5 Steps for Creating an Effective Study Space

There are many students who prefer to study online from home due to a number of reasons. Maybe they want to get enrolled in a foreign institution and opt to pursue an online degree or maybe they want to gain some additional skills via online platforms. This kind of studying from home really warrants the creation of a proper study space at home that can be used to effectively follow along with web-based classes.

study space

Even if you are not taking any online courses, a study space should still be set up while you are studying in college or university. This will help you concentrate on your educational work without finding yourselves falling victim to laziness and distractions that usually come when working from home.

So, let’s take a look at how you can create such a space at home without having to do something too complicated.

1.   Achieve Some Privacy

The first thing you need to do when creating an area for studying is to find a private corner in your house. The creation of a good atmosphere teaches us how to stay focused when studying. And to create such an atmosphere, you need to have privacy. This does not mean that you lock yourselves in a closet but look for a place where you won’t be constantly distracted by other people, the TV, ringing phones, etc.

To achieve more privacy, make sure your phone is silent during study time. If you can turn it off completely, do so. Not only can a mobile device become distracting but it can also negatively affect your time management.

2.   Get the Right Light

A good amount of light in the room is one of the best elements you can use when you want to create a study space that is effective. Ideally, locate your desk next to a window to utilize natural light. Sunlight is great for warming up a dull area and making people more productive.

If you don’t have access to sunlight, make sure there is enough lighting via a desk lamp. This is crucial if you are writing for a long time or work on a laptop. This can put a strain on the eyes which is not healthy. The importance of maintaining healthy eyesight habits has been analyzed extensively in the research papers on Papersowl.com, where the correct lightning was called essential for the studying process.

3.   Organize Yourself

Keeping a tidy and organized workspace is essential for many learners to be productive. Keep your items where you can easily locate them on a daily basis. Put your physical paperwork in folders or at least stack them in a way so you can quickly sift through them to get what you want. If you have to shuffle through heaps of papers and books every day before you start studying, you’ll end up wasting a lot of precious hours.


One solution is to get a desk organizer for your table. This can hold all your necessary supplies like pens, pencils, USB sticks, and more. The same goes for your digital files. Put everything into neat folders with easy-to-locate file names.

4.   Provide Comfort

Comfort does not equate to lying in bed. In this case, it means getting the right kind of furniture. A chair that is ergonomic and offers back support will go a long way toward making long study sessions bearable. Learn how to sit at a desk properly to achieve maximum comfort while you work. If you are comfortable, you will be able to make the most of your dedicated study area.

You can also take breaks from the seat and change your location a little. Sit on the floor for a bit while reading a book or doing some research. Walk around to get the blood flowing to your legs. Or just stand up to stretch your muscles for a minute.

5.   Do the Little Things

Figure out the little stuff that makes you happy and feel better while you study. Maybe you like to have some coffee or play a little music in the background. Some people like a bit of noise around them to concentrate while others don’t. Everyone is different, so you should identify the things that can create the best possible space for your studies and implement them in your routine.


There are many ways to help you develop an environment perfect for your needs and preferences when it comes to education. Learning from home can become very difficult if you don’t have the right kind of atmosphere to help you stay indoors for hours. That is why it is crucial that you alter your surroundings to remain as focused as possible and extract the most from your efforts.

Follow these simple tips for creating effective study space, and enjoy the process.


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