8 Steps to Choose the Best Moving Company

Moving is an exciting yet challenging process because there are a lot of factors to consider when you are preparing to move. You must figure out where to start, how to pack, what things you should keep, and which ones you should give away. Another significant question is what to store where and whether you should hire a moving company and a storage space to keep the stuff you have packed. 

8 Steps to Choose the Best Moving Company
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Hiring a moving company can be a great help. It can get things done faster and smoother. Movers can take over the responsibility and free up your time. Rather than asking friends and family to come and help, professionals will make the process easier. Movers will securely pack, transport, and arrange your things. Thus, making the moving process a whole lot simpler. 

Yet hiring a moving company can be expensive and draining. Therefore, to make your moving process easy. We have come up with eight steps to choose the best moving company. 

Ask for recommendations

One of the easiest ways to find a moving company is through the internet. Looking for reviews and recommendations will help you identify various companies available in the market and their range of services.

However, the internet might not be the most reliable source. Instead, start asking your friends and loved ones for their input. Reach out to the people in your circle who’ve hired movers and ask about their experiences. Your friends and family recommendations can help you identify a trusted company. 

So, surveying before hiring a company is a smart move.

Hire licensed companies

When hiring a moving company, always make sure that it is licensed. It is easier to find licensed companies in big cities like Brisbane, Sydney, and Canberra. However, you will find a lot of fake companies in smaller towns. 

Companies registered under the Corporation Act 2001 can carry out business throughout Australia. To avoid any scams, you should visit Australian Securities and Investments Commission. You can search for your desired company on the ASIC website and see if it is licensed. 

So only hire moving companies listed on the ASIC website as they are licensed and authentic. 

Check reviews

Reviews are a great way to know whether a company is worthy. Once you’ve surveyed and found licensed companies, go online and check out their reviews. Reviews can help you choose a reliable company.

You can do a simple google search and read all the reviews. Narrow down the ones with good reviews and find out about their services. You can find websites that rank companies based on their performance reviews. Such a website makes the job easier to shortlist moving companies. 

Compare companies

Always make sure to compare companies. This analysis will ensure that you find the right company at a reasonable rate. So, before finalizing any one company, compare the base rates of each company you have shortlisted. What services do they provide? Do they offer discounts or special rates? 

Comparing companies will make the selection process much more manageable. It will also give you a better understanding of the market.

Ask for rates

When you call a moving company, they will give you an estimate based on the number of movers and hours you’ll need. Remember that this is a base rate and does not include packaging materials or costs of moving heavier objects. 

Moving companies can’t give you an exact amount on a call, but they can provide a general estimate. They can give you an idea of what you’ll need and how much. Also, make sure to ask what constitutes an additional fee. If the company is unwilling to share this information clearly, move on to the next company on your shortlist. 

Find a good fit

All moving situations are different. Someone may be moving out of a five-bedroom house or a studio apartment. Some people may be moving interstates or out of the country. Therefore, it is necessary to find a company that fits your needs. Before hiring, think about your needs and ask the right questions. It will ensure that you find the right company.

Some questions to keep in mind are: 

  • Does the company have a moving truck that can fit all your things? 
  • Can the company provide additional packaging such as bubble wrap, boxes, etc.? 
  • Is the company available on dates and slots that you need them?
  • Can the company ensure delivery dates and times that are convenient for you?

Old is gold

It’s good to promote new business. However, old companies with excellent track records are always the better choice. Companies that have stayed for some time and have built a reputation are stable, have ironed out teething difficulties, and have established systems. Such companies are the kind that makes sure they give the best to their customers.

Old companies have decent rates, great customer service and are highly professional. These are the reasons why they are where they are. However, before hiring any company, search online, read their reviews, and ask people. 

No matter how good the company, it’s always better to do your homework. Your research will always help you and lead you to the right company. 

Check your moving estimates

When checking moving estimates, most people look at the prices at the bottom of the quotes. It is where they go wrong. When comparing moving estimates, you have to be aware! The Moving Company cost estimates should mention all things included in your move. It includes detailed inventory, packing of boxes, etc. 

If any item is not listed on your quote, it is not included in the price. This gap means your price will go up on the day of the move. So, ensure you have a detailed quote to get the job done within the quoted price. 


Moving house can be a tough job. Your friends and family can be a big help. However, there’s nothing better than getting professional help. Moving companies can make the job quicker. They are also more reliable. Moving companies can do your work while you can relax. 

However, moving companies can be costly, so choosing the right moving company can be a big decision. Use the given steps to find the right moving company. Keep all the essential things in mind, such as budget, reviews, recommendations, and licenses. These fundamentals will help you find movers that suit you best. 

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