6 DIY Home Decoration Ideas That Won’t Break Your Bank

House decoration is an enjoyable thing to do, especially now that most people spend more time at home. Others love decorating because it’s a hobby they adopted during the past years, while some want to try home decoration to see their houses in new lights.

Home decoration ideas can cost a few dollars, and even though home decorations are relatively affordable, you can always do them without spending much.

Your house is your personal space, so it’s okay to let your creativity run wild around it. If you want to decorate and save at the same time, here are six DIY home decoration ideas that won’t break your bank:

1.Paint Your Walls

 If your walls had the same color and pattern for the past three years or so, don’t you think it’s time to change it? Change the mood of your interior by completely changing the color of your walls. If it has been in neutral colors for some time now, be bold and try more vibrant shades. Do not be afraid to try other colors. If you worry that the new color won’t match the theme of your furniture, then it’s not a problem. You can simply add the most dominant color of your furniture as an accent to your walls to make them look matching. By painting your walls, you can also add some patterns to them.

When you’re looking for ways to remodel your interior, sometimes all it needs is a change of paint to look like you’re in a different room.

2. DIY Cardboard Frames

When you want to add a few decorations to your living room and bedroom, you can do that by making frames from cardboard. There are so many design ideas for picture frames that you can search on Google. All you have to do is search for a design you want to try, get some cardboard boxes, grab some paste and paint, and that’s it!

You can also make some statement decorations out of the cardboard frames. After designing a frame, write your favorite quote instead of putting a photo inside, then display it however you want around the house. The best places to put frames are the living room and hallways if you have them!

3. Replace Your Rugs!

Some rugs you use at home are probably worn out already, so replace them with new ones! Rugs exist to keep the flooring clean from dirt and damage, but you can always style it! If you use huge rugs in the living room, pick an antique rug so that it will become an accent to your living room’s uniform design.

4. DIY Canvas

Paintings have a way of making a home look artistic and classy, so if you don’t have any painting at home yet then maybe it’s time to add some!

Painting materials can be expensive, especially good-quality ones. To avoid spending so much on painting materials, you can start by making your canvas. There are numerous DIY canvas ideas on the internet that you can follow, so you will only need the pains and some paintbrushes. Sometimes you don’t even need to have paintbrushes. A simple painting using your fingertips is enough to end up with an artistic outcome!

5. DIY Coasters

When you’re always at home, you may still get bored even with the use of the internet. Try using some of your idle time to watch crochet tutorials. It may look complicated, but a determined soul will learn it in no time!

Once you know how to do crochet, you can make a variety of home decorations by just having some yarns and a crochet stick, such as coasters, placemats for vases, pillow covers, and more! It’s cheap, creative, and something you will enjoy doing. Who knows, you can even earn money through crocheting once you’re good enough to make other things such as headbands, purses, bags, and the likes.

6. Add Plants To Your Wall

You read it right! You can add some live greens to your walls by making cute shelves to place the plants on. If you have excess wood that you have used for the previous construction or repair, use that to saw tiny squares that will be the plants’ shelves. Then nail the shelves on your walls and place some plants on the shelves. You can pattern the shelves however you like, and even add a frame in between plants.

Adding more plants inside the house will make your interior look brighter and feel fresher.


You can also decorate your home by simply rearranging your furniture. Sometimes if you want to see your home in a new light, all you need to do is rearrange some things, but where’s the fun in that? Making home decorations will not only improve your house, but it can also be an activity you can do with the rest of the family!

Some of the ideas here are only the tip of the iceberg. There are many other DIY home decoration ideas you can do once you search on the internet. You might also come up with better DIY ideas so don’t be afraid to let your imagination run wild. After all, your house, your rules.

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