7 Ways To Save Money On A Home Cleaning Service

 A home cleaning service is indeed a luxury that can truly enrich and improve the quality of one’s life. Acquiring services such as these can sometimes lead you to exorbitant costs if you don’t pay proper attention. Luckily there are many easy ways you can save on home cleaning costs nowadays. Listed below are some tips on how you can save money on a home cleaning service.

  1. Don’t Wait Last Minute

Cleaning services are meant to help a person’s convenience. But because of certain circumstances there comes a time that people forget to book cleaning services early on, that’s why last-minute bookings happen. Often than not, late bookings may cost you more, this is because the demands are harder to cater to when there isn’t a lot of time left to prepare before the actual booking. If you’ve already decided to book a cleaning service anytime soon, you can book early with any cleaning service company online, such as Maidstr, who can assist you in tidying up your home without lifting any of your fingers.

  1. Consider High-Value Rooms Instead Of All Of Them

There are some parts of your home that definitely need more attention to be cleaned than others. Instead of having your entire household cleaned, why not opt to just get the busiest rooms booked for cleaning instead. Areas like your kitchen, bathroom, and bedrooms most likely require more attention than perhaps your pantry, garage, and basement. Focusing on cleaning just the most vital of rooms with the highest usage may help save you on costs.

  1. Apply For Membership Cards

Almost all cleaning companies offer various memberships that can truly earn you more value for each dollar you spend. Despite having to pay membership fees sometimes, most of these promotional activities are structured to help members save more in the long run. Rewards programs can also have other enticing perks and benefits that you can enjoy on top of potentially huge savings. Overall, even though it may cost you more upfront, being a member of your cleaning service’s rewards program offers advantages that far outweigh the cost.

  1. Avail Of Coupons & Vouchers

Various cleaning companies will present a variety of coupons and vouchers to their new or existing loyal customers. These coupons and vouchers can be used to avail yourself of discounts on the services they offer. Whether it’s being executed to drive up their sales or to express their gratuity, there are a multitude of coupons out there you can use to save on cleaning services. Oftentimes, it’s just a matter of seeking and finding them.

  1. Clean What You Are Able To

Although you’ve already decided to hire a cleaning service, it would be wise to take note that virtually whatever you clean yourself directly translates to savings for you. Cleaning services tend to charge extra for other chores such as dishwashing, laundry washing, drying, and folding laundry. Additionally, window cleaning and carpet cleaning may also be an added cost on top of your usual total. It’s advisable that these chores be designated to various members of the household. Overall, practicing clean-as-you-go and generally cleaning what you can easily manage yourselves can help you save more on cleaning costs.

  1. Do Away With Special Services

Some companies like to offer you numerous add-on services on top of their main ones that can leave you having to pay more than you’re comfortable with. This is why you should always pay attention to any add-on offers your service presents you with. Before availing yourself of such services, weigh the pros and cons before adding them. Do you truly need a power washing with a top-of-the-line cleaning instrument? Or will generic cleaning methods get the job done for you anyway? Keeping similar thoughts in mind can help you avoid accruing unnecessary costs when you get your home serviced.

  1. Keep A Stock Of Cleaning Supplies

Even though cleaning services usually bring their own cleaning supplies when servicing a home, that might not always be the case sometimes. But if there were a chance that they try to charge you for some supplies that they need, you can immediately tell them that you have those supplies on hand and you can just let them use them, by doing this you’re spared from the additional charges.


Keeping the inside and outside of your home spick and span is a necessity in guaranteeing that you and your family lead happy and healthy lives. Hiring a cleaning service ensures that this is done continuously and at your convenience. Although costs are a given when availing of such services, there are many ways you can maximize each dollar you spend on them to save on some costs. Following the tips mentioned above can lead you to those savings.

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