5 Tips for Selecting the Perfect Sofa Color for Your Living Room

Colors are one of the primary elements of interior design. They convey moods, transform spaces by changing their appearances, and give rooms the right ambiance and design.

These are the same reasons why you should put careful thought into choosing the right hues for your paint, décor, sofa set, and other furnishings and features in your living room, kitchen, and other spaces in your home.

5 Tips for Selecting the Perfect Sofa Color for Your Living Room

However, maximizing the effects and appeal of colors requires more than selecting one that you like or embodies your style. You also have to know how to combine and coordinate hues to turn rooms into enticing and pleasant spaces.

This entails matching all the colors of your furniture and features in all the rooms in your home to ensure they look appealing and coordinated.

Selecting the Right Color for Your New Sofa

A well-chosen sofa can make any living room look more stylish, sophisticated, and comfortable effortlessly.

However, you have to choose the right sofa, particularly its color, if you want this furniture piece to complement your living room’s look and style or enhance it.

If you’re looking for a new sofa set or couch for your living or family room but you are unsure about which color to pick, follow these shopping tips to select the right one:

1.     Consider the size of your living room.

The color of your couch can change the perceived size of your living space.

Dark and rich colors tend to make sofas look bigger, making them the ideal furniture that can complement a large living room.

However, if you have a small family space, you don’t want this furniture piece to stick out too much. Therefore, you want hues that do not catch a person’s eye quickly.

The best option is to go with neutral shades, such as ivory, tan, or light gray, and choose more eye-catching colors for the curtains and other features that capture attention.

If you love your wall color, you can also consider getting a sofa with the same hue so that it can blend into the room and make it look and feel larger.

2.     Think about the other furniture and decorations in your living room.

Taking stock of the other furnishings, decors, and other features in your living room ensures you choose a sofa color that looks great.

Aside from factoring in the color of your wall, take note of the following elements in your family room in your decision:

  • The color and material of your center and coffee tables.
  • The accent chairs, ottoman, and other furniture.
  • Your current throw pillows.
  • Your flooring, carpet, or area rug.
  • The wall paintings and other ornaments.

Unless you want to replace these furnishings and decors, make sure the color of your new sofa matches them.

3.     Know who will use the sofa frequently.

Although you want a couch that looks great in your living room, you don’t want one that stains or shows dirt easily and requires frequent cleaning.

Because of this, you have to think about who will use your sofa and how often they will sit on it.

Aside from sitting and lying on your couch, young children and pets have the habit of playing and climbing up and down on this furniture. Therefore, light-colored sofas are not your best options.

If you have kids or pets, it is best to select a sofa with a dark hue since it does not show dirt and stains easily if you have young kids or pets.

Dark-colored couches do not show wear and tear as much as light-colored ones as well.

4.     Avoid putting too much stock on trends.

A good-quality sofa is an investment you should treasure and aim to keep around for several years. As such, it is best to avoid overly trendy statement pieces, such as those with large patterns or vivid colors.

When the trend fades, as they often do, you will be stuck with a furniture piece that you won’t like having in your home within a year or so. And this means you won’t get the most out of your investment.

If you are interested in a particular trend, the best thing to do is to invest in smaller pieces that embody it, such as a slipcover or throw and accent pillows.

This simple tip allows you to give your living room a trendy look but at a more affordable price. Moreover, you can replace these items when the trend is over.

5.     Choose a sofa one to two tones darker than what you visualize.

A simple shopping trick that can help you have the perfect sofa is to get a piece that is one or two tones darker than your original choice.

By following this tip, you can reduce the appearance of marks and stains and pet hair if you own dogs or cats.

Moreover, if you place your couch in an area under or near a window, a darker hue can withstand the effects of direct sunlight on your new furniture.

But if you have another place where you can put your new sofa away from sunlight, do so to protect its color from fading and keep it looking new.

Whether you’re buying a new sofa set or just a couch, ensure you get the right color that complements your living room’s interior and look by following these shopping tips.

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