7 Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Painting Company 

Are you a property owner who is looking to hire a painting company to paint the walls? Do you not know what questions to ask before hiring the best company? In this article, we will tell you a few questions to ask before you select a company.

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1- Is the company licensed?’

Sometimes a good reputation might be tricky because what could seem good to others could look bad to you. 

So, before hiring any of the commercial painting contractors, try to know if their company is licensed. As getting licensed requires meeting some strict and high standards. 

Do not waste a big amount of money on a contract with a non-licensed company. 

2- Are they insured?

Painting companies must undergo insurance that offers protection for clients, property, and their workers. 

3- Ask the company: What steps will you follow?

Many professional painting companies will have a certain system or a step-by-step guide that they rely on when doing their job. Therefore, it is better to know how they work to know if it fits. For example, maybe they work for no more than 5 hours per day, at the time you need someone who can work full-time to finish the work quickly. Ask if the workers will arrive on time. Some workers do not stick to specific timing. Sometimes they arrive at 8 am, while on another day they arrive at 11 am. And this could be a complete mess. 

Do not feel shy to ask about the number of workers who will be doing this job and if they are well experienced or not. 

Try to know if they work on weekends or in bad weather. Because some companies might tell you that they do not offer services during storms or snow. While others could work during all days of the week if you want them to do so. 

Always ensure that the work will start on time and get completed on time

4- Ask them: Will you do what I want?

Ask the painter to do the walls properly before painting to prevent any future issues. If they do not prepare the walls well, your building might have a bubbling, flaking, and many other problems. You can tell them what kind of substance you want to use and even monitor them while doing their job.

5- What brand will you be using?

There are a variety of paint brands out there. Some companies suggest a specific brand, it is okay to ask them why.

Maybe a specific brand will not fit your walls, or it could be of cheap quality. Plus, maybe you want something special which the company does not have. 

Stay away from low-cost brands. Do not use ones offered by chain stores for several reasons such as incorrect color matching and availability.

Always tell the company about the brand you want. It is never a crime to do so. 

6- Do you ask for any pre-payments? 

Some companies do ask for prepayments, as this could be part of their policy. However, prepayments might not fit you. You might need to see a sample of the work before you pay a dollar, and it is your right.

Some companies might ask for a 10% deposit to buy a few materials and equipment. It might be okay to pay them, but try not to put in a huge deposit. 

7- Will the workers work calmly?

This could be a rude question to ask, however it is still your right to do so. Some workers usually love to listen to loud music or drink cigarettes while working. And this might not fit you. Be clear regarding such a thing. By the end of the day, you want to add a new problem to your existing ones. 

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