3 Stunning American Locations to Buy Your Ideal Home

If you live in America and are looking to buy a truly superb property that is a work of art itself, you will also be wanting to be located in a picturesque area. Most estate agents consider the location of a property to be one of the most important factors in its overall value. Clearly, for different people, an ideal location means different things. It could be living in an area of outstanding natural beauty such as near a national park, or in a busy metropolis where there are a wealth of entertainment options. For other people having a predictably warm climate with stunning summers could be the key factor in the choice of location. In this article, three stunning locations in America are explored that could make a dream location in which to purchase your ideal home.

American Locations to Buy Your Ideal Home

1. Venice Beach California

California is called the sunshine state for a good reason. It is one of the best states in America for levels of sunshine and good weather. In July alone Californians can typically expect to get 364 hours of sunshine. The climate tends to be consistent, and even in the winter months there are over two hundred hours of sunshine per month. Venice beach is an excellent location to live for sun lovers, surfers and those who enjoy sports. There is a vibrant culture of street artists alongside the bikini clad sun worshippers and there is a performing arts center (Electric lodge performing arts) which promotes dance classes, self-empowerment and acting. House prices are expensive but given the picturesque location this is no surprise. When looking for Venice beach homes for sale you will have a wealth of entertainment on your doorstep. Put simply, if you enjoy the sun and have a large budget for your home, Venice Beach could be the ideal location.

2. Martha’s Vineyard

Martha’s Vineyard is an island situated just south of Cape Cod in Dukes County Massachusetts. It is often referred to by Americans as “Hollywood East” due to the vast number of celebrities, artists and even presidents who spend their summer vacations there. It is famed for its picturesque views and countryside along with small cluster of villages and a very pleasant general environment. It could make an ideal location for retired people who have already amassed their wealth and can afford house prices that are typically over 50% above the state average. However, it may not be a good place to work as income levels are significantly below the state average. In short, if you seek peace and tranquility in later life whist rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous in summer time it could be a perfect location.

3. Manhattan New York   

If you seek to live in a major metropolis and want to experience a diverse range of culture, entertainment and art related activities then Manhattan, New York could be the ideal place to buy property. Prices vary dramatically depending on the neighborhood but as a rule the area attracts a large number of artists and creative people, making it a perfect place to live for the artistically minded. Being part of “the city that never sleeps” means that the wealth of entertainment options available will lead to almost limitless choice as to how to spend your free time.

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