5 Ways You Can Use Your Furniture For Storage

Storage is often what we look for when we buy items, but sometimes drawers and cupboards just aren’t enough. We want to know there is space to hide clutter and store items that we don’t want to display. There are lots of ways you can use your furniture for storage. This list is designed to give you plenty of good options that will work in various ways.

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Opt for a bed with drawers

For a limited-space bedroom, a bed that offers storage, as well as comfort, is a win-win situation. To maximize your storage space, choose a bed with lots of storage drawers underneath or one with built-in drawers in the headboard (or both!). You can find furniture with extra storage at Furniture Vogue online.

If you have more than one child sharing a room, bunk beds can be ideal for saving floor space. Some of our bunk beds come with extra features like integrated desks, shelves or pull-out drawers for toys and clothes.

TV stands with open bottom drawers

A TV stand with drawers can be an excellent way to maximize storage space in your living room. When you’re looking for one, you’ll want to consider the size of your television or entertainment centre, as well as any other components you intend to store.

You’ll need to find a large enough stand to accommodate them while still fitting comfortably in the living room. You should also consider the type of wood used in construction and the finish applied. Although these are not necessary considerations, they can make a big difference in your home decor’s overall look and feel.

Choosing a TV stand with drawers that have enough capacity for all your media equipment is crucial. If you have more than one television set, purchasing two or three different stands may be necessary. This will allow you to organize your items and keep them from getting mixed up or jumbled together when they are being stored. A stand with more drawers will also provide you with more options when it comes time to accessorize it with additional furniture pieces such as end tables or coffee tables.

Footrests with storage

Footrests are an excellent way to save space in your living room. They are perfect for your home and are one of the most functional pieces of furniture you can have.

Many people choose a footrest as an alternative to a traditional footrest or stool because it provides comfort and extra room to store your items. They can hold many items you would never think about storing on a coffee table or end table. For instance, if you have lots of books or magazines lying around, a footrest is perfect for storing them in because it will keep them from getting damaged or cluttering your living space.

A computer desk with drawers to keep you organized

Some desks have only one drawer, while others have several drawers. Most desks, however, have a design that allows you a specific amount of space for the keyboard and mouse but then leaves a lot of unused space underneath. If your desk does this, you can make the most of the available room by finding one with drawers or shelves that fit underneath that unused area. You can use these to store extra paper, books, office supplies and other items. In addition to maximizing your storage space, a computer desk with drawers can also provide you with more work surface area in your office.

A computer desk with a file drawer is an ideal solution for anyone who needs more space for storing their files and documents. These desks typically come in two styles: vertical or horizontal. Vertical units feature one large drawer that runs the entire desk length; horizontal units feature two smaller drawers with pullout shelves underneath each one that allow you to stack your files horizontally rather than vertically (which saves more floor space).

A computer desk with a hutch is also a great choice to maximize storage space without taking up too much floor room. A hutch provides additional shelving and cabinet space right above.

bedside tables and dressers

If you’re looking for a small bedroom solution, a bedside table with drawers can increase storage space while minimizing the use of floor space. If you have the room, add a bedside table and lamp to each side of the bed.

For even more storage, select a bedroom dresser that doubles as a vanity: add a mirror to the centre of the dresser top for an instant dressing area. And if it’s in your budget, consider adding a built-in closet system with lots of shelves and drawers.

We hope that you were able to get some ideas for utilizing storage in your home (and perhaps even using your furniture for storage). The next time you are adding furniture or thinking of rearranging a room, remember to think about the storage it can offer.

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