages to apply at your house, they are;

  1. Security – The first advantage of fence is security where it can protect you and your family from the strangers that perhaps enter suddenly into the yard. With the fence, automatically, you have the space to prevent someone coming for the wrong reason
  1. Privacy – Actually, you desire to have something that must not be known by the people especially your neighbor. Certainly, when you are enjoying the dinner or just relaxing in the patio, the fence will keep you from neighbor’s eyesight. So, you can create the fence with 6-six-tall to get the calmness and peaceful.
  2. Barrier – The fence actually can prevent your children and pets not to go outside and keeping them from unwanted strangers.


  1. Reduction of Traffic Noise – Certainly, if your home is near the busy street, the noise of the vehicle will be heard clearly into your home. With the 8-foot-high fence using the concrete or solid material, automatically, it can reduce the traffic noise.


  1. Aesthetical Factor – With the beautiful and attractive fence design, absolutely can add the stunning and appeal to your home. Nowadays, you can create the fence with lots of great design offered the contractor or builder.  


The Disadvantages of Fencing

After we know the advantages of the fence, now, we have to know about the disadvantages of fence. So, you can consider in creating the fence.

  1. Preservation – Having the fence, automatically, you must capable in keeping the fence from the dirt, rusty and mossy. So, you need staining, cleaning, painting or sealing to make the fence constantly beautiful and maintained. So, you have to spend cost to upkeep your fence.
  1. High Cost – with building the fence, you must be already to expend the cost. The fence costs actually depend on the material used, the height and the length, the design, the number of the gate and the style that you want.
  1. Closed – The fence can deliver the house owner as an introvert person. So, it becomes a block between you and your neighbor so that giving rise to individual life. So, your neighbor or guests feel awkward to visit your home.


How to Build the Fencing

what is fencing
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To build the fence, you can also build it by yourself. Indeed, you can build it by the simple ways. Here, we choose the wooden fence.

The things you need;

  1. Wooden
  2. Nail
  3. Hammer
  4. String


The Steps

  1. Firstly, prepare the wood to be formed based on the width and the height as you want. Then, form them with your desired style.
  2. Then, measure the space to get the length of the fence.
  3. After, you formed and measured the space. Now, we’re going to build the wooden fence. Starting from the end of your land. Dig the soil about 8-inch to plug the wood. Continue the step until it’s finished.
  4. Then, apply the others wood horizontally and nail it using the hammer.  It goals to make the fence stronger.
  5. Finally, you can paint it using the wooden paint as you want.

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