Access Doors’ Vital Role on Kitchen: Why Plastic Panels Best Fit There  

The kitchen area of your commercial building is one of the most substantial spaces requiring efficient exhaust duct installation. It’s critical to have well-constructed ductwork connecting from the hood, grease duct or filter, and exhaust fan to the makeup air unit so smoke from the cooking dishes can’t irritate the cooks’ or kitchen personnel’s respiratory, preventing tons of potential safety hazards.   

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More importantly, access doors are a must-have for every kitchen ductwork for further system protection, frequent cleaning, and regular maintenance. Here, you’ll learn more about access panels’ relevance and value in your commercial kitchen’s day-to-day functions and the best-fitting panel type in that dirt and stain-prone area.    

Access doors and panels’ importance in exhaust duct system’s functionality

When installing a kitchen exhaust duct structure for your commercial building, owners and contractors must strongly consider applying access doors and panels for two critical purposes:   

  1. Kitchen exhaust ductwork protection 

Your commercial kitchen duct system is vulnerable to a wide variety of food debris that will eventually cause grease infiltration. Regardless of big or small food remains, it can penetrate the tiniest cracks and spaces, so early deterrence is vital. Access door installation can protect your ductwork components against food debris looming around your kitchen.      

As the famous saying goes, prevention is better than cure, and applying panels is an innovative way to ward off rubbles that can potentially seep through your duct parts. Save yourself from the more expensive cost of damage repairs and install access doors for long-time usage of your kitchen exhaust ducts.      

  1. Easy cleaning and maintenance entry point

Due to the enormous load of smoke that passes through the vents, your kitchen duct access panel requires regular cleaning and maintenance. The National Fire Protection (NFPA) even created a mandate to make establishment owners adhere to the standard maintenance procedure and hold them accountable once they find any negligence.     

The smoke in the ducts can turn into dirt, grease, rust, and other filthy debris that can contaminate the food your kitchen serves, so it’s crucial to maintain the area’s hygiene. Thus, access panels are essential in every duct system as they make an easily accessible entry point for cleaners and maintenance personnel to enter and do the necessary job.     

Plastic: The best panel material to entrust your kitchen ducts with    

Plastic access doors and panels exhibit vital features that make them ideal for installation in your commercial kitchen, such as:    

  • Lightweight  

Plastic-based panels have this slender appearance which makes them perfect for indoor applications. Compared to other access door materials, this is the most lightweight element you can attach to your duct system. With its light size, you can guarantee effortless installation and quick replacement when you notice some damage.    

  • Corrosion-resistant  

What shapes plastic-made access doors optimal to use in commercial kitchens is their strong capability to prevent corrosion or any mildew from penetrating the ductwork. It’s the most effective chemical-resistant, especially in your kitchen with high heat temperature exposure.    

  • Withstand fire for a pre-determined time  

Your building’s kitchen area is probably the most fire-vulnerable space, as the task requires flame lit to cook the meals you’ll dish up. Therefore, the access panel material that your duct system must equip with must be fire-resistant, like some plastic access doors.    

Plastic-built panels designed with cellulose acetate are famous for their slow-burning features, while PVC-based plastics take a long time to catch fire.    

  • Naturally blends on kitchen surroundings  

Plastic access panels grant you a neat and aesthetic finish. Its door leaf is in a paint-ready white coating, helping you to instantly match it with the environment’s color to blend seamlessly with your kitchen’s surroundings. This feature is especially ideal for commercial spaces with open kitchen dining.    

Plastic panels cultivated for commercial kitchen    

The smoke from the cooking dishes and overexposure to heat temperature make the commercial kitchen highly susceptible to mildew, corrosion, and fire. Thus, it’s critical for you to install an access panel fitting to address these concerns. From sturdiness to maintaining the elegance of your cooking space, plastic access doors are your best companion to keeping your employees, customers, and, more importantly, the food you’ll serve safe. 

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