6 Must-Haves for a Stylish and Functional Nursery

Setting up a nursery that combines style and function is high on the list of excited parents-to-be. To make it a comfortable and enjoyable place for you and your little one, you need to equip it with the essentials. 


Don’t be caught up in buying every décor piece that looks cute. Instead, incorporate these three zones in your nursery’s layout: sleeping area, diaper-changing station, and nursing corner. With these zones, you can keep your baby’s room organized. It also helps make buying the basics easier. 

To help you out, here’s a roundup of must-have furniture and other items for your nursery.

  • Crib Or Cot 

Since a baby sleeps a lot, the crib or cot will be the centerpiece of your nursery. It’s essential to choose one that is stylish but, more importantly, meets safety standards. 

The design should be free of decorative elements that might pose hazards. For instance, cutouts in the headboard or footboard may cause a baby’s head to get trapped. In addition, the cot should have a secure frame and stationary sides. As for the mattress, it should be firm and tight-fitting. 

Remember that most models aren’t preassembled as you order your child’s crib. If you have to assemble the cot yourself, ensure there are no missing, broken, or loose slats. Furthermore, check that all screws or brackets are securely fastened. 

A durable cot should be able to accommodate your child until they’re about four years old. 

  • Rocking Chair 

A comfortable rocking chair is ideal because you’ll spend a lot of time nursing and rocking the baby to sleep. 

The rocking chair should be cushioned or padded to provide adequate support. Also, the back of the chair should be high enough to allow you to rest your head. Even the armrest height is crucial to reduce stress on your neck and shoulders. 

Furthermore, choose a fabric or material that’s easy to clean and preferably in slightly darker hues to hide stains. However, ensure the shade of this piece of furniture suits your nursery’s color palette.  

Whether calming a fussy baby or feeding the little one, the right rocking chair is vital. For extra comfort, place a matching ottoman at the foot of your rocking chair, where you can rest your feet.

  • Diaper Pail 

Every mother can attest to how babies require frequent diaper changes. It can be from seven to as many as 10 changes a day. Fortunately, a good-quality diaper pail can make diaper changes convenient and mess-free. 

A diaper pail with a secure lid and odor-blocking technology can contain the stink of soiled diapers. Place this pail next to the changing station to make it accessible. A pedal bin is ideal, as it will easily open with a tap of your foot. 

  • Changing Table 

A changing table can be a lifesaver if you have back problems and can’t bend over. Diaper changes will be comfortable not only for the baby but for you as well.  

When choosing a changing table, consider one with storage shelves or drawers to keep supplies within reach. Another crucial consideration is the height of this nursery furniture. Your changing table should allow you to lean over without discomfort. 

It should also have barriers on all sides to prevent your baby from rolling over. Some changing tables come with safety belts or straps for added protection.  

  • Bedding

Your baby’s bedding should be soft and easy to clean, preferably machine washable, as you’ll need to wash it frequently. Choose breathable fabrics like cotton and bamboo to enhance your baby’s comfort when it’s hot or humid. Using natural fibers also helps prevent allergic reactions. Cozy swaddles and wearable blankets are some of your best options during the cold season.

You don’t need much apart from mattress covers, fitted sheets, and blankets. Refrain from adding extra pillows, bumper pads, or plushies, as these can block your baby’s airflow if they roll into them. 

Finally, choose a bedding design matching your nursery’s theme to make everything look put together. 

  • Dresser 

You need proper storage solutions, as babies or small kids have plenty of items. Consider a spacious dresser that can keep their clothes and accessories neat and organized. Sturdy construction and elegant design are also essential elements of this piece of furniture.   

A dresser that can double as a diaper changing station is space-saving and practical, making it an ideal choice for nurseries with a limited floor area. 

Bottom Line

You can make your nursery stylish and functional with carefully selected furniture and other items. Since safety is a prime consideration when it comes to your baby, ensure these furnishings meet safety standards. With the essential things in their proper place, your nursery becomes a cozy and welcoming space for you and your bundle of joy. 

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