5 Brilliant Recycling Ideas for DIY Home Decor Projects

What materials can be recycled, and how are they recycled for home projects? What can things be made from recycled materials that we can use for DIY home decor projects? Wait!! We’ll explain everything here for you.

If you are decorating on a budget or perhaps, you’re trying to “reduce, reuse and recycle.” And, if it is for either, we’ve got you covered with a ton of DIY home décor ideas that will make your time spent here worthwhile.

Now, if you love the look of antique or handmade décor in your home, DIY is the closest you can get to create something unique and one-of-a-kind. DIY home décor projects involve time, creativity, and of course, dedication to each mission you lay your hands upon.

On the other hand, recycling a garbage pile and converting it into a functional and proper item is for bettering the environment and providing a home with better interiors. We assure you that once you get your hands on wasted materials like bottles and jars, you aren’t going to stop there.

So, whatever your motivation for recycling interior design elements, the style is healthy, and the possibilities are endless!

Let’s take a look at how you can recycle your used items, turning them into unique decorative accessories for every section of the house as home décor.

For that plantaholic

If you love plants and want them to be a part of your home, well, here are two easy DIY home décor ideas.

Idea 1 – To make a boho planter, begin by selecting an excellent old tin can. Colorful ribbon, rolls of yarn, and three perfume caps are needed.

Take the cardboard sheet, wrap the yarn around the cardboard from edge to edge. Cut a piece of ribbon 4 inches longer than the board. Using the glue gun, put a little glue on the yarn, as close as possible to the cardboard edge.

Smoothy press the ribbon on the bond to fix it with the yarn. Once the ribbon and the yarn are glued together, cut the yarn following the opposite cardboard edge. Repeat this process for three different layers in different colors, or you can use the same color.

Lastly to give the planter a raised look, use hot glue to stick the three perfume caps underneath the tin. You can also use old bottle caps. Turn the can upside down, and add your indoor plant to complete this DIY home décor project.

Idea 2 – Make use of soda bottles for a hanging garden.

Let’s look at it this way: one person’s trash is another’s a vertical garden. Instead of discarding your old soda used plastic bottles, store them for better use.

Using a pair of scissors, make a square cut in the middle of the bottle. Using a rope to secure the bottles, make two holes at the bottom of the bottle and two at the bottle’s neck. Thread the string through a hole and pull it out through the other. Then stretch and attach the rope to the wall onto hooks.

Get that rug made at home

If you hate to use the same old fashion on repeat, we’ll show you a simple recycled craft for home décor using old sweaters.

Idea 1 – Convert old sweaters to a rug

Since rugs come in colorful tones and textures, sweaters recycled into use will be a superb choice. With only a pair of scissors, begin to cut the old sweaters into strips of varying lengths. Starting from the shortest length to the longest, roll the strips one after another into spirals. You will see the spiral getting bigger and bigger; stop when you think it’s sufficient. To hold the spiral together, use a glue gun to stick the strips to perfection. You can complete the rug’s look with a pom-pom trim or a frill.

Idea 2 – Don’t let your denim go to a waste

You can use the same process as the sweaters, or you can cut out uneven patches of the denim, stitch them together to make a collage rug. Tip- use different shades of denim to bring out a color character from the DIY rug.

Creative storage DIY tricks

Here, we share with you two tricks that you can use at home. Since storage is important in a home to hide the clutter, make use of these cheap DIY home décor project ideas:

Idea 1 – Save that diaper box

Keep using those old diaper boxes to gain new excellent storage options out of them for your home. Cover an empty diaper box with a gift wrapper or handmade paper. You can use these cute boxes to store fabric, pampers, and even old clothes that no longer fits your child. This easy DIY home décor sure puts your about-to-spend money in saving.

Idea 2 – Used or unused cardboard boxes

If you are done moving and have no clue what to do with the extra cardboard boxes, worry not. These friendly brown boxes will come into use for your storage. For a better and stylish DIY storage bin, glue leftover or old fabric onto the box to get started. You can make handles for the box using handles from an old and used cloth bag or a handbag.

Wall pocket organizers

We all love the idea of floating organizers, because it doesn’t occupy much space.

Idea 1 – Denim pockets

You can put old denim into use for many DIY home décor projects. Reuse the separated jean pockets to make a glam pouch to store pencils and other stationery. This denim pouch can be hung or pinned to a corkboard or a foam board in your office or study space. This recycled art home décor will help prevent clutter on your desk.

Idea 2 – Lotion bottles

Don’t trash the old shampoo and lotion bottles. They can be of great help when it comes to organization. Cut them into a perfect half and using the bottom half, hang it on the wall hooks to create that perfect pocket organizer. It has the ability to hold tools, materials, and accessories.

Let’s make some colorful DIY vases

Idea 1 – If you are discarding your old globes at home and replacing them with a new one, you can use this recycled art home décor tip. Cut the globe into equal halves. You can either use one half of the globe for potpourri and the other half as a vase for faux flowers.

Idea 2 – sconces for your letters

To bring an industrial look to your home, use recycled galvanized metal sconces for your plants, or it can double it up as a mailbox.

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