3 Ways To Properly Maintain Your Home Blinds

Window blinds look like some of the hardest things to clean in the house, and it really is the case if you aren’t smart about their care. Unless you have wooden blinds, you won’t need any extra supplies or cleaning tools, and you can clean them once a month in addition to the regular dusting to make sure they don’t cause you any problems.

But accumulating dust isn’t the only possible issue you can have with blinds – you’ll need to make sure that they don’t get stuck or the mechanisms aren’t jammed, and keep them safe from the elements when you have your windows open. Rain, wind, and sunlight can all harm your blinds, which will make them last for a shorter time than they’re supposed to. Especially in the case of wooden blinds, which are susceptible to rot, mold, and parasites that would feed on the wood.

Keep reading to find out what you can do to keep this from happening, and more.

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1.  Keep Maintenance in Mind

When you’re buying window blinds or anything else like that, make sure you keep the maintenance needs in mind. Wooden blinds are harder to clean and might even weigh more than you’d expect or like, but faux wood blinds might be a more user-friendly option.

Materials like vinyl, plastic, and aluminum are popular too, and sites like Blind Guys offer blinds and curtains in all shapes and sizes – they’re really handy if you wish to do any research before your purchase, which everyone should.

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In addition to the cost and the looks, make sure that you keep their maintenance needs in mind when you buy blinds. Wood treated with certain chemicals might be fine for you to use, and certain non-wood materials might be prone to discoloration from the sun or staining.

2.  Deep Cleaning Blinds

Sometimes your blinds can be exposed to extreme dust, grease, and humidity. Unless you have wooden blinds in such places – which we do not recommend – you’ll need to deep clean them. Blinds on kitchen and restaurant windows are the most susceptible to this kind of damage, but window blinds in areas where sand storms or rain is common are just as vulnerable to damage.

Take the blinds off and soak them in a tub of water. Pour dish soap and baking soda in it as well and let them sit there for at least half an hour. After this, you can take them out and wipe them down before drying and reinstalling them.

Deep cleaning should be done as often as you feel necessary, and at least once every few months.

3.  Sun Stained Blinds

A lot of blinds turn yellow with time – this is sun damage that won’t be reversed with cleaning methods that are made to tackle dust and dirt. Don’t worry though – you can get rid of the yellowing pretty easily.

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All you have to do is soak your blinds in a tub full of water and three cups of bleach. This will get rid of any yellowing and sun damage, leaving your blinds good as new. Make sure you thoroughly clean the blinds before this to make sure it works properly!

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