5 Ways to Add Personalized Home Decor to Make Your House a Home

Externalizing Your Internal Individuality

They say the way a home or a bedroom is organized in part reflects how a person’s mind is functioning. A cluttered, disheveled property may be an external reflection of a messy, unorganized mind. A property that’s ordered to the point of obsessive compulsive disorder could be indicative of a very controlling personality.

Certainly, the relationship between internal thinking and external property management isn’t of a “1 to 1” variety. However, it is a point to consider as you go about putting your house in order. The more ordered your house, the more ordered your mind. But beyond strict order, there’s the artistic component to consider.

Everyone has imagination in some capacity. The more imaginative you are, the better—provided, of course, you use the gift of imagination to good purpose.

At any rate, here we’ll briefly go over five ways to make the place you live more reflective of who you, or your family, is. Hopefully at minimum these suggestions stimulate your imagination toward enhanced and more qualitative décor.

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  1. Stained Glass Window Film for Your Interior

    Does your master bedroom have French doors separating it from the home’s living room? Do you have glass doors anywhere in the house? Are there any interior windows anywhere on your property? Does light come in any windows that are a bit too high to see through without assistance?

If any of those descriptions match your home, stained glass window film is an option. Essentially, you just cut out the film in the shape of the space where you’ll use it, then install it. It looks just like stained glass.

In fact, it looks like exceptionally high-dollar stained glass; but you can pick up film options for just a few bucks, and there are many designs to choose from. Here’s a site with some of them to help give you an idea what’s possible.

  1. Mirrors, Mirrors Everywhere

    Mirrors are another excellent way to make a home feel unique. Small spaces can be made to feel large, and light can be transferred around corners so that one lamp could very reliably illuminate a space that’s a thousand square feet or more. Plus, mirrors feel like windows even though they’re not. Mirrors open up any room.

If you’re finishing a small basement or an attic, putting mirrors all over the place will make the space feel less enclosed and more usable.

  1. Memorializing Fine Photos of Family and Pets

    Something else that will really make your property feel like a home is putting family photos everywhere. But everyone does that, so if you really want to make your house stand out, you might want to consider a modern technological twist.

First things first: just because your pets aren’t human doesn’t make them any less a part of your family; they’re just a different part. So don’t rule out photos of your favorite animals in a portrait setting of some variety; whether you put the family’s favorite dog in a gilded frame, or have a painting done using one of those modern instant painting services.

In fact, there’s one company that does this sort of thing specifically, and they can really help you get the artistic and memorial balance right.

Instapainting recommends custom hand-painted canvas designs. Essentially, you send the company the pictures you want memorialized, and they send you back a painting that looks like a world-renown portrait artist put it together.

  1. Repainting The Premises, or Adding New Wallpaper

    Paint will peel eventually, and on old properties, this could be dangerous if the paint is lead-based. You’ll want to repaint at some point, you might as well put some artistic thought into what you do so the new paint coats match what moves you artistically. If paint isn’t right, think about wallpaper. There are all sorts of designs to choose from—check these out.

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5. Flooring: Wood, Tile, Cement, Carpet, or Multiple Options?

Except for cement floors made of a concrete block constituting the foundation of your home, most flooring needs to have some sort of attention at some point.

A wooden kitchen floor needs to be sanded, new coats of polyurethane or other protectants need to be applied every couple years. Tile gets chipped and needs to be replaced. Carpet needs to be shampooed or replaced.

Rugs on top of wooden floors give you the best of both worlds: your feet feel comfortable, and the floor won’t get stained or damaged like it could owing to the carpet’s protection.

Turning A Basic Property Into a Unique Home
Flooring, repainting or wallpapering the premises, adding portraits of friends or family, mirrors to spread light and a feeling of largeness, interior stained glass films—all these things will make a home feel unique. What moves you? What sort of organization defines your mind? Express your inward self outwardly by matching your property to what’s inside you.

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