4 Important Things You Should Know Before Selling Your Home

Many sellers think selling a house is an easy process. Don’t be that person. If you do not take certain steps before putting your house on the market, it will create uncertainty, and stress for you. So, learn about the top things you need to know as a seller and stay ahead of them.

Hiring an experienced realtor is important.

It’s a common misconception among buyers and sellers that all real estate agents want to take unfair commission from them. Well, they are not. That is why choosing a realtor is one of the greatest challenges homeowners face. There are numerous real estate agents in every real estate market. But the best business is done by only 10-15% of the real estate agents. These agents are NOT a ‘YES’ man/woman. They will tell you what is feasible and what is the highest price at which you can list your house. They will also suggest which prospective buyer to bring to an open house to close the deal. That’s why hiring a good realtor is half your work done while selling your house. So before you put your house in the market saying ‘homes for sale by owner Spokane, WA ‘, interview and choose the correct realtor.

The time of selling varies with the market

Yes, it is your house, and whatever you do with it is your decision to make.  But if you think that you are going to set the price of your house when you wish to sell it , you are wrong. Every real estate market has different buyers and seller’s markets. In some markets, March, April, May might seem a great time to buy, whereas, in others, it won’t. Being a seller you wouldn’t want to enter the buyer’s market. In a buyer’s market, the buyers in the real estate business have an upper hand over the seller. The seller’s market is the opposite. It’s important to know what type of marketplace exists in your area when you are going to sell a property. Again, having a local realtor who knows the market well will come in very handy. He will be the perfect person to tell when should you put up the board that says, ‘homes for sale by owner Spokane, WA

Gathering Information, Documents

The job of a good realtor does not end at putting up a board saying ‘homes for sale by owner Spokane, WA’. Rather, it begins from there. As a realtor, they should have every information on the mechanics of the house. The more updates he is aware of, the more informed he will be. The more informed he is, the better he will be able to write compelling descriptions. The more compelling information he puts up, the more he will attract genuine buyers. Here are some paper works you should collect when selling a home:

  • Dates of any home improvement projects, such as window installation, carpet installation, kitchen remodels, and bathroom remodels, etc
  • Any certificate of compliance (permits) that apply, such as shed permits, fence permits, deck permits, etc
  • Central air conditioning and water heater age & any instruction manuals

Prepare your house for sale

Selling a house does not mean putting up a board saying  ‘homes for sale by owner Spokane, WA’, or calling your real estate agent and it will be ready for the market. An experienced realtor should be able to walk you through the corrections and the repairments of your home. Things like decluttering, minor repairing, re-painting. As a seller, it might seem insignificant to you. But a realtor who has experience in the market will know what the buyers want. First impressions are always crucial when selling a house. You should stay prepared to create that first impression.

Final Thoughts

Now that you are aware of the things to do, make sure you consider these points before putting out the ‘homes for sale by owner Spokane, WA’ board.

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