8 Reasons to Use Propane to Power Your Home

Propane is one of the least appreciated ways of saving money on your monthly energy costs. The sheer amount of financial, environmental, and societal benefits you are set to gain by switching from traditional fossil fuels or electricity to propane are difficult to overstate. If you’ve been considering the switch, but have not yet been swayed, here are eight reasons to use propane in your home that are sure to fully convince you: 

1. It’s Energy-Efficient 

Compared to typical electricity production and transportation, propane is close to 66% more energy-efficient, making it a great way to quickly save money on your monthly energy bills. Because electricity has to travel through endless miles of wires, you’re losing out on tons of the energy it provides before it ever reaches you. Because propane is so much more efficient and goes through fewer checkpoints, it ends up saving you more money than you can even imagine. 

2. Low Carbon Emissions 

If you’re interested in both saving money and the environment, propane is one of the best ways to do so. It has a much lower carbon ratio than other major fuel sources and causes less pollution than traditional fossil fuels. There are many other fantastic environmentally-friendly benefits to using propane to power your home, or machinery as well. Compared to kerosene, ethanol, diesel, and other similar gasses, propane is both cheaper and more environmentally friendly. If these benefits appeal to you can purchase quality propane tanks in Pennsylvania to start the benefits.

3. It’s Non-Toxic 

Unlike other carbon-heavy fossil fuels, propane does not present a major toxicity hazard to the environment in the unfortunate case that it spills. Propane is known to convert from a liquid to a gas at -44 degrees, so if it accidentally spills, it quickly vaporizes and then safely dissipates. If you want to do your part in avoiding accidental pollution of your community’s water and ground, making the switch to propane is one of the best ways to do so. 

4. It Provides More Heat 

Many traditional energy sources are known for being incredibly inefficient when it comes to heating a space. Because propane can heat the air to upwards of 130 degrees in just a few moments, you’ll gain the ability to heat your home to your heart’s content in no time at all. Typical heat pumps are much slower, and even have the potential to blow cold air when they are older, so by investing in propane instead, you guarantee that you’ll get your home cozily warm when it matters the most

5. You’ll Save Money 

Propane is much more cost-effective than both oil and propane is often more affordable than electricity as well, after doing the proper conversions. If you have a home that already has propane hookups, you owe it to yourself to make this valuable switch and start saving money now. Even if you have to make the initial investment in new propane hookups, you’ll start saving money incredibly quickly, making your investment well worth it. 

6. The Versatility 

Beyond the cost-saving nature, and environmentally-friendly properties of propane, the sheer versatility of what it can power is highly impressive. Almost any home appliance can be run using propane, including water heaters, furnaces, fridges, washers, dryers, and more. Some machinery and more niche power-run materials can be run using propane as well. If you live out in the country, the versatility of propane becomes especially valuable, and positions you to save a ton on your monthly energy bills. 

7. More Purchasing Flexibility 

Unlike traditional electricity, where you have no sway over how you pay, and what packages you can get from your local utility provider, propane vendors typically give you tons of flexibility when it comes to purchasing options. The amount you need, how often you want refills, and more all become negotiable. If you’re looking to purchase and refill propane sources in your home yourself, your flexibility will increase that much further. 

8. You Can Join a Propane Co-Op 

If you enjoy supporting local business owners and finding ways to profit from your purchases on your own, then you most likely love the idea of joining a co-op whenever possible. Thankfully, many cities and towns that are propane-friendly have propane co-ops that you can join. After the small introductory fees, the co-op membership will ensure you gain even more savings by making the switch to propane. 

Here’s to Savings!

With the insane savings, propane has to offer you, it’s difficult to find a reason not to make the switch. The alternative power source has seen a recent resurgence in popularity around the country, so making the switch is now easier than it has been in decades. If you’ve been eager to save the environment, and lessen the burden of your monthly energy costs on your bank account, propane is here to save the day. 

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