6 Upgrade Ideas for Every Room in Your House

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If you have been waiting to upgrade your home, there’s no better time than now. Homeowners all over the country are taking advantage of historically low interest rates to refinance their mortgages and use their savings on home improvements.

In the list below, you will find great ideas for upgrading your living space. Whether you want to tackle these projects simultaneously or one at a time, the results will allow you to better relax, play, and work in your own home.

Your Kitchen

They say the kitchen is the heart of the home and for most homeowners that expression rings true. After all, the kitchen is where quality time happens. In this space, you might roll cookie dough with your kids, craft a romantic dinner with your significant other, or reward your dog with a treat from the pantry. So why not invest in a kitchen upgrade?

One way to transform your kitchen is with updated lighting. You could make a simple swap from an old fluorescent lightbox to something modern and chic—like an oversized pendant fixture or a gooseneck sconce.

To make the space brighter and more functional, consider adding under-cabinet lighting. These fixtures are easy to install and they reduce the shadows between the counter, walls, and cabinets.

Your Home Office

As more companies embrace the work-from-home trend, you might be spending more time in your home office. Assuming you already have an ergonomic chair, the next best thing you can do is paint the walls an optimal color.

Fortunately, there is a lot of research about the best paint colors for a productive workspace. You might try blue if you work in a high-stress industry and need to focus and clear your mind.

If, on the other hand, your work requires creativity, opt for yellow. The bright color will stimulate your mind and help you think of fresh new ideas.

Are you guilty of burning the midnight oil? Then consider green paint. The verdant color doesn’t strain the eye.

Your Master Bedroom

Because your master bedroom serves as your main retreat—most of us spend a third of our life sleeping, after all—this area is likely where you’ll want to spend the most money.

If you are happy with the layout of your master bedroom, the next best thing you can do is adding a TV console with fireplace. This addition will add light and warmth to your room and provide more storage area.

An electric fireplace can also serve as a room divider for a large space or a focal point for a small one. These fixtures are superior to traditional fireplaces because they eliminate fire hazards and are cleaner and easier to use.

Your Master Bathroom

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You are a modern homeowner living in a modern world; so why not upgrade your master bathroom with the best of today’s technology? You could make a switch to a self-cleaning toilet or add an LCD panel to your shower. Here are a few other options to consider:

  • Install a small television to help you keep up with the news while you soak in the tub
  • Add a refrigerated cabinet to keep medicines and beverages cold
  • Upgrade your faucets with touchless technology so your hands stay clean after you’ve washed them
  • Invest in toilet seat warmers to reach peak luxury

Any one of these technological upgrades will help you achieve a bathroom that is more functional and modern.

Your Guest Bathroom

Once you have upgraded your personal space, it might be time to improve your guest bathroom as well. To make sure the space is welcoming and useful, take a look at the room’s storage space. Could you reduce clutter and give your guest a place to store their toiletries?

One simple way to increase storage is to install hooks within an arm’s reach of the shower or tub. This will allow your guest to hang a towel or robe in a convenient place. Just be sure to install the hook at an appropriate height to keep the belongings from dragging on the ground.

You might also consider the addition of a shelf above the toilet. Here, you can stack towels and place baskets full of toilet paper, cotton balls, soaps, etc. Your guests will be grateful for the extra supplies.

Your Living Room

Is your living room currently lacking warmth or color? Invest in a large, quality area rug. This simple upgrade can transform the space from bland and unwelcoming to cheerful and inviting.

Take these factors into consideration while you shop for the perfect rug:

  • Invest in an oversized product that can encompass all of your living room’s furniture, with space to spare.
  • Shop for rugs made of natural fibers, like jute, silk, or wool.
  • Choose a rug that is high-pile to ensure a plusher, more comfortable feel underfoot.
  • Identify the right aesthetic for your space, be it bohemian or contemporary.

You can’t go wrong with the addition of a bright, vibrant, and luxurious rug to your living room.

Your Game Room

No home remodel is complete until the game room sees an upgrade. If you like to throw parties, host ping pong tournaments, or get together with friends while you watch the big game, the game room is of special importance.

Of course, no game room is complete without comfortable and functional seating. So if your current couch is more than a decade old, was bought at a thrift shop, or leaves you sore after a Sunday night football session, consider an upgrade.

If you like to watch sports for hours at a time, a large sectional sofa is a perfect choice. If playing video games is your modus operandi, chairs that swivel, recline, and provide ergonomic support are a better option. Do you and your buddies like to drink during your weekly pool tournament? Some bar-height tables and chairs would be a great addition.

The options are endless and there is really no wrong choice. As long as your new seating is comfortable and functional, your game room will be all the better.

Upgrade Your Home for a More Well-Rounded Life

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When you follow these six tips, you’ll find that your home isn’t only more modern and beautiful—it’s more comfortable, inviting, and functional. As you read a book by your new electronic fireplace and play board games on the new living room rug, you’ll be glad you invested in these upgrades.

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