6 Easy Tips To Make Life Easier When Your Boiler Has Malfunctioned.

Boilers are life savers when it comes to keeping your home or hostel warm. Unfortunately, they cannot always be relied upon especially as they age. This is because they keep breaking down.

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If your boiler breaks down, you should call a professional immediately to do the necessary repairs or replacements. However, these professionals do not always arrive in time. Click here for boiler cover and peace of mind that your boiler is kept in good working order.

What should you do as you wait for the emergency team to come to your rescue? Here is a list of life hacks to help you make life easier when your boiler has malfunctioned. 

  1. Add an Extra Layer of Clothing to Keep You Warm

When your boilers are down, always wrap up in blankets and sweaters to keep warm. If your boiler breaks this winter, the first thing you should do is wear as many heavy items as you can to keep warm. This should happen as soon as you get dressed in the morning.

If it’s chilly outside and you have no access to heat in your college apartment, you’ll need to dress appropriately. Wear more clothes than usual and you’ll be sure to not catch a cold. Every layer you add to your body provides an additional layer of protection. It stops your body heat from leaving and the cold from infiltrating.

If you are spending the day indoors, wear a cap, put on your gloves, and drape a sheet over the top. This sounds a little extra, but it all helps to keep you warmer!

  1. Draw The Curtains Around The House.

Your windows are one of the most significant causes of a cold atmosphere in any home. This may not seem like a big concern if your furnace and radiators are both working and giving you that lovely warmth throughout the harsh winter months.

However, when your boiler breaks down, you must explore all of your options to stay warm. Close your drapes and blinds to prevent heat from escaping via the windows. Besides, you will enjoy the privacy that comes with closing your curtains.

Closing your curtains is particularly crucial at night since it aids in the retention of heat in the house. However, if it is a very sunny day, regardless of how cold it is outdoors, you must keep the blinds open during the day, allowing the light in. Even a small amount of light can contribute to warming the environment, and light always makes us feel better.

  1. Close All Of The Doors In The House.

The perfect way to keep your house heated is to first close all the doors. Closing your doors helps to prevent heat from escaping. The primary front door to your college residence should be kept closed for security purposes. However, because it should be a thick, solid door, it also retains heat.

Still, there is so much more you can do after closing your front door. Go the extra mile and close all interior doors. That way, you can maximize the warmth in your space and prevent heat loss as it circulates throughout the home.

  1. Select Your Room Carefully

Before choosing an apartment or a student room, always examine the structure of the heating system. If your boiler is broken, it is far easier to heat a smaller room rather than a big spacious room. Consider the many places and activities you have in your home and which ones you require the most.

When a boiler breaks, it pays to be as strategic as possible when deciding which rooms to heat. Add a sealant at the bottom of each door, heat each room as much as possible, and keep the door shut. To save on time and energy, only focus on warming the spaces you spend most of your time in. 

  1. Boil Some Water and Use it Creatively

To apply this tip, a heating kettle is required. When your boiler breaks, you won’t have hot water flowing out of the faucets. However, if you have an electric kettle, which most homes have, you can boil some water and put it to good use.

For example, you can use hot water to take a warm bath during cold seasons. Moreover, you can use the water to wash utensils and do other kitchen chores that require hot water. Lastly, put some hot water in plastic bottles and place them in your bed. That way, you will not have to deal with cold sheets when it is time for bed.

  1. Take Advantage of your Microwave and Only Eat Warm Food

One of the easiest ways to beat the winter cold is to eat warm foods. You might be surprised how a hot plate of food makes all the cold in your body disappear. This tip is even more useful when your boiler malfunctions.

Simply heating the room using the oven and stove helps. Furthermore, a hot cup of tea, coffee, or cocoa is a delightful way to stay warm and comfy. Lastly, you get to enjoy more home-cooked meals.

 Wind Up

Nothing feels better than chilling in a warm and comfy space during winter. Luckily, with this guide, you do not have to panic the next time your boiler breaks down.

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