5 Essential Money Saving Tips for Redecorating at a Discount


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The sofa is starting to look a little worse for wear, the cat’s had a little too much time to scratch your favorite armchair, and the coffee table has more than its fair share of rings and dents. It’s time to refresh your home and invest a little bit in redecorating.

With the cost of essentials so high right now, there may not be much room in your budget for new furniture. Try these tips for keeping your costs under control and finding a way to redecorate at a discount.

#1 Make a Budget

Before you make a big purchase like furniture, you should know how much money you have to spend. Many people wait to make major purchases until they’ve had an influx of cash, such as an end-of-year bonus or a tax refund.

Financial bonuses like these are great when you’re trying to budget. You know exactly how much extra cash you have to spend, and with a bit of research online, you can plan out every single purchase before making a single one.

Matching your budget to your online purchases will keep you from going into debt to redecorate.

#2 Buy Used Furniture

Furniture that’s well-maintained and taken care of can get years of use, and you can find a goldmine of savings by shopping for used furniture. There are all kinds of places you can look for used furniture, including:

  • Online marketplaces where individuals and retailers list old furniture;
  • Consignment shops that may have curated and vintage furniture;
  • Yard sales where the condition of furniture may be less predictable;
  • Estate sales that can have some good deals if you have the time.

The secret to buying used is always double-checking the quality and condition of a piece before you commit to it.

#3 Find Sales Online

Online marketplaces are great places to find dining tables, desks, chairs, TV stands, and sofas on sale. A lot of independent retailers will use online marketplaces to advertise Boxing Week sales, liquidation sales, and other events.

It’s a great way to find more information about non-big box retailers and get brand names for less.

#4 Sell Old Furniture Online

You’re looking to squeeze all the savings you can out of your next purchase, but what about offsetting the cost? If the furniture you’re replacing is in good condition, you can easily turn it into extra cash.

Give your furniture a bit of a cleaning, and make sure you take high-quality pictures for an online ad to attract attention.

#5 Get Credit Card Rewards for Big Purchases

Credit cards get a lot of flack when you’re talking about budgeting and financial planning, but when used wisely, a credit card can be used to your benefit. Credit cards that accumulate rewards, such as points or cash back, are perfect for big-ticket purchases.

The secret to optimizing your credit card rewards is paying off the full balance each month. If you carry a balance, the cost of paying interest will quickly overshadow any rewards, but if you’re diligent about paying in full, you can see the benefits.

You can redecorate without having to spend too much. Check out your options for used furniture, find sales online, offset the costs by selling your own old furniture, and optimize your credit card rewards if you can.


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