5 Signs You Need a Residential Roofing Renovation

Roofing improvements may be pricey in any home; consequently, you should only do these upgrades when they are really essential. Realizing you must replace your roofing must be the worst thought to cross a homeowner’s mind. Immediately you only see many, many dollar bills and major disruption to your life. However, an unsound roof can be extremely dangerous, and when that roof comes down, better it is at the hands of experts than onto your head!

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Luckily if you choose to replace and upgrade to a new roof, there are many professionals eager and willing to help! Before you call them out, you can run through these 5 points to see if you do indeed need that new roofing. 

  • Water Damage

Do you see any marks on your walls or ceiling? Moisture marks, brown, grey, or yellow stains, and peeling paint are all signs of water being somewhere where it should not be! While keeping a vigilant eye, remember that your expertise on the matter is limited, and it will never hurt to have a professional inspect your roof yearly to catch anything you might have missed. 

  • Residential Roofing has Age Limits:

Certain roofing is done with certain materials. Do yourself a favor and look at your home improvement records to see if your roofing might not have come to the end of its lifespan. The lifespan of materials is determined by how much environmental wear and tear the material can withstand before its integrity is compromised.

Composition Shingles: 12-20 years

Asphalt Shingles: 15-30 years

Wood Shingles: 20-25 years

Rubber Roofs: 30-50 years

Metal Roofs: 50-75 years 

  • Shingles Misbehaving

Shingles should lie flat against your roof. Thunderstorms, winds, hail, tree branches collapsing down along with any other kind of physical strike to the roof can damage the shingles on your roof. The damage might not always look serious at first, but if left as is, it will only get worse. Catch unruly shingles early, and you might be able to replace just the damaged ones. Leave them be, and you might lose your roof!

  • The Sad Sight of Sagging

If your residential roofing does not run along straight lines, you can be sure that moisture is the culprit. When sagging appears, moisture and water damage has rooted away your roofing boards that were keeping your roof straight and the entire structure strong. It is highly advised to contact a professional as only they will be able to assess the extremity of the damage. 

  • Moss, Mold, or Fungi 

Yep! It is moisture again. Aside from the structural damage we now know moisture can cause, mold is a big problem. Not only is it extremely difficult to eradicate as spores circulate in the air, but it is very detrimental to your respiratory health! It can even be the cause of your constant hay fever or worsening asthma.

Remember that these 5 things to look out for are just guidelines, and if you are in any doubt or want peace of mind, a professional opinion is ALWAYS the way to go!

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