5 Things You Need to Settle Before Moving Into Your New Apartment

Congratulations! You’re almost ready for moving day.

After accomplishing the initial relocation steps (e.g., hiring professional movers, packing your stuff, and buying new furniture), you’re probably already looking forward to the big day.

moving to apartment

But before that, you still need to accomplish a few things.

Assuming you already have your kitchen, bedroom, and living room essentials, here is a list of the last things you’ll need to get settled into your new apartment:

1. Utilities and Maintenance

Before you move, iron out the details of your basic utilities. Talk to the relevant service provider in your new location to set an installation date for your electricity and water connection.

After the installation, proceed to the next step: utility testing.

To be safe, check if all the electrical equipment in your new apartment is working. And don’t forget to assess the plumbing to catch and repair any issues before they get worse.

If you lived in the UAE before the move, you might need to have the utilities disconnected in your old house. In Dubai, you do this through the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA).

You may also need to end some of your subscriptions, especially those that can no longer be delivered to your new home.

Next is maintenance.

Maintenance is a vital aspect of home ownership, but it is also crucial for those renting an apartment in Dubai.

You can obtain maintenance services in two ways. You can either call and pay for the service as the need arises or sign up for an annual maintenance contract with a reliable service provider.

Of the two, experts recommend an annual contract because it guarantees certain perks and is more cost-effective than the former. It is also a type of service that includes preventive maintenance visits, annual electrical and plumbing inspections, and air-conditioning services.

2. Cleaning

apartment cleaning

Prioritise deep cleaning while your new home is still bare. Even if it looks clean, there will always be nooks and crannies that need a good sweep.

Of course, you don’t have to perform the task yourself, especially if you truly want to get the best results. Hire professionals to give the space a deep clean, which includes wiping all surfaces and vacuuming every square inch of the apartment.

Once this is done, stock up on your own cleaning supplies to keep your new space spick-and-span. You don’t have to buy an expensive vacuum right off the bat, but you must have several essential tools and products, like:

  • Broom and dustpan
  • Mop and bucket
  • Garbage bags
  • Paper towels
  • Sponges (one for the dishes and one for cleaning)
  • Soft rags and microfiber cloth
  • Handheld vacuum
  • Rubber gloves
  • Bathroom cleaning spray
  • Multi-purpose spray
  • Laundry detergent
  • Liquid dish soap
  • White vinegar and baking soda
  • Hand soap for the bathroom and kitchen

You can also invest in a furniture polisher, heavy-duty vacuum, or microfiber sweeper, though these can wait a bit later.

3. Safety and Security

Although the UAE is listed among the safest countries in the world, it wouldn’t hurt to be extra cautious in a new neighbourhood.

You can do a few things to boost the safety and security of your new home.

First, change the locks on the doors, even if they’re still in excellent condition. This will ensure that you’re the only one with keys to the locks.

Second, you can install a home security system, which may include the following features:

  • Control panel
  • Passcode-protected entrances
  • Security cameras in and around the apartment
  • Sensors

Third, ensure the place has other safety measures in place, like an easily accessible fire extinguisher. Check whether the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are working properly as well.

Note: You may need to discuss some of these changes with your landlord before implementing them.

4. Home Improvement


Even if you’re moving to a brand-new apartment, you may still need to make a few tweaks and enhancements to the interior of your new home.

This can range from installing a new wallpaper or bookshelf in the living room to changing light bulbs and adding electrical switches by your bedside table.

Home improvements make the place feel more like home, so make sure you customise the space according to your needs where possible.

Again, make sure you discuss any changes you plan to make with your landlord.

5. Food

While you can have dishes delivered to your new address or visit the best restaurants in Dubai, you still need to stock up on ingredients. This way, you can prepare your own food as necessary.

While you will make regular trips to the grocery store for specific ingredients, having the following basics during your move is a good start:

  • For the pantry: rice, bread, all-purpose flour, sugar or honey, coffee or tea, cereal or quick-cooking oats, cooking oil, vinegar, soy sauce, canned or dried beans, tuna or chicken, snack food (chips, nuts, pretzels, etc.), salt, and pepper
  • For the fridge: milk, butter, eggs (or egg substitute), cheese, fresh fruits, and vegetables
  • For the freezer: Meat or poultry, frozen pizza, dinners, patties, fruits, and veggies

Get Settled

Moving to a new apartment requires a few finishing touches before you can officially get settled. Tick off all the boxes with the help of this article and get settled into your new home with ease.

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