Are Home Phones Going to be Abandoned Anytime Soon?

Remember the time, when the only source of communication was the landline? A phone bell would get everyone excited and everyone would ask who is calling. As the world changed, technology became advanced and landlines evolved. The dial-up version changed into a digital phone, which was replaced by a cordless phone and finally it was replaced by the VOIP. You might be thinking why we have not mentioned mobile phones.

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Well, a mobile phone is a personal phone and no matter how you see it, the mobile phone was designed for personal use only. Globally, most people have switched to personal phones and you will hardly see someone asking you about your landline number. However, extensions are common in big homes and offices for easy intra-building communication. One of the biggest changes that you will notice in the industry is the innovation of the VOIP phone.

What Is The Difference Between Traditional Phone And VOIP?

The difference between the VOIP and the traditional phone is that it has a different transmission line. With a traditional phone, there are copper wires for transmitting voice, which might distort the quality. On the contrary, VOIP is a new technology that can turn any device you have into a phone. With VOIP, you can either opt for a traditional style phone with a dialer and receiver or you can just download VOIP based app on your phone, laptop, and tablet.

Just one good application and a good internet connection will change your communication. However, you need to keep in mind that slow internet, unavailability of the internet, or outage means you will lose communication right away. For this, we recommend Spectrum Internet, as it offers you unlimited nationwide calls, and high-speed internet with unlimited data so, you can stay connected regardless of your location.

Is It Time To Say Goodbye To Home Landline Phone?

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It might mark the end of an era, but landline phones are likely to be replaced either by VoIP-based phones or simply by smartphones. Based on a recent announcement by the UK government, by 2025, all traditional PSTN-based phones will stop working. Therefore, users need to either quit or upgrade to better technology, as the landline will no longer work. Following the footsteps of the UK government, other developed countries are also opting out of the traditional landline.

Recent research states that more than 50% of households in the US have already abandoned the home landline service and more are on the way.

What Is Replacing The Traditional Style Phone And Is It Better?


The main issue is that landline phones are not only inconvenient but have their limitations as well. The copper wire used in landlines needs maintenance and as most people are shifting to the new technology, this is threatening the overall landline industry because companies are no longer willing to invest so much with so little profit.

As natural disasters are on the rise due to global warming and climate change, sensitive infrastructure like copper phone lines, power lines, roads, and water supply is affected the most. Where other things have a high customer base, the maintenance cost for the companies is easily covered. However, depleting number of users in PSTN-based users’ means that companies are not willing to invest in the infrastructure anymore.

The companies are backing away from the PSTN copper-based landlines, so, the customers are looking for alternatives. One of the best alternatives is the internet-based phone service or VOIP. VOIP offers internet-based extensions with multiple features that are missing in the traditional phone. With VOIP, you can take full control of your phone, select the number you want and use it via phone, laptop, computer, tablet, or just basic digital phone. You can also select the region-based number, which means if you are in a different country and want to respond to all your business call, you will get to redirect your calls to your number anytime.

Based on the convenience factor and the maintenance issues, developed countries are planning for a bailout session. They are looking for a complete wireless session with little to no cords to reduce infrastructure costs. Moreover, the quality of calls and the features offered by the internet-based phone is so much better. You can now use the video call feature along with real-time note taking which was never possible before.

If you are running a small business from home, VOIP is the only solution for you, as it will offer you full control by letting you call all your customers, save their details, note the updates, and retrieve the call history anytime anywhere.


You might be surprised to find out how much information you can learn from call history. With VOIP-based phones, you will be able to take notes against each number to record details about each customer to see if they are interested or if they need some guidance. Moreover, you can attach it to your laptop, customer management system, HR system, or just project management tool so you can list down all the details in real-time.

Wrap Up

Using traditional landline phone systems might not take such a big hit as businesses are still using the landline-based phone in the form of VOIP. However, home landlines will slowly extinct, mainly because they are not convenient and almost everyone has a smartphone now.

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